Not even a miracle could save Blue Jackets

As the NHL approaches the one-month mark, the bitter, galling truth for the Columbus Blue Jackets is this: No matter who gets pushed over the side, no matter who falls on the proverbial sword, whether it’s today, tomorrow or next week, this season is lost.

Not even a month into the season, the Blue Jackets have stumbled and bumbled their way not just out of a shot at the playoffs but out of relevance. Shocking, really, how quickly this team has imploded, how quickly it has managed to suck the air out of a market that was already gasping for breath, having endured a full decade of NHL play without having seen the home side win one single playoff game.
Oh wait, you say — Columbus has played only 13 games. There are 69 games left. Lots of time to turn it around.

Perhaps if this were the Washington Capitals.

The Caps fired Glen Hanlon just before Thanksgiving of 2007, and they went from last place to a Southeast Division crown and the playoffs.

If the Blue Jackets engineered a trade for Alexander Ovechkin, et al, perhaps the same miracle turnaround would be possible in Columbus.

But that’s not going to happen.

Last season, Dallas missed the playoffs with 95 points, and several GMs have told they believe it will take at least that many points this season to get into the playoff dance.

Can the Blue Jackets rise up and collect 90 or more points in their next 69 games?

Could they go, for instance, 42-21-6, which would put them at 95 points?

Simply not going to happen.

The Blue Jackets are by far the worst team in the NHL.

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