Not one Heatley offer yet

Sens don’t expect deal at draft; maybe not even by July 1

Allen Panzeri, The Ottawa Citizen

“It has to be a good hockey deal or it won’t get done.

“And then we just assume on Sept. 14 or 15 he’ll show up at training camp, and be part of our team and go forward, and (be) a big part of our team, obviously.”

Tim Murray said the organization was trying to stay hopeful. More than six teams have called asking about the parameters of a trade. But no one has called back.

“I know Bryan has talked to a few different teams and it doesn’t seem like there’s a serious offer there right at this moment,” he said. “But again, I remember doing different deals with Bryan … and they just come out of the blue in the last second.

“We just staying hopeful.”

The rumours about possible destinations for Heatley have been knee-deep here, as speculation begins to swell for the draft. But the view among many is that the Senators are stuck. “This is not going to happen,” one agent said Thursday afternoon. “His contract is unmovable.”

Heatley’s agents are also taking a beating from their colleagues for making the demand public, especially with the way it appears to be going horribly sideways.

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20 Responses to Not one Heatley offer yet

  1. beckfan05 says:

    Roszival, Zherdev and a 2nd rounder.



    What a joke that trade is, no ones gonna help NY clean up that nasty mess lol.  Only way Murray would even consider that is if there was a 1st rounder added into that deal. . . .even then the offer is mediocre at best.

  3. mmamolo says:

    I wouldnt take Roszival and Zherdev for free…let alone for Heatley

  4. muckies says:

    Murray is just getting Heatley to sweat a bit because the best deal he has is probably for a team not on Heaters list. Make Heatley see the worst case scenario before Murray tells him the deal is for a team he doesnt want to go to, Heatley wont be able to refuse.

  5. pezzz123 says:

    If you want the Sens to take Roszival and Zherdev from your hands, add Anisimov and a 1rst rounder.

  6. ranger_fan says:

    Whenever I am about to do something – I think, Would an idiot do that? And if they would, I do not do that thing.

  7. ranger_fan says:

    There won't be a deal between these two teams. The Rangers will not part with #19 unless they have an "A" list and no one is left when the pick. The advantage of dealing with the Rangers is they will pay that 4 million which doesn't sound like its an issue.

    The only way the Rangers are getting out of their mess is by talking with the losers of free agency. Vancouver and Edmonton may have interest in Gomez, as might the winner of the Gianta sweepstakes. Gomez has a high cap but is average pay is much less than his cap hit.

    I think if Brian Murray does deal Heatley to NY for a package that includes Drury or Rozsival- Gomez will stay and be his set up man. Anisimov and Dubinsky can easily carry a 2nd line center role. I would say most GMs and HTR members would laugh at this, but we are talking about Brian Murray. The man has done more stupid things than this, and the Senators will be added to the list that Murray has (&^%ed.

  8. beckfan05 says:

    It was a joke

  9. beckfan05 says:

    How do people figure that the Rangers will deal Gomez in order to aquire Heatly. If so, who sets him up? Drury? Dubinsky?



    As we can all see, Glen Sather does not have that type of mentality haha

  11. the_word says:

    Another article that says Heatly is on the block and nothing more to throw on the pile.

  12. ranger_fan says:

    Did you read what I wrote? The last little paragraph there…

  13. ranger_fan says:

    He really doesn't. If it was up to the fans, we would have a different owner, GM, 6.5M defenseman, Colton Orr resigned, and a new look offense with only Dubinsky and Callahan retained.

  14. Radio says:

    I like Roszival, but 5 mill?


  15. Radio says:

    Heatley can sit around at home until his contract expires ad far as I am concerned. Like Ottawa needs a Yashin v.2.

  16. HABSSTAR says:

    Hey did you hear that Ottawa is trying to trade Heatly?  Guess there hasn't been an offer that has been acceptable yet. lol

  17. INurHome says:

    Hey did YOU here that Montreal is going to get Vinny?
    Guess there hasn't been an offer that has been acceptable yet. lol

    With how the Habs are currently looking, no fan should be trash talking anyone else atm.

  18. trueblue says:

    The word is that ottowa is demanding too much…. Rangers were close but Sather was interviewed (you can see the interview on msg on demand)  stating that he refuses to give up any valuable youth to gain an asset.

    I commend him on that…he is right…it isnt worth giving up the future that they have taken such great lengths in rebuilding. 

    Most GM's arent crazy like philly's giving up so much for a 34 yo player…i dont want to detract anything from pronger…he is awesome…but GM's have to draw the line at some point…lets see what happens when pronger leaves to free agency after next season and philly has no cup to show for it with the one season they have him for… do you think philly's gm will have a job after that?

    If the otherside doesnt want to deal fairly, then Feed them beans Glenn!!!

  19. DandoEagle says:

    How does Lupul feel being the guy that was traded for Pronger 2x?

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