Not one Heatley offer yet

Sens don’t expect deal at draft; maybe not even by July 1

Allen Panzeri, The Ottawa Citizen

“It has to be a good hockey deal or it won’t get done.

“And then we just assume on Sept. 14 or 15 he’ll show up at training camp, and be part of our team and go forward, and (be) a big part of our team, obviously.”

Tim Murray said the organization was trying to stay hopeful. More than six teams have called asking about the parameters of a trade. But no one has called back.

“I know Bryan has talked to a few different teams and it doesn’t seem like there’s a serious offer there right at this moment,” he said. “But again, I remember doing different deals with Bryan … and they just come out of the blue in the last second.

“We just staying hopeful.”

The rumours about possible destinations for Heatley have been knee-deep here, as speculation begins to swell for the draft. But the view among many is that the Senators are stuck. “This is not going to happen,” one agent said Thursday afternoon. “His contract is unmovable.”

Heatley’s agents are also taking a beating from their colleagues for making the demand public, especially with the way it appears to be going horribly sideways.

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