Note to the mis(un)informed

I’m kind of at a loss. For the life of me I cannot decipher why the majority of public opinion continues to not only favour the owners, but their support continues to grow. I, literally, spend at least an hour a day continually checking for updates on the lockout, albeit there’s been little to be updated on recently, just ask Mr.Bettman. I frequent probably 10 or 15 websites, message boards and newspapers from a pretty broad spectrum of north America and from what i gather there is a RIDICULOUSLY disproportionate number of people supporting the owners, whether this is due stictly to ignorance I’m not sure but I cannot fathom how an informed person who objectively views and researches the history, views, and proposals of each side of the fence can have sympathy for the rich owners, who made their millions before purchasing a franchise and who will continue to be millionaires hockey or no, and accuse the players, who play for a living, of being greedy. Case in point: it is the OWNERS holding out for more money, not the players, hence the term “lockout.”

Anyone who knows anything about the lockout is quick to admit that many clubs are hemmoraging money, including myself, where the conflict lies is exactly how and why they’re losing money. Why is the easier of the two so I’ll tackle that one. I think the problem with many owners is that they’re businessmen by nature, they think in terms of return on investment et al. They think that if they invest 100 mill in alexei yashin or 20 mill on marty lapointe they’ll get equal return on their investment. Note that it was the owners that pushed for these deals, not the gm’s. A few more examples of owners irresponsibility would be paul kariya’s second contract and the hurricanes offer to sergei fedorov when he was a rfa. If you were to research the recent history of notoriously bad contracts, you would see that the vast majority of these were initiated by the owners themselves, the same owners who parade the now famous bettman rhetoric of “cost certainty,” complain of outrageous contracts and escalating salaries.

Many people claim that arbitration is the reason for the rise in salaries. This is true to an extent. Arbitration in effect sets the market for certain types of players, for instance john leclairs landmark awarding of a 7 million/year in arbitration paved the way for jarome iginla and bill guerin to reel in comparable contracts. But the reason for this is simple, if Philadelphia had simply not accepted the arbitrators award, and other owners in turn realized that 7 million a year is too much for an aging power forward, that precedent is never set. I’ll be honest, when ya get down to the nuts and bolts of the lockout, i really couldn’t care less that bobby holik makes 9 million dollars a year or that jeremy jacobs won’t be happy no matter how much money he makes. I care when someone robs me of something i love, cap or no cap you can bet your beukeboom i’ll be back when the nhl resumes because a true hockey fan can never fill that void with anything else. Thank god for forums like these, it’s hard to find a soapbox that supports your own weight these days.