Not so fast Dallas, Hull to the burg?

To all those who have read the Brett Hull is as good as a star rumors, it wont happen, at least not until after Tuesday.

A little backstory.

On Weds the news that Penguins right winger Alexi Morozov was on the verg of signing a 1 year deal, with a player option for a second year, to play for a Russian team broke. With the impending lockout NHL players signing to play in Europe is nothing to raise eyebrows about, it’s practically an everyday occurance anymore.

But what is unusual is that the contract that Morozov is about to sign does not have an escape clause in the event that the upcoming season either starts on time or is shortened. Meaning that Morozov will, regardless of the outcome of the CBA, not play the 2004 season in North America.

What does this have to do with Hull? Well given that Morozov is out of the picture, the penguins are now hard pressed to find a replacement at right wing and, according to an article written in saturdays Pittsburgh Post Gazette:

Penguins GM Craig Patrick has made inquiries about the possible signing of Hull in Pittsburgh. And not only is Hull interested in playing in the Burgh, but according to the article, he and his brother (and agent);

“who were “studying an offer from Dallas” — would gladly wait until Tuesday to hear from Patrick and then making a move on a contract with some team”

and his brother went on to say;

“Financially, he doesn’t [care] about that anymore,” the agent said. “It’s team chemistry and where he can help the most. He definitely wants to take a run at Gordie Howe’s goal record. Hopefully, we’ll give it two full seasons, and he’ll have a good shot.

“He likes Mario as a person and as a great hockey player. Brett says if Mario is healthy, he’d love to play with him. It’s definitely an enticement for Brett.

“I think those guys would work great with each other.”

So who knows, the last offer that was made to Morozov was for 1.8 million dollars for this upcoming season. for anouther 400K the pens might be able to replace him with the Golden Brett.


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  1. jgibbs32 says:

    i hope this is true, i live in Pittsburgh and would love to see Hull playing here. If they signed Hull though, would it destroy any attempts to sign Kovalev or Zhamnov?

  2. Bishop7979 says:

    I dont think it would affect the chances of signing someone else. i believe the pens were offering morozov a multiyear deal in early july around the tune of 2 mil a year . . . they had made that offer yet still signed recchi, and were still pursuing one of kovie/zhamnov/stumpel.

    if hull could be had for 2 mil or 2.2 mil then i would concider him a replacment for both morozovs spot and his salary, meaning the pens would still be looking for anouther player.

  3. Amcan says:

    I don’t like these vets coming in. You now have 3 players if Hull signs that have a superstar status and are like the same age as Eddie-O. Now how will Eddie respond to that. The Pens should try for Crosby

  4. NYRules says:

    If Hull goes dont expect Kovalev. He doesnt play good with other super stars. Plus Both of them and Recchi play the RW. I think kovie is lookin for a younger team to go to so i wouldnt see him going there with recchi and hull already there.

    Id expect him back in MTL. He could do good with Bonk

  5. raine_kalisz says:

    Hull’s headed to the yotes. He’ll play with Comrie and Johnson, or Taffe and Johnson, all three being excellent setup men, something Hull really needs.

  6. TheAwaKe says:

    Brett Hull really SUCKS!

    He and is brother are using Phoenix and Pittsburgh to increase the offer of the Stars!

    He did the same thing with Montreal a few years ago when he signed with Detroit.

    This guy is an asshole.

  7. STARS_FAN9 says:

    Hull Jr is just doing his agent thing. Hull wouldnt go to Pittsbutgh, Hull and is agent are meeting next week in frisco to finalize the details. Hull will be patient just in case, its just like when Hull Jr. said that Hull was 95% sure he would playing with Phoenix. He just said that so Dallas would bite bigger, and they did and now look what is happening.

  8. AmazingHockeyPckWackerGuy says:

    Crosby, he would never sign there he would go someplace better…..dream on

  9. kingmo15 says:

    As a Penguins fan and Pittsburgh inhabitant, I would really NOT like to see Brett Hull play here. Primarily for one reason, and that is that I feel we do not need his style of play and his size of ego on the team. Hull is a finisher, and a finisher only, as his skating and playmaking years have come and gone. I know that among the Penguins several needs is a finisher – which can come in the form of Kovalev – they also need a setup man or playmaker. Kovalev is all of the above playing RW, and albeit he is more expensive than Hull, he has much, much more gas in the tank and can do everything, offensively the Penguins will ask of him. Signing Hull reminds me of the Pirates signing players like Reggie Sanders and Matt Stairs. Now, granted, Stairs and Sanders overachieved in Pittsburgh, and could have commanded something in return for a trade, but it was hardly a short-term solution for selling tickets and winning some games. I’d much rather raise the offer to Kovalev by a modest sum of money in solidifying a contract with him for at least 3 years. Additionally, make an enticing offer to Stumpel for at least 2 years, and that will be a perfect roster to enter the season with. Forget Zhamnov. Stumpel is a poor man’s version to Zhamov, yet I don’t quite know why. He’s more durable, and arguably as good a setup man than Zhamnov is.

    Adding Hull to this mix does indeed give their offense a sniper, but that’s about all. Sure, he’s a fine passer and will get his share of assists, but not by skating circles around defenders like Kovalev does, or not by making sick no look, tape-to-tape passes as Stumpel does. Plus, as someone had mentioned above, It’s certain that Hull has the type of ego that goes along with the success that he’s achieved. That may be a hard pill for an enthusiastic, 2nd year coach to have to swallow. I mean, Olczyk’s already having to swallow one in the form of Mario. Recchi I’m not so concerned about, as he seems to be a much more humble player who works well as a teammate and a role player if need be. But Hull, I feel, would be one too many.

    In my opinion, this is what the ideal Penguins lineup will look like by second week of October (hopefully):

    Lemieux – Malone – Kovalev

    Kraft – Stumpel – Recchi

    Pirjeta – Koltsov – Fata

    Abid – Beech – Bradley

    scratches: Eastwood, VanDen Bussche, Hussey

    Orpik – Tarnstrom

    Melchar – Jackman

    Scuderi – Rozsival

    scratches: Strbak, Whitney

    Fleury – Caron


    That’s a team that can compete for a playoffs spot. Guaranteed. By the way, screw Morozov. I hope that Patrick doesn’t bring him back at all…

  10. rc21pa says:

    Wrong. Kovy DID quite while when he was playing with both Jagr and Lemieux. Just because he can’t perform with the Rangers doens’t mean he can’t play with stars. I would go one step farther and say if the Pens by some leap of faith get Hull then there might be a chance that Kovy will follow shortly after. I think that it’s very likely that the Pens can land both and VERY likely that fans will sell out alot of games.

  11. rc21pa says:

    I believe that if Hull comes to Pittsburgh that Kovy could follow fast and that would be the end of Big signings for Pittsburgh. Zhamov is to expensive and not worth the effort and Stumpel is not a big signing by far. My Lineup is this.

    Hull – Lemieux – Kovalev

    Bradley – Kraft – Recchi

    Koltsov – Malone – Fata

    Abid – Beech – Pirjeta

    scratches: Eastwood, VanDen Bussche, ?

    Jackman – Tarnstrom

    Orpik – Whitney

    Strbak – Melchar

    scratches: Rozsival , ?

    Caron – Chiodo

    Fleury probably in minors for one more year and maybe majors if in the playoffs as a backup.

    In all honesty it’s just a rough guess Kovy and Bradley and Koltov could be interchanged. But why don’t people put Fata and Malone together they perform best together. Eddie has even gone on record as anying that Jackman and Tarnstrom are best together and I was always under the understanding that the Pens had full attentions on breading Orpik and Whitney on the same line together to make a Killer one two punch for years to come. ANd if I’m right about Hull then Hull and Mario will most certain spend most of there time on the same line. But I would love to see a Recchi – Lemeiux – Kovy line mixed together sometime too.

  12. rc21pa says:

    Brett Hull has gone on record that he would love to play for Pittsburgh tonight. If Pittsburgh truely made an offer yet is the question. If he takes it is another.

  13. rc21pa says:

    Recchi, Malone, Bradley, Lemieux, Kraft, Beech, and even Kovy if he signs here are all set up men. Pittsburgh can feed Hull’s need to score really well.

  14. rc21pa says:

    Maybe, maybe not, only Tuesday will tell

  15. Jackman says:

    No way Brett Hull. He is arrogant and is a cancer in the dressing room. He only had good seasons when he had a set-up man. He’s one dimensional -he can one time the puck (from Oates or Janney or Yzerman) and that’s it. Stick him on a bad team and he’ll do nothing.

    The guy won’t even play for his own country!! Now, that’s a traitor.

    Whereas Morozov is the next best player that the Pens have. He has been hampered with injuries in his career – but last season he led the Russian league in points. It’s time for Alex to break out like Naslund did when we traded him. Only difference is Morozov will do it as a Penguino.

    Forget Zhamnov, Francis, Hull. Bring back some of that awesome 2nd line we had – Kovalev, Straka and Lang. That line was better than most teams first line…

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