NYI to be sellers

The Brooklyn Eagle reporting:

Mike Milbury & Coach Shaw stated after the Olympic break that the Isles needed to pocket 8 out of 10 potential points over the five games leading to the trade deadline. Hitting this total of 8 points would determine if the Isles would be buyers or sellers at the deadline. Following the loss last night to Washington, the best they could hit would be six points over the five games and therefore are now going to be sellers.

NYI have Parrish, Hunter, Kvasha & York set to become unrestricted free agents at the end of the year. Shawn Bates would have been, but re-signed with NYI earlier this week. All of the four look like they are going to go somewhere. Depends on how much they want to sell. Hunter is the only other one they will likely re-sign out of the group of unrestricteds.

Parrish has been shopped around most of the season. Buyers of Parrish could be MTL or TOR, but VAN could be in the mix if Bertuzzi moves early. BUF had also been in discussion regarding Parrish, but those talks cooled when he didn’t see much ice time in Turino under his old coach Peter Laviolette.

Don’t be surprised if the Isles move Kavasha for a small price tag (ATL) or if Asham (PHI) goes for a second round pick.