Not so surprising

I would put this under “Commentary” if possible, but there is no such topic, so Fans Rant will have to do.

Why is it when a team like Detroit or Colorado or New Jersey goes down in flames its such a “surprise?” Do fans NOT know what’s going on that it is called a surprise? Let me explain:
When the Devils lose, everyone rejoices because the “trap” is no longer in the playoffs, but I am not surprised to see it be used to hold onto important leads. Is it a surprise the Devils lost in the first round? No, not this year. They weren’t as healthy, nor as offensively-capable as last season. The Flyers were a better team, and they showed it. I am only surprised that the series lasted 5 games, but considering the Devils were really only out of 1 game(3-0 loss G4), it was closer than the 4-1 displays.

Why am I NOT surprised that both Detroit and Colorado didn’t make the Conference Finals? Hmm, hype, perhaps? When all the papers and media cover two teams, they will forget about their opponent and that will really tick off the other team. This other team will play harder to show they belong. San Jose and Calgary did just that winning both series in 6 games.

Should you be surprised, like the media is, that all the former NHL powers aren’t in the Conference Finals?(If Philly had done more in past playoffs, id put them as a power, but they aren’t until they make the finals again or win it all). No, most fans that do not like Detroit or Colorado(like ME) rooted for the underdog. I wanted San Jose and Calgary to win, upsets are good and it won’t hurt the NHL to see a Canadian team in the final for the first time in 10 years. Not many fans were surprised at how Detroit and Colorado got knocked out, I wasn’t. But maybe that’s cause I actually watch the games instead of read the “surprised” media writers.

I completely lost track and apologize.

For my rant:

What is with the NHL *****ing about ratings? Do they realize that at 3pm(12pst) NO ONE is watching NHL hockey on a SATURDAY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? On ABC in the NYC area, there was NOTHING on from 8-11…NOTHING ABC would get higher ratings for, especially on a Saturday NIGHT. The NHL only gets 2-5 Prime-time, BASIC-Cable, NATIONALLY televised games a year. That’s a PATHETIC JOB on the NHL’s part. They couldn’t even get ESPN to shelve a college football game for the Heritage Classic Outdoor game. The NHL has absolutely the worst representatives in terms of getting on TV. That’s gotta change before ratings go up!

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