Nonis gives up on Carter

Vancouver Canucks Senior Vice-President and General Manager Dave Nonis announced wednesday that the offer that Dave Nonis offered Anson Carter 10 days ago is no longer available. Anson Carter’s agent also says that chances are slim that Carter will be back to play the 2006/2007 season in Vancouver.

In my opinion Anson Carter simply asked for too much money at 3 million a year for 3 years. If Carter is too sign with another team next season i beleive that you will see a big diference in his play. The Sedins just made him look that good. On the other hand we will see next season if it was Carter who made that line click because they most likely will have a rookie on their line, i’m guessing Pyatt or Shultz. Any one have any idea of where Carter might go and if he goes somewhere else who the Sedins will play with?

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  1. vancity4life says:

    damn right…hopefully he will sign a replacement right wing soon, carter will not live up to his contract next year….if he signs for over 2.2 million and on another team.

  2. nova_scotia123 says:

    Not sure where Carter is going to find a home asking 3 mill.

  3. Preft says:

    2,5-3 milion for recchi with the sedin should be nice no?

  4. BruMagnus says:

    Ha, take him for that much money. The ‘Canes declined him at $2.28 million, that should tell you something. His plus-minus with Pittsburgh last season was atrocious.

  5. moosehockey says:

    I’m not sure where Jason King is with his health right now (concussion problems) but the “matress line” (twins and a King) was good for them a few years back, that could be a possibility. The kind of player they need is a guy who will park himself in front of the net and get the tap in goals. Maybe a guy like Lee Goren from the Moose? Schultz? Pyatt maybe if he can find the back of the net, but he has yet to prove that at the NHL level.

    It will be interesting to see where this goes.

  6. neilios says:

    Oh well Carter is due for his off year this year where he will get about 10 to 15 goals and have a minus -20 year.Canucks should sign at least one right winger and I think Dvorak would be a decent fit in Vancouver he would probably only want about 1.5 mill a season and thats pretty good for a guy that can put up the same kinda #s that Carter did.This is how the lines will look this coming season.

    Naslund Sedin Dvorak

    Sedin Morisson Schultz

    Pyatt Kesler Cooke

    Burrows Reid Linden or King

    Ohlund Bourdon

    Salo Mitchell

    Krajicek Bieksa

    Its not gonna be a bad team this year a young fast team and if Nassy can have a MVP type season and then we will be fighting for top spot in the western conference with the Flames.

    Luongo and Noronen

  7. moosehockey says:

    I highly doubt the twins will be split up. Not with the kind of stuff we saw last year. A lineup like that makes sense but interchange Sedin and Morrison.

  8. JJ-Dynomite says:

    you cant break up the twins!!!! maybe put them with naslund and watch them fly, but not apart, thats what makes them so good, they play like one, and yet you cant cover them because their two!

  9. timberz21 says:

    As sad as it makes me, Carter doesn’t worth 3M$.

    The Sedins made him look good in the shadow or Bertuzzi and Naslund. It’s sad that Carter doesn’t want to come back more than that with his line-mate that gave him his career-high goals.

    With the new NHL you dont waste 3M$ on a guy like carter. Pyatt, Kesler, Burrows, or even cooke could do the same job as Carter did. I havent thought of it but like someone said a Rechi at 2-2.5M$ could be interesting. IF he can score 20-30goals and with his experience can be good in the off season.

    Canucks wont score as much anyway without Bertuzzi but with the defensive defense and luongo they wont give that much goals. Jovo could score but jeez he’s cant stop anyone and doesnt hit as much as he did.

  10. Aetherial says:

    Now we have some idea also of why JFJ didn’t pursue him more.

    he is looking for 9 million over 3 years. He just is not going to get that.

  11. passionch says:

    I agree with the others, these two guys are like family… oh right, their twins! So yeah, I’d even put them together with the Captain Naslund than to break this duo up.

  12. TheDugg1er says:

    I have a couple of ideas being a canuck fan. First off if carter is gone then they may try jason king with the sedins again as he had success with them a couple years back when he was a rookie. He missed last year due to injury and will most likely be a regular this year. About Carter i doubt if anyone will sign him because carter hype has died down because gm’s are finally realizing he was only good when the sedins were there. Nonis taking the offer away is like he’s playing hardball with carter, and if no one signs him carter may beg to come back and then nonis says “well maybe but you’re getting 1.5 a year or something” may happen may not all i know is that i’ve lost a lot of love for him, because he tried to ditch the nuks.

  13. TheDugg1er says:

    LOL with pittsburgh, read that to urself. Of course his plus minus was going to suck. Don’t u understand??? Look at all of pittsburgh’s players and their plus minus probably sucks.

  14. TheDugg1er says:

    noooooooooooooo way. the sedins will not be broken up. They are like psychically connected to each other :D. They tried sedins and naslund and it didnt work well but maybe they will try again.

  15. neilios says:

    I think Kesler would be a good fit with the Sedin boys cause Kesler is due for a break out year he would get about 30 goals and 40 to 50 assists playing with the Sedins.Then sign Dvorak for about a mill and a half to play with Nassy and Morrison.

    What does everyone think?????

  16. paul_dc10 says:

    that is a good idea, if that were to work, it would be a one of the best lines in the nhl in 2-3 years

  17. paul_dc10 says:

    no chance on te sedins getting broken up

  18. DJTOKid says:

    I think the canucks are still gonna suck balls next yearand miss the playoffs

  19. DJTOKid says:

    Oh yah and Kesler scoring 30 goals… are you kidding me? Be happy if the kid scores 15 goals, 30 goals… your hilarious. When you deam you dream big eh. Why imagine a promotion when you can imagine taking over the company. Thats too much, 70-80points, omg your high right? He won’t out score Morrison and Morrison won’t break 60 let alone the 70-80 Keslar supposed to score. Canucks are the NEW Panthers of the west, non playoff team with one of the supposed best goalies in the world.

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