Nonis not done!

“The Team 1040″ last night talked to the Vancouver Canucks GM Dave Nonis, he said quote” I may be not done, there is still many things to do, I want to do one more deal , but im not mentioning any names. I even believe there might be players from the inside that we could use next season(Manitoba Moose) for example Jason King, Shultz, Brandon Reid”. Later on in the brodcast the radio announcer said he was looking at the Canucks roster and said there are 2 candidates he thinks are the only 2 remaining players Nonis could trade”Matt Cooke or Brendan Morrison”

5 Responses to Nonis not done!

  1. ahuja21 says:

    Why doesnt Dave Pick Up someone to play with Naslund and Morrison like Arnot or Lindros

  2. neilios says:

    I would like to see them sign the big E probably get him for cheap,cheaper then Carter and plus Lindros is 10 times better then Carter.and then maybe sign Sykora to play with the Sedin.What does everyone think of that????

  3. jonnygf40 says:

    Are you retarded? Lindros 10 times beter that Carter.

    Lindros: 33games 11goals 11assists 22points -3

    Carter: 81games 33goals 22assists 55points -1

    Plus Carter doesn’t break something every year like lindros, ie. 12 concussions over 12 years of play.

  4. ahuja21 says:

    Hey I think thAT would be great but i think and u tell me is radek dvorak pretty good msg back peacee out dawgy i hope peace eazy i gotta go

  5. ahuja21 says:

    No u guyz ur not thinkin out of the box lindros is always injured lets get Gionta

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