Norstrom Re-signs

Chalk off yet another big name from this summer’s free-agent market.

Veteran star defenceman Mattias Norstrom has agreed to a $8.5-million US, two-year contract extension. The Kings had not yet made the announcement official but a source confirmed the deal.Norstrom, who will earn $4.25 million a season just like Kaberle, has spent the last 10 seasons with the Kings after beginning his career with the New York Rangers. He has three goals, 19 assists and a plus-4 rating in 58 games this season.

What do you think? Who is worth 4.25 a year more?

Kaberle or Norstrom.

Should be an interesting debate.

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  1. Bajima says:

    Mattias Norstrom, although incredibly underrated, not quite worth 4.25 per year. (3.25 sounds right)

    But he is a rock, so good to see the Kings lock him up.

  2. gohabs73 says:

    He’s a good Dman and has been great for the Kings but wow… 4.25 looks like a lot to me.

    Of course i don’t see much of the Kings this year with the new schedule so my opinion is based on the previous years.

    I think he’s more of a 3.0-3.5M player.

    I guess the Kings overpaid him a bit because he’s team captain.

  3. WestcoastbiasJason says:

    It works out though because he is worth what the extra mil the Kings would be paying Robatille next year. He has been one of the best defensive defensman in the league the last 7-8 years. Good signing.

  4. SJ_Sharks_Fan_19 says:

    Ouch 4.25 thats a little pricey

  5. jrcortez25 says:

    It might be a little too much for a player who doesn’t put up numbers like a blake or a lidstrom, but he is a top four or even a top two defenseman for any team in the nhl. the kings still a have alot of room under the cap to give matty a raise. props to taylor for signing norstrom before he became a free agent.

  6. Dougie says:

    Well he is much better then Kabrele, team Captain Stay at home defenseman. Golf Medal for the sweeds, made the alstar team back in 03–04 it is worth it.

  7. The-President says:

    Very overpriced

  8. WestcoastbiasJason says:

    It becomes dangerous when you value a player solely on his stats. Stats that don’t go noticed are time spent against number one lines, time on the penalty kill ability to shut down number one lines etc, etc. Norstrom has done these things year in year out and he remains one of the most respected d-men in the league as a true leader and warrior. The guy got his jaw shattered and was back on the ice in no time. That cannot be said for a lot of other overpriced players….

  9. The-President says:

    The Question is Who deserves the Salary more?

    Kaberle or Norstrom?

  10. thatleafsguy says:

    Overpaid by about a million bucks per year but other than that good signing. I guess thats why they only locked him in for 2 years, because they don’t think hes a 4.25 million dollar d man either, they just don’t want to lose him in the offseason.

  11. Gretzkin says:

    I would say Kaberle.

    Norstrom is a solid D-Man, but I think he deserves more in the 3-3.5 area.

    Kaberle, though he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves, is the #1 D-Man on a very weak Toronto corps.

    For some reason, many people think McCabe is the man in Toronto, yet, it’s Kabby.

    Kaberle plays a very good positional, defensive game, can skate extremely well, has a nice shot (when used), and can place a pass on anybodies stick, lighter than a feather.

    Hey EVERYBODY, if Kaberle wasn’t feeding McCabe those passes, I think it would be safe to say that McCabe would have 4 PP goals to date. He has 12 now, but the majority of those started on the left point with perfectly placed and timed passes by Tommy Boy.

    McCabes numbers will drop when he leaves Toronto and doesn’t have Kabby to dish to him.

    He’ll become average, and he will still suck in his own zone.

    That’s why Kaberle is getting the bigger than you think he should get bucks.

    He makes people around him better, without even being noticed…

  12. thatleafsguy says:

    Kabs, look at the way he moves the puck and the numbers he puts up compared to Norstrom there is no question about that, plus Kabs is like 7 years younger than Norstrom. Kabs still has alot of room to grow and lots of potential to do more than hes already done.

  13. thatleafsguy says:

    Ps – Rest in peace Kirby Puckett.

  14. thatleafsguy says:

    Kabs, look at the way he moves the puck and the numbers he puts up compared to Norstrom there is no question about that, plus Kabs is like 7 years younger than Norstrom. Kabs still has alot of room to grow and lots of potential to do more than hes already done.

  15. Guillemin says:

    Ummm….being able to set up a teammate is valuable if you have great vision and fire passes through a maze of players, but all Kaberle really does is pass back and forth with McCabe on the blueline. Anyone can do that. He’s much better defensively, but still not worth anything like 4.25 million.

  16. The-President says:

    I also agree on Kaberle

  17. SabresFan220 says:

    While I realize this is a typo, I have to say something anyway. A golf medal? Sounds a lot like what the Leafs will be winning very early this year. Kaberle isn’t a bad d-man, good offensively, but questionable on defense. Not to mention he still looks like a 15 year old boy which really annoys me when I see the Sabres play the Leafs. Norstrom is the better defenseman in my opinion.

    The Leafs redeeming qualities lie in their youngsters. Stajan, Steen, and Wellwood are the biggest reasons why the Leafs can even come close to keeping up with other teams on the ice. If he isn’t traded away first, Wellwood will probably succeed Sundin as captain of the team.

  18. Gretzkin says:

    Even when you are passing back and forth, you need precision so the shooter can spank it properly.

    Not anyone can do that.

    He can move the puck and thread needles with passes.

  19. KingsFan says:

    I believe it was 4.25 for 2 years, which makes it 2 mill and change a year…..

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