Nonis the worst Gm around?

There are soooo many thing Dave Nonis could have done in the off season, but didn’t do.First of all I don’t get why Nonis traded Bert for Luongo (although I don’t know thats many teams wanted him).

To San Jose: Bert
To Vancouver: Toskela

It would have been fair, because no one knew Bert would get a back injury. If you could get Luongo for Bert, and some other people, then they could get Toskela for Bert. The Canucks have a great starting goalie, close to 4 million less then Luongo, and they can keep Auld, so incase Toskela doesn’t play great they have a backup who has been a good starter. Then San Jose get’s a guy to play with Marleau, and Mihalik (Cheechoo is a right winger too so he wouldn’t play with Joe, and John). They get one of the best power forwards in the league if not the best (he had a bad year last year, and the media affected Bert big time).

Second if they did that they would have money for Jovo, because according to the Team 1040 Jovo said he would come back to Vancouver for 4.5 million, but Vancouver didn’t even offer him a contract!!! He is a number one defensemen, and Mitchell who was only a million less should only be a top 4 d man.

Hey would everyone in Vancouver rather have Carter with the Twins then Naslund (on because they only have one line if Nazzy is with the Sedins). Carter had career high last year, but Nonis just had to give up on him, and get the guy who everyone says should go to Moose, his name is Jan Bulis. Terrible year. Absolutely horrible. Thats all I need to say.

Also according to the team 1040 the Canucks were offered Gagne, a great player getting better, for a guy who is gonna go back to Sweden when his contract is done (Marcus Naslund), and a guy who is underachieving, and just got almost triple the salary he had last year, but only scored ten goals last year (Ryan Kesler).

Last of all, I think Vigneault has done a good job, but what the hell were they thinking? They could have gotten Ted Nolan, who will likely win the Adams award. He made a team the was supposed to be one of the worst team in NHL history, not only a playoff team, but a division leader. They could have gotten Dave Lewis, who won a Stanley Cup with the Wings (as an assistant coach though). They could have gotten Andy Murrey, who hasn’t won alot of thing in his career, but is a damn good coach. What about Pat Quinn? He’s already coached in Vancouver, and he is one of the greatest coaches in NHL history.