Nolan to Flyers for Williams?

According to Al Morganti,The Flyers are interested in Owen Nolan,and said that it would take “an injured(Knee)Justin Williams.”to get him.He goes on to say that “that Price would be too high for the Flyers.”Morganti said,however,that the Sharks can use other eastern conference teams for leverage,with thier other players such as “Selanne,and Thornton”

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  1. mikster says:

    Williams is a good 3rd line guy, but it’s got to be more than just that for Nolan.

    Morganti is pretty clueless, and so is everyone who is on ESPN. Entertainment for Stupid People Network.

  2. keon says:

    First, trading Nolan isn’t as urgent an issue for the Sharks as everyone is making it out to be. His salary is going to be dumped, but the Sharks can do that this summer, if they choose to wait for the better deals.

    Second, because they Sharks do have the luxury of time to make this deal, they are not going to give him away, like the Penguins gave Kovalev to the Rangers. It’s the same situation as Iginla. Both teams have time to work out a good deal for their respective clubs. Nothing is going to be rushed.

    Lastly, can the Flyers afford Nolan’s salary?

  3. Fleury_14 says:

    this could be a good trade for the flames. yes flames. philly would get nolan and then wouldnt need to get iginla. getting nolan might make gagne expendable and then button should jump on the chance and trade their rd.1 pick, boughner and a goalie prospect for gagne.

  4. habs_88_4life says:

    Williams has the potential to be a solid first liner

  5. mikster says:

    Doubt it. He doesn’t have a finishing touch. I like how he moves around, but he doesn’t have the scoring tough.

    Second line at best.

  6. flyer12fan says:

    Please, not another guy who has scored in the past but couldnt score on a 5 year old right now. And if Williams, Gagne, Pitkanen or Woywitka is going to go, it had better be for one of the top ten scorers in the league.

  7. dag12 says:

    Sounds good to me.That would give the Flyers two lottery picks in the top ten.+ Gagne doesnt make near as much as Iginla.Before the season started,Gagne signed a two-year deal,for 4.6 million.

  8. dag12 says:

    When it comes to the Sharks,the guy I would want would be Teemu Selanne.I would give the Sharks Justin Williams and Jeff Woywitka.And if that’s still not enough,I would throw in a first round pick in 2004.Then,the Flyers would have two options with Gagne.Either they move him to center permanently after the season is over,and see what they could get for Primeau,or trade Gagne.Hitch wanted to experiment with Gagne at center,but never tried it.

  9. titans says:

    Whata you kiddin me?? Williams for Nolan?!?! Hell I’ll help Justim pack his bags! Williams is at best a 20 goal scorer in the league! Make the deal Clarkey! MAKE THE DEAL!!!

  10. leafs123212000 says:

    I don’t find Williams all that impressive like Mikster said…although with Nolans salary, I don’t believe sharks will get very much for him..

  11. Glen says:

    You’re pretty tough on Williams Micki. I don’t think he’ll be a top line winger for the Flyers, but could be on another rising team. I think Clarke will use Williams much like he used Fedotenko. Only this time he’ll be getting a goal scorer rather than a top draft pick. You’re judging Williams based on only 1 full season, besides he’s even younger than Gagne. I do agree that ESPN is a total joke, and should not even bother with speculation.

  12. mikster says:

    Not tough on him, just saying that he works hard, skates hard….but i don’t think he has a good finish to his offense.

  13. TC_4 says:

    Great point man. If I was both the Craig Button or Dean Lombardi, I would tell teams the kind of package you want, and then sit and let teams call you, and make them give you what you want.

  14. BoOoSh33 says:

    im not so sure i like that…. williams was good till he hurt his knee, and hes young… it looks like a typical clarke trade though. getting rid of his future for an older pro. i understand nolan is a proven player and all…. i just dont like the idea of unloading williams when hes still young and not had the oppertunity to really prove himself. then again, it could be that the stupid ninamaa trade is still bothering me…

  15. Glen says:

    I see what you’re saying, but don’t you think that his inablity to finish has something to do with the Flyers system? The Flyers are by far the best team at making opposing goalies look better than they are. Last night the scored twice on 46 shots. And even the two goals they scored were on rebounds.

  16. PsYcHoGoalie34 says:

    My opinion……HELL NO!!!! Even though Nolan is a very skilled player, and I think he’s good, it’s a shitty trade because Williams just needs time to develop. Nolan does not have many years left, and i think it would be a bad tdeal to get nolan. If we could make a trade that involves Williams, it should be for Iginla, because he’s still young and can help the flyers out if hes paired up with Roenick and LeClair…….another Legion of Doom, jk lol.

  17. Aetherial says:

    top ten player in the league.

    I got news for ya, none of those players is worth a top ten player; at least not at this stage of their careers.

  18. Aetherial says:

    Why, exactly does everyone think Williams is worth so much.

    He isn’t. Get over it.

  19. flyer12fan says:

    I got news for you, Justin Williams is only 21 and was the Flyers’ top forward this year before he got hurt. Gagne is young too, and he has already scored 30 goals and played in the Olympics and and All-Star game. They are not prospects, they are young stars. I don’t know a whole lot about Woywitka except that I hear he’s one of the top defense prospects in the league, just behing Pitkanen. And we traded away a ton to get Pitkanen, so he better be staying.

    So if these guys aren’t worth top ten scorers, then Clarkey better hang on to them, cause they’re worth more than Miroslav Satan or Owen Nolan.

  20. flyer12fan says:

    I agree with everything you said–especially about the Niinimaa trade, which got worse when they got rid of McGillis too–except for the part about Nolan being a proven player. Nolan is a proven disappointment…he’d fit in perfectly with Primeau, Recchi, LeClair and Desjardins.

  21. flyer12fan says:

    You obviously haven’t seen Williams play much, because the kid is a stud. He’s only 21, and he was already playing on the top line. So don’t tell me he’s not worth that much.

  22. orangestreak73 says:

    Let’s make the trade more interesting…

    How about Williams, 1st Rounder, Seidenberg and Primeau (makes less than Nolan and would be a throw-in) for Selanne and Nolan?

  23. bsfan1914 says:

    no it would be a bad deal if they gave up too much for him kinda like they gave up too much to get oates last season and then didnt even offer him a contract

  24. Aetherial says:

    No they aren’t sorry.

    Nobody out of philadelphia thinks Williams is even close to a top ten player at this stage of his career… give him a couple years maybe? but the idea that he is an all-star is not a sure thing. Now he has to recover from a serious injury. That can play with your head a bit too. (ask Nik Antropov)

    Gagne, better show a whole lot more when he comes back from injury (he is injured right?). His stock dropped a lot this year.

    Don’t get me wrong, I see them both as good prospects and potential is there AND I see them as trade bait for a good player. They may even be worth Owen Noaln because of his back problems.

    They are not worth Satan and neither Nolan nor Satan are top-ten players in this league.

  25. Aetherial says:

    News Flash!!!

    Hasn’t everyone on Philadelphia played on the top line this year? Between injuries, a new coach and not scoring goals they have had to have a bunch of people trying stuff.

    Playing on the first line does not necessarily mean you are a top 3 forward.

  26. aafiv says:

    If Selanne and Nolan were really worth this much, the Sharks wouldn’t be trading them in the first place. Never happen.

  27. bender says:

    Finishing touch, pfft, look at Todd Marchant, they call him the hands of stone in Edmonton and look at the year he’s having, Williams is young, he always multiple chances to a score a game, he just needs the confident and then everything will fall into place. Better to have lots of chances than none. One day he’ll be a great player.

  28. flyer12fan says:

    You can argue about Williams since you probably haven’t seen him play, and there are still questions about him. But when you say Simon Gagne is not worth Satan, and only maybe worth Nolan, you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about, so I’m done trying to argue with you.

  29. flyer12fan says:

    When the whole team was healthy, Gagne-Roenick-Williams was the Flyers’ top line. Gagne and Roenick were 2 and 3 in plus minus last year in the league, and the only reason JW wasn’t up there with him was because he didn’t join that line ’til the end of the year. Bobby Clarke has said it, Hitch has said it, every Philly writer has said it… JW was arguable the Flyers’ best forward in the first part of this season, before he got hurt. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  30. bender says:

    I am a huge believer that Pitkanen is going to be the best young Defenceman the flyers have had in a long time. He should be the most untouchable flyer, and I was also correct about Forsberg before they traded him to Quebec(Colorado). They both had phenomenal, World Juniors.

    But I have a little trouble thinking that Woywitka will turnout anything more than mediocre. He wasn’t a standout on the Canadian World Juniors at all, except the one winner he netted. He had a few big hits but I believe he made the team mostly because of politics. I think that if the opportunity arises, Clarke should trade him for a big name.

  31. dirtycash says:

    Don’t like it one bit…Williams with a year or two could be a 30 goal a year scorer..Nolan is garbage at this point and i think is in his downside of his the same time it wouldnt surprise me in the least to see clarkey pull the trigger on this one..I say forget about nolan and go for iginla

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