Nolan rumors flying

Two local papers floated Owen Nolan rumors trade rumors today. Ross McKeon of the Chronic reported that Nolan’s no-trade clause only takes effect if the Sharks reach the later rounds of the playoffs.

Victor Chi of the SJ Mercury reports 2 reputable Canadian sources as saying the Sharks shopped the right winger to 3 different teams.

Nolan is on a 4 game goal scoring streak, but has been hampered this year with back and groin injuries.

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  1. calflyers says:

    I get a kick out of how much of a DORK the “Queefer” is


    his posts give me the “douche chills”

    i think quite a few people on this site feel the same way

    It is old i agree, but if you read HIS replies (and posts!)

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  2. calflyers says:

    go away Queefman

  3. calflyers says:

    do you want me to make something up?

    i guess you do not read “Leaf_Novice’s” posts

    everything that “might” be going on,has already been mentioned

    i’m just rebutting a lame comment

    is that ok??


  4. calflyers says:

    think about there Homer J

    WHO is the ORIGINAL SOURCE of the “ramblings”??

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  5. calflyers says:

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  6. OldNord says:

    I watch every games, Rivet is not the defenseman that he should to be. He must be more toughness and agressive. That’s why he supposed to get paid.

    He injured is wrist again early in the season but he must be more physical in front of net

  7. TC_4 says:

    I’m only 19, so I don’t really know, but is the saying not survey says??? Well whatever, but is that not from a game show that went off the air like 15 years ago??? Well, who am I to say. And who is this self proclaimed “Expert”? Does he have his own TV or radio show? Does he work for the Leafs? Maybe it’s Pat himself. Maybe Pat just comes on here and tells his fans what he wants to do and then gets the fans opinions. That makes sense because if he proposed what all these Leaf fans want to do then that would be why they don’t ever make any good or any at all f*ck’in trades!!! There is a reason why your not hired to do any thinking for an NHL team and why your opinions are not wanted to be known on TV or radio, so please, whoever it is that is calling himself Leaf expert, please stop embarrasing yourself. Use an flashy name like “Laser!” or “Ross-a-tron” or “The Leafs are the worst team in the league and they along with myself are all still virgins”. At least that would be an honest name. Anyways, save the little girl comments buddy, cause I’m not going to listen to them and I nobody else does either. And don’t tell me that I’m still a virgin because I play Junior A in Alberta and there are sluts that follow around hockey players, we call them pucks, and it’s impossible for me to still be a virgin, and add to that I’m very good looking. So save it your “fingys” the typing and just accept what I have said. War Edmonton Oilers, war Oakland A’s, war Toronto Raptors trading Vince and drafting Lebron”Hummer”James, war Edmonton Eskimos, and war Buffalo Bills, I’m out!

  8. TC_4 says:

    If the Sharks do unload, let’s hope the Leafs try and rape them for more than just Nolan. How about a big package. Nolan, Ricci, Marchment, and Thornton for Tucker, Corson, Boyes, Pilar, and a 1st round pick this year, and a 4th round pick this year. I can’t wait to hear all you people tell me how dumb I am. Hear me out though. I don’t know that San Jose would do this, but this is MY thinking, PERSONALLY. Lombardi said his team was flat, well, Tucker and Corson can certainly change that in a hurry, plus it would make them happy to be together. Them two and the 4th rounder come for Ricci and Marchment. Pilar comes for Thornton(I’m thinking the Leafs would want a big left winger with some expierence to take Corson’s spot). Then Nolan for Boyes and a 1st round pick. Ok they probably need more than that to land Nolan, but trade value shouldn’t be extremly high right now. He has been declining the last two years, and is getting injured a lot. It’s not like Boyes won’t be ready next year. So I’m thinking that Lombardi gets what he wants and the Leafs get some guys the could desperatly use in the playoffs. But let’s face it, I like the Leafs, but I’m not a huge fan so I can say this. They STILL would need a top defenseman and another marquee center. Cassels, Gilmour, and Lindros all were right there too be picked up by the Leafs, and Quinn didn’t do it. He is a VERY bad GM!

  9. pj48 says:

    Not really rumor-worthy, but here is a pick of Owen Nolan Thursday during a 3-0 loss to the Islanders.

    He does not look happy.

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