Not so Sympathetic to Dave's Cause….

For thirty years Dave Keon avoided the Maple Leafs like the plague, and for a while, he was right to do so.
But I keep hearing about Dave Keon’s hatred towards the Maple Leafs, and it disgusts me that this man keeps a grudge against a team that just wants to honor him. As Pete Stemkowski said, everyone he’s had a grudge against has been dead or gone since the beginning of the 90s.

You look at the guys from Rick Vaive, to Darryl Sittler, to Lanny McDonald, all the Leafs legends have gotten over this feud.

Now, I’ve also read that part of his little boycott is over the retirement of jerseys. While I think his number (along with the numbers of Lanny McDonald, Wendel Clark, and Doug Gilmour) should be lifted to the rafters, why retire them? I know it’s far into the future, but if this tradition continues in one or two hundred years, there’ll be no more numbers for anyone, and pretty soon, traditional hockey numbers like 4, 19, and 9 will be out of circulation.

Dave Keon was a great player, and a great Leaf, and he was mistreated, but the past is the past, especially when the past is dead.

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  1. 92-93 says:

    who are you to say the past is dead for this particular person?

    you – and i – dont know what really went on back then. we dont know the details and he has every right to be guarded about it. your piece here and today's piece in the Star by Rosie DiMaio are good examples of BS.

    Keon doesnt owe leaf fans or anyone an apology. i comend him for sticking to his principles and keeping a low profile.

    if he wants to hold a grudge. let him. its none of our business … and he owes nothing to no one.

  2. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Everyone who wronged him are dead, and he shouldn't have come last night. I hated seeing that old bastard there.

    All he accomplished by holding this grudge is to somehow get moron Leaf fans to like him MORE.

  3. I-BE-LEAF says:

    Leafy, you are an unbelievably, shallow minded, ignorant spec of a human.

    Seeing Keon come out onto the ice with the rest of the men from '67 brought tears to my eyes.  It was classy move by the entire Leaf organization and their "true" fans to honour our heroes they way they did.

    It's called the past for a reason, you mean spirited leech.  That being said, I truly wish you were a thing of the past as well.

  4. Minky says:

    Two things, Leafy is an idiot. And I did like seeing Dave Keon back there, and although i don't agree with him for holding a grudge for so long, especially one against none other than Ballard who gave everyone the run around, I don't hate him for it either. Although, when he showed up in the arena wearing a big fur coat, he did look kind of like a jackass, haha. But other than that it was nice to see him, and all the other guys out there.

  5. MogilnyFan1990 says:

    isn't this site,  don't normal people post trade rumors?  and it is what, like 8 days before the trade deadline?  why are you talking about Keon!?

  6. polastem says:

    You're a *****ing idiot.

  7. the_word says:

    What is often overlooked is that there are players (like Mahovlich) who were screwed out of their pension by Ballard.  I don't know if this was the case with Keon, but I think his rift with the Leafs runs a little deeper than the fact that his number hasn't been retired. 

    I find it refreshing that Keon doesn't like the spotlight, its not often in (especially in the NHL), you see someone be themselves rather than giving the typical empty media friendly newspeak.  It remined me of when Jeff O'Neil told a handful of reporters that 'he's done with them' in training camp, that was great.

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