Nobody Wants Raycroft Anymore?

Well, after the Leafs have lost 3 straight including getting blown out of the water by the NY Rangers 6-1, it seems nobody has and interest in Raycroft anymore. Well, that can’t be trouble because if he keeps playing like he is now, the Leafs could just place him on waivers and sign Cujo to backup Toskala.

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  1. I-BE-LEAF says:

    I want Raycroft!!!  I didn'k know he was for sale… is he on ebay?  Santa gave me a Tim Horton's coupon in my stocking… does the seller like coffee?

  2. lafleur10 says:

    we could have told you guys that months ago!!for better or worse you guys are stuck with him!honestly i think the leafs would be lucky to get even an 8th r.d pick for this guy!!and i'm not insulting you leafs fans i'm being realistic because if you look at the goaltender market it is not great………..if you look at some of the goaltenders available via the trade market ask yourself this if you have cristobal huet available and andrew raycroft which one are you going to go after in a trade?29/30 g.m's are going to go after huet because if you are going to give up assets and acquire a guy you want to make sure you have a guy that is dependable and thatyou can count on if you are going to trade for a goalie!!please leafs fans don't get mad at me for this but it's the truth!!

  3. jarcpitre says:

    I'm called it a few days back that he will be placed on waivers when Toskala returns, especially with Clemmy getting second star last night.

  4. the_next_agent says:

    I think the Leafs should place Raycroft on waivers.  You can then keep Clemmenson up here and occasionally call up Pogge for 1 or 2 games just to get his feet wet.  Pogge was good in the pre-season, now lets see what he can do in the regular season.  As for Cujo, im hearing he might head over to the Lightening.  He would preferably head over to tampa because he would most likely be their starter but we all know that he still would love to play in Toronto. 

  5. leafy says:

    I hate to say "I told you so", but….I told you so.

    Check out my article below from September!!!  Note that I suggested that Clemmenson should be the no. 2 guy.

    And please read my "closing thoughts"….even Nostradamus wasn't more prophetic.  Sorry if I'm bragging, but I think I nailed this bang on!

  6. TwoCents says:

    WAIVE Raycroft !!! the results will be twofold. First take his salary off the books.  AND He might actually win some games, gaining some valuable confidence. that is if he doesn't claimed(someone please claim him)

  7. leaky37 says:

    I'm a huge Leafs fan, and I am extremely frustrated waiting for Raycroft to get his confidence back… The only way he will get it back is if he is sent back to the OHL…I believe he might have a chance of making the Bulls again.

    The guy comes in after Toskala gets hurt and says he feels ready and been working extremely hard in practice and loses 3 games straight. Every game was the same old raycroft, soft goal after soft goal. Then to make matters worst we send in a guy (Clemmonson) that only played 16 games total in 6 years and he wins(Stopped 30-33 shots, not including the shoot-out). All I know is that if Raycroft was in net we would of lost! The team has absolutely no confidence with him in the net.

    Place this guy on Waivers and dump his huge salary or trade him for a bag of pucks and leave clemmonson up for awhile, and platoon him and Pogge to the minors. I would like to see Pogge up with the buds for a few games and see what the kid got. Anyone else share this thought

  8. adamsilvs says:

    The only thing left to do with Raycroft is to put him on waivers.  His value gets lower every time he steps foot on the ice and nobody wants to pick up his high paying back-up goalie salary.  Releasing him to waivers is the only logical thing to do.

    As for Cujo, if he returns to the NHL, which I highly doubt he will.  He would return as a Leaf.  He said he wanted to end his career with the Leafs. 

    Tampa may need a goalie, but I don't think Cujo is the right fit.  They couldn't trust Holmqvist, who deserves another chance at starting and they couldn't trust Marc Denis, who is actual shit.  But they definitely won't put their goaltending woes in the hands of 40 year old Curtis Joseph.

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