With all that flaming from the Northeast division, its time to look to the western side of things, so lets take a look at the Northwest on an unbias view…

I believe the standings in April will end like this:






Colorado has lost many players since hockey was last played, but the last season they had was a total bust for their roster lineup. Before the season began alot of people at this site were claiming the year was over and was already written in Colorado’s favour. Now colorado will have the oppurtunity to redeem themselves. The team has alot of speedsters and will no doubt benefit the club.

Calgary was so close to winning the cup last season and what did they do after such a close run? They added the likes of Amonte, Hamrlik and McCarthy. We all know with these 3 they would have been the current cup champions, I expect them to take 2nd place but have a little struggle do to the pressure of returning from the finals.

Vancouver only has one problem and thats in net. Cloutier has been given time and time again a chance and hasn’t come through for the city of Vancouver. Other than that if cloutier has a solid year you can expect the Canucks to be a threat once again especially now that Bertuzzi is back and has some things to prove.

Edmonton all of a sudden has become overrated, no not by proffesionals but by their fans. Pronger? Sure hes a allstar, a number 1 dman but its not like he can carry a whole team as he sure as never did in St. Louis. Peca is another addition that suddenly made this team a elite contender… Peca is no better then Montreals addition of Bonk, Bostons Zhamnov or Toronto’s Allison/Lindros. Edmonton is going to have to battle it out to make the playoffs but don’t expect them to go very far, haven’t proven to be a playoff team.

Minnesota, how can I claim they make the playoffs but not Edmonton. They will be lucky to find themselves playing in the post season. Give Minnesota a year or two and they will be a serious contender for the cup, they have been building for quite some time and seem to have built a team that can be compared to the Sens building process both very well down, look out for the Wild.

Let me finish off with this thought… “These are my opinions, I’d love to hear yours. The truth is that you can’t argue with fact” just kidding, I am a fan of the NHL and like to hear other fans opinions so please if you think I am mistaken go ahead I look to improve.

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  1. mojo19 says:

    Oilers have a pretty good team, but Calgary added guys too, Vancouver retained their most important players, and Colorodo got a bit weaker but still have a solid team.

    I agree with the post that Edmonton will finish 4th in the division. sorry “angry jannet”

  2. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    I actually have seen them play i travelled to edmonton for 2 weeks and saw them play and i wasnt impressed with either.

  3. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    i must say i agree with your comments but aebischer was in his rookie year. and you know what he performed probably the best out of any rookie goalie for awhile. he can do it this year and i think the cup is a long shot right now but trades and performances wil lchange my mind near the end of the season.

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