Nonis will be targeted


One of the most important cogs on the Maple Leafs is likely to be wooed extensively this summer, but he wears a suit and tie, not a team jersey.

Senior vice-president of hockey operations David Nonis will be on the interview list of teams making changes at the top. The Tampa Bay Lightning just cleaned house this week and will soon be searching for a replacement, with some other clubs to follow.

Toronto general manager Brian Burke believes Nonis’ contract makes him fair game after the draft on June 25-26.

“If there are vacancies, I’d expect he’d be at the top of the list,” Burke said, in praise of his former assistant with the Canucks. Nonis was Vancouver’s GM after Burke went to the Anaheim Ducks.

“This guy is the best No. 2 in the business,” Burke added. “He’s been a No. 1, he’s very bright, tough as nails and when I had to step back (after Burke’s eldest son was killed in a February car accident), he jumped in and did everything.

“It would be a loss, but we built in some layering and that’s why (vice-president of hockey operations) Dave Poulin was signed.”

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  1. reinjosh says:

    This would be a loss to the Leafs but if Nonis got a GM spot on a team he wanted. Nonis is very deserving of a number 1 manager job. He did work on the Phaneuf deal almost exclusively by himself. He would be a great addition to any team and while I would be sad to see him go, but I would be happy for him.

  2. mojo19 says:

    Hands off! Dave "No non-sense" Nonis is ours.

    Someone was asking the Leafs for permission to talk to Nonis earlier this year and Burkie said no.

  3. reinjosh says:

    Yeah, but I think its both of their decisions over just Burkes. I think if Nonis leaves, he will and Burke will let him. He would allow Nonis to run a franchise himself. However, Nonis and Burke seem to love working together and I don't see him leaving. Nonis took Vancouver and made it a little better than what Burke had (including robbing Florida) then went to Anaheim after he was fired. When Burke left he followed, right, so I think he will stay.

  4. number15 says:

        if there is a GM opining offered to Nonis, i doubt he rejects it based on his relationship with Burke. Leaving the Leafs would have nothing to do with loyalty. Its in his best interest to get a #1 spot, just business…… and if he gets fired, Burke will take him back, lol

    Nonis is one of the brighter candidates out there. He was the nuts to take over and make major moves if needed. He will not shy away from a big deal.

  5. mojo19 says:

    i hope we keep him

  6. number15 says:

    heres a funny question:

    if Nonis goes on to say, Tampa and turns the team around, while in Toronto the Leafs finish at the bottom again and Brian Burke gets fired. Im assuming by that point Burke's reputation would be tarnished and he wouldnt find a new job rite away, maybe after but not rite away before someone takes a chance.

    now heres the funny part…. would Brian Burke work as an assistant GM to Dave Nonis, assuming Nonis gives Burke a call if he is jobless. u know since they r such good pals.


  7. Kyleton says:

    Since Nonis has a contract with the leafs other teams need permission to talk to him about another job.  He denied the team that chance during the season because toronto needed him, however I doubt Burke would ever Deny Nonis a chance if he really wanted it, especially in the offseason.  Its also likely that in the contract Nonis is allowed to interview with other teams during the offseason to get a GM job again.

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