Not so fast Dallas, Hull to the burg?

To all those who have read the Brett Hull is as good as a star rumors, it wont happen, at least not until after Tuesday.

A little backstory.

On Weds the news that Penguins right winger Alexi Morozov was on the verg of signing a 1 year deal, with a player option for a second year, to play for a Russian team broke. With the impending lockout NHL players signing to play in Europe is nothing to raise eyebrows about, it’s practically an everyday occurance anymore.

But what is unusual is that the contract that Morozov is about to sign does not have an escape clause in the event that the upcoming season either starts on time or is shortened. Meaning that Morozov will, regardless of the outcome of the CBA, not play the 2004 season in North America.

What does this have to do with Hull? Well given that Morozov is out of the picture, the penguins are now hard pressed to find a replacement at right wing and, according to an article written in saturdays Pittsburgh Post Gazette:

Penguins GM Craig Patrick has made inquiries about the possible signing of Hull in Pittsburgh. And not only is Hull interested in playing in the Burgh, but according to the article, he and his brother (and agent);

“who were “studying an offer from Dallas” — would gladly wait until Tuesday to hear from Patrick and then making a move on a contract with some team”

and his brother went on to say;

“Financially, he doesn’t [care] about that anymore,” the agent said. “It’s team chemistry and where he can help the most. He definitely wants to take a run at Gordie Howe’s goal record. Hopefully, we’ll give it two full seasons, and he’ll have a good shot.

“He likes Mario as a person and as a great hockey player. Brett says if Mario is healthy, he’d love to play with him. It’s definitely an enticement for Brett.

“I think those guys would work great with each other.”

So who knows, the last offer that was made to Morozov was for 1.8 million dollars for this upcoming season. for anouther 400K the pens might be able to replace him with the Golden Brett.