Nonis didn’t want Carlyle as coach

When the club was looking for a coach to replace Ron Wilson in the grim days when last season transformed itself into a lost season, NHL sources say Nonis went to bat for Dallas Eakins, then and now the coach of the AHL Marlies. Nonis and other front-office executives were of the belief that Eakins is everything a modern-era coach should be; progressive but hard-nosed, communicative with players but never friends with them. Burke, of course, insisted on his old friend Randy Carlyle.

And though Carlyle certainly deserves a chance to prove himself in the coming 48-game season, the early returns on his tenure — six wins in 18 games after taking over for Wilson in March — suggest the old-school taskmaster may not be the best fit for one of the NHL’s youngest collections of athletes.–nonis-knows-his-way-around-leafs-gm-role-feschuk


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  1. leafs_wallace93 says:

    A laid back coach that can allow for… well to borrow a line from the Quinn era a ‘country club attitude’ combined with a young roster and a hockey market like Toronto as all the ingredients to produce monstrous egos. The Leafs are well served with a coach like Caryle.

  2. doorman says:

    If your reference of country club is to what would happen if Eaki s were coach you need to check your facts jack. Eaki now players still go to him for advise including Orr who has remade himself thanks to Dallas. I think losing Eakins will hurt our club when he goes.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      Orr reinvented himself? He used to punch people now he punches people more often? I need to check my facts?

      • mojo19 says:

        You’re way off about Orr. When he played with Betts, and I believe Prust was the other guy on that line in New York, under Torts, Orr was a beast, and a really reliable defensive winger on the shutdown line.

        I think he can be just as effective under Carlyle. Plus he’s the tougher S.O.B. around.

  3. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Postmortem on the last two games has been surprise, surprise scapegoating our terrible, terrible blueline. Dion Phaneuf is the second coming of Bryan McCabe who was the second coming of Larry Murphy. Why did we ever trade Kenny Jonsson ect…..

    If people truly hate this blueline why not just blow it up if we continue to lose? Rebuild with Reilly and Gardiner as the anchors.

    I hate how everyone turns on a blueliner the moment they turn over a puck (even though every blueliner on every team will do it once or twice a game) because in Toronto the second you turn a puck over it’s replayed 1 000 000 times until you’re perceived as worthless.

    So fresh start sell off Phaneuf, Gunnerson, Franson and Liles at the deadline you should be able to get a 1st round pick for each (expection being Liles).

    • nordiques100 says:

      Dion is doing ok. Its hard though without Gardiner full time, who when there and full strength can control the play well. and he’s been working with a rookie in Kostka.

      Dion too is now back on the left side, something he hasn’t done in a while.

      The minutes he plays, and the players he goes up against, of course his defensive numbers will slide. He never was a shutdown guy, but the Leafs have not choice but to put him there.

      I don’t think he is capable of lasting a full season, being consistent on those minutes. He’s not that guy, unless he’s with someone superior, like a Shea Weber.

      I think too some leadership support is a necessity now. Dion isnt a great captain. But, if a big veteran steps up and has his back, that will help the team overall. The leafs don’t have that vet.

  4. doorman says:

    Ya Eakins is not into running a country club, but is you choose to believe that go for it. Ya last year went sent down Orr asked Eakins wjat he needed to do to be in the NHL again, Eakins told him to shed twenty lbs and work on being a PK player again not just a fighter. Does Orr still fight yes, has his speed and overall play and conditioning improved, yes. So before you start saying Eakins would run a country club do some research.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      Just saying it’s easy for a young player to lose focus in Toronto. I don’t know enough about Eakins to have an informed opinion on him. I like Caryle though.

      Orr is averaging 5:18 seconds a night, I think Caryle it’s a matter of Caryle wanting a fighter and Wilson not wanting one.

  5. doorman says:

    Look not to be an asshole here but fighting is part of his job, but they did not expect him to make the team, punched or not. Thee are several interviews with Orr where he describes Eakins tuff love and what he needed to do and the help he was offered. Eakins still have several players that come to him Asking advice, that says a lot when an NHL player comes to an AHL coach. He holds his ayers a cou table and they would go to war for him, ask Kadri who he has called out. Eaki s should be an NHL coach and will be it will hurt our team to lose him. That is nothing against Carlyle, he is a good coach for sure.

  6. doorman says:

    Here is lsome Eakins reviews for you, from Carlyle. and also a credit to Dallas Eakins and the Marlies coaching staff, a point Carlyle was quick to emphasize. “I’m getting the luxury of having what Dallas has developed,” he said. “The things that he was doing in the American Hockey League proved to us that he could play in the NHL, but there are things that were keeping him away in our minds that was going to cost or [had the chance] of costing the hockey club at this level. He’s been able to recognize some of those things and again it goes back to the Marlies coaching staff. They’re the ones that have developed him and we’re basically the benefactor of that.”

  7. LN91 says:

    If Toronto is near the bottom of the standings at the deadline…I would not be surprised to see Nonis start nuclear bombing this squad…Including Kessel and Dion Phaneuf (who is simply not mobile enough).

    I believe Rogers/Bell is giving Nonis (who I think is very qualified) something that Rogers gave to Anthopolous…Time.

  8. doorman says:

    Time would be the best thing Nonis gets. The young kids need to play and grow, it needs to be done right this time. We also need to hope there is not a next time.

  9. mojo19 says:

    Bottom line – with Lupul hurt our top line is MacArthur – Bozak – Kessel. We could finish as low as last and it wouldn’t surprise me. We have more weapons like JVR, Grabo, possibly Kadri and if Kulemin can pick it up, we could be good enough to stay somewhat competitive but we could also finish close to last.

    Neither would upset me.

  10. nordiques100 says:

    the 2-3 record is not surprising. Probably though, the 8 3rd period goals against the last 2 games is. They know they have to be better on D, but they have not shown it.

    If they can shore up the defensive play, I am sure they’ll be in the thick of it.

    They aren’t out of it by any means.

    They need Gardiner back, playing big minutes at a high level. They just don’t have 2 good pairs on D without him.

  11. doorman says:

    The crappy part is that 8 3rd period goals in 2 games is part of the learning curve, IMO. They are a young team trying to find their way, as such they will struggle. but if reimer can keep them in some games as he did Saturday, they will suprise a few teams. I think Nonis is evaluating his team and coaching staff. He is going to do somethingto make this his vision, he has too. Time is the best thing Nonis could get, I though he was a good choice for GM before Burke was hired.

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