Nonis gives up on Carter

Vancouver Canucks Senior Vice-President and General Manager Dave Nonis announced wednesday that the offer that Dave Nonis offered Anson Carter 10 days ago is no longer available. Anson Carter’s agent also says that chances are slim that Carter will be back to play the 2006/2007 season in Vancouver.

In my opinion Anson Carter simply asked for too much money at 3 million a year for 3 years. If Carter is too sign with another team next season i beleive that you will see a big diference in his play. The Sedins just made him look that good. On the other hand we will see next season if it was Carter who made that line click because they most likely will have a rookie on their line, i’m guessing Pyatt or Shultz. Any one have any idea of where Carter might go and if he goes somewhere else who the Sedins will play with?