Nothing Will Happen Until Leafs Out of Contention

For the past few days and going back weeks we have all heard the countless stories and rumours to come out of Toronto on what will happen to our beloved Toronto Maple Leafs. Columnist like Damian Cox, Steve Simmons etc. have made outrageous predictions on who will coach or manage this team but personally I believe nothing will happen.

We’ve heard plenty of B/S feed to us like Richard Peddie call the hiring a mistake, and then saying how the team isnt going to make any outrageous decisions or “blow it up”. We’ve also heard John Ferguson say how he has full support of the board. We must understand that the only person who can change or trade anyone is Richard Peddie. As we all know he hired JFJ, he has overwhelming support from the Board and he has the “God” like position in MLSE.

So we can try to and come up with good trade ideas and trade away the whole team like we are playing NHL 08, we can fire the whole Coaching staff and management and blow this team up. At the end of the day though until the Leafs are dead last and are out of the playoffs will anything happen.

I dont necessarily blame Paul Maurice he is a good guy and is trying to win with what he has to work with. To some extent blame the players for not showing that pride and willing to play well wearing the blue and white. I dont even blame JFJ, because even thought i believe he should be replaced, he was just over spending like every past LEaf GM did. I blame the disfunctional family which is MLSE and how they took a historic franchise and plowed it into the ground.

Personally i think he can stay there, keep make as much precious dollars as you can for the teachers pention but let Hockey people run this team and put it back where it belongs. But mostly I feel sorry for us die hard fans who spend our hard working dollars to come and support this franchise from buying merchandise to paying for overpriced tickets to see a game. We are the ones who deserve some of that money back, we deserve cheaper ticket prices, we deserve to see a winning team after 40 Gruling years of putting up with mediocre to disasterous teams.

I could ask for us to petition or rebel against money stealing goons which are MLSE but unfortunately our voices as fans do not matter to the league or our beloved franchise and that is truly dissappointing.

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  1. sundin_500 says:

    Right on man, 1000 percent right

  2. leafy says:

    This is true, the ball is in Peddie's court.  It's what Peddie decides that will determine when JFJ is canned.

    On the other hand, can we presume that Peddie has lost credibility within the MLSE establishment because he was proven wrong on hiring JFJ?  If so, then maybe Peddie might be forced out and replaced with a new guy.  I'm hoping this is the case.

  3. Enigma says:

    It isn't overpriced if it keeps selling and leaf tickets keep selling. Hence no price drop is coming. My way of looking at it is the leafs are spending close to the cap. If i'm Peddie i'm wondering why the F=ck the team is where it is when they are spending that much. Wouldn't it make more sense if they spent less and were at the bottom of the standings instead of spending as much as they can and getting the same result as a cap floor team ? That's why I fire Ferguson if i'm Richard.
    As a fan though i'd want both Richard and Ferguson to be fired. I was hoping for that in the summer, I even rooted for the islanders to win, because had the leafs got in the playoffs, it wouldn't have mattered, they would've been swept. Unfortunately it didn't matter that they missed the playoffs 'cuz fergie came back anyway.

  4. Enigma says:

    I think Peddie admitted to hiring Rob Bab***** (former raptors gm) as a mistake too. Hiring 2 gm's in 2 different sports and then calling them mistakes is good enough reason to get fired in my opinion. Too bad MlSE doesn't work that way though.

  5. AntropovGoodIToldUSo says:

    Tell me something I don't know already.

  6. masterm666 says:

    This is what every real leaf fan has been thinking/saying for the lifetime that the leafs have been blown away. MLSE needs to sit back and make their money and allow someone with real hockey knowledge to come in and turn this team around
    sign wellwood long term and build around the young guys.

  7. broc says:

    The real dog Benji had a stunt double- Alfie- for his movie Benji Gets Lost in the Woods.

  8. NHLSlayer says:

    The best way to fix the Toronto Maple Leafs isn't going to happen.

    What SHOULD happen, is that the team calls a press conference, and announces the firings of BOTH John Ferguson Jr. and Richard Peddie.  Replace them both with a talented hockey mind to be President and General Manager, at least until proper interviews can be done for a permanent GM.  Bowman would have been ideal, but he wanted this done in the summer.  Had the Leafs removed both Peddie and Ferguson in July, Bowman would be the boss there right now.  Now, I'm not even sure he'd be interested in the job anymore.

    But, nothing will change on the JFJ front until the media turns it's attention away from Ferguson, and starts putting the blame where it belongs, with the man who hired him.  Once the local sports hacks start to harp about how Peddie needs to be shown the door, once he finds himself a target, Peddie will do what he does best:  Fire the GM and hire another retard.

  9. Sojourner says:

    "But mostly I feel sorry for us die hard fans who spend our hard working dollars to come and support this franchise from buying merchandise to paying for overpriced tickets to see a game."

    "I could ask for us to petition or rebel against money stealing goons which are MLSE but unfortunately our voices as fans do not matter to the league or our beloved franchise and that is truly dissappointing."

    You may not have realized it but you just outlined EXACTLY what is wrong with this franchise. Can we blame MLSE, JFJ the players an so forth? Yes, to an extent, but if you want to get to the root of the problem just read that first quote I copied then take a look in the mirror. Now read the second quote. Do our voices matter? Not one bit my friend. Your loudest voice comes from your wallet in the form of little pieces of coloured paper adorned with pictures of monarchs and politicians.  If you stop wasting (not spending) your money on the Leafs then maybe the bean counters will have reason to stop and actually think through how they can properly run this franchise so that it can succeed not only in the accounting dept. but on the ice where it matters to US!  If you buy a jug of milk and take a drink and it's sour do you keep on drinking it?  No, you stop and wait for the store to bring in a fresh delivery, or perhaps you switch to OJ until fresh milk arrives, catch my drift?  Ghandi said "You must be the change you want to see in the world." and while hockey is much more trivial than anything he was refering to the principle of the statement remains true.  I cancelled Leafs TV after the WSH embarassment, won't wear my jersey nor buy any new merchandise and have even turned down FREE tickets because nothing would make me happier than seeing the upper bowl of the ACC empty (we all know the lower bowl will always be full of suits, at least for the first 2 periods) because it would show that Leaf fans are finally trying to make a REAL statement.   

  10. Sojourner says:

    Just a little addendum to those who would claim I'm not faithful to my team.  As the saying goes, if you love something then let it go.  I truly believe that by pulling FINANCIAL support (I still watch every non-Leafs TV game and hope for the best) for the team we can exact change in the upper ranks of the franchise as it is clear that money is their main motivation in owning this team, NOT love for the game, NOT recognizing the passion of the fans, NOT being a part of the rich history of the blue and white.  To all those who think that they are helping the team in any way shape or form by buying merchandise and/or tickets…give your f*ckin' head a shake.

  11. 40grulingyears says:

    I'll quote my statement "us die hard fans who spend our hard working dollars to come and support this franchise from buying merchandise to paying for overpriced tickets to see a game" i was refering to most die hards. Because i dont own Leafs TV, and never have, i think its just a scam to rip you off of some more money, and when i got a free prevew of it they kept repeating the same crap shows ove and over. Even thought now they are trying to play more Leafs games on it.

    I dont buy jersey, the only jersey i own is a Felix Potvin jersey from the 93-94 team. I live in London and when the lock-out happened i turned away from the NHL and really turned to the London Knights, they play more competative hockey and try to win every year. The arena is packed every night and they value us fans.

    I've had oppertunities to go to free games, but id rather not waste my time. This franchise is very dear to me but since the lock-out hasn't really showed it really cares. So u can call me a leaf-hater or a B*tch but like ive said countless times, until they show me they want to win not just overhaul piles of cash, I'll put money in supporting this franchise.

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