Boston Rumors has them given up on making the playoff’s this year and soon a fire sale on the horizon if it stay’s as bad as it’s been for Boston this season.

And for the Rangers According to in Detroit

Darius Kasparaitis didn’t play after mildly spraining his knee in warm up’s bumping with Dominic Moore and had to be helped off the ice.

Do I smell a legend coming back to NYC?Leetch is on his last year on the contract in Boston…. where the team might look to fire sale some players soon.

Rangers could use someone still at the point on the power play to quarterback…

This might be the best chance for the Rangers to nab him, they don’t even have to sign him after this year. Just bring him back to give the Rangers a Shot in the arm.

It’s true if Kasparaitis goes down for a little over 4 weeks the Rangers could find themselves in a small amount of Defensive trouble.

The point on the Power play is still horrible. And Messier got lucky during his Retirement night that the rangers even won, because they gave up two shorthanded goals that almost cost them the respect for messier and the 2 points. How did they score those shorthanded goals? simple… No one on the Rangers can move the puck into the zone on the power play the right way without giving up a turnover. And what everyone knows is Leetch can get it in the zone when he’s in the zone.

Leetch and his Ranger Blue Blood will be the only fit right now for this team which lacks that Power play quarterback.

From what I know Pock will be given a chance to show what he has and from what most have told me he is a good young kid who can take the quarterback roll. But if he can’t over these next 2 weeks and Boston is still 10 points out of the last spot and struggling I can’t see why Leetch can’t be had for very little.