Not your average survey.

So what would you rather have…a new Ferrari or sex with a supermodel? For a million (tax free) dollars would you kiss a member of the same sex on the lips? How many of us have had these dumb conversations? All of us! So why not take these and parlay it into hockey terms?

I’m gonna throw out a few questions, answer honestly, maybe we’ll learn a little bit about each other, maybe we’ll be really creeped out by each other, maybe you’ll all think I’m a big dope!

Here goes…1. Would you kiss a member of the same sex (tounge and all) if it meant your team could go on an unprecidented run of Stanley Cup victories?

2. What would you rather have? Sex with the person you consider the hottest person in the world (Carmen Electra) or a chance to actually be a star player for the pro hockey for the team of your choice?

3. Your given a choice, amputatation of a finger (say the pinky) or your never allowed to watch hockey again. Which is it?

4. What would you rather do? Go toe to toe with George Laroque or have an anal probe performed on you by Michael Jackson?

5. Your on a life raft in the middle of the Pacific with your favorite NHL team and the person who will one day discover the cure for cancer (he’s really heavy). The life raft is going down, you have to throw one off. Who will it be?

6. For ten thousand dollars would you swear off hockey forever?

7.You find the woman (or man) of your dreams. Everything’s great, this person is great for you, their hot, funny, smart, rich. Everything’s great untill you find out she (or he) despises hockey and forbids you from watching it. Who goes?

8. What would you rather do. Thoroughly lick a cat’s butt for an hour straight or have your teams plane crash into the side of a mountain?

9. You have a choice…Your team will never have another winning season again or you have to bite the head off a live gopher?

10. Which do you choose? Meet your greatest hockey hero and vomit on them or in trying to meet them be arrested and publicly accused of stalking?

55 Responses to Not your average survey.

  1. titans says:

    Amazing how everyone has decided to find loop-holes around the questions! COWARDS!

  2. BabyLeaf says:

    Yes I am a women LOL

    But I’ll never understand the male gender’s fascination with lesbians. I’m not turned on by 2 guys, why are u turned on by 2 girls??

  3. rojoke says:

    Not cowards, just finding a different way to interpret the question. You said “winning season,” not .500 season.

  4. rojoke says:

    Then you’d like the rest of the song.

  5. matrix2003 says:

    I have, just been awile, can’t remember how it goes though.

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