NYI to be sellers

The Brooklyn Eagle reporting:

Mike Milbury & Coach Shaw stated after the Olympic break that the Isles needed to pocket 8 out of 10 potential points over the five games leading to the trade deadline. Hitting this total of 8 points would determine if the Isles would be buyers or sellers at the deadline. Following the loss last night to Washington, the best they could hit would be six points over the five games and therefore are now going to be sellers.

NYI have Parrish, Hunter, Kvasha & York set to become unrestricted free agents at the end of the year. Shawn Bates would have been, but re-signed with NYI earlier this week. All of the four look like they are going to go somewhere. Depends on how much they want to sell. Hunter is the only other one they will likely re-sign out of the group of unrestricteds.

Parrish has been shopped around most of the season. Buyers of Parrish could be MTL or TOR, but VAN could be in the mix if Bertuzzi moves early. BUF had also been in discussion regarding Parrish, but those talks cooled when he didn’t see much ice time in Turino under his old coach Peter Laviolette.

Don’t be surprised if the Isles move Kavasha for a small price tag (ATL) or if Asham (PHI) goes for a second round pick.

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  1. Kraftster says:

    I’m not so sure Asham warrants the surrendering of a 2nd round pick. Especially from a team like Philly, who hardly NEEDS to add him to the lineup. I think Parrish’s value will benefit from the lack of any sort of abundance of sellers this year. Personally, watching Leclair’s play of late, I think that for what a team would have to give up for Leclair and Parrish respectively, Leclair is the better playoff/rental player. Parrish has a mere 4 goals and 8 points in his 21 career playoff games, and Leclair’s game has really been pretty good lately.

  2. SensDude says:

    What is surprising about this, this so called trade of last night. Like I have said in the other one, 2 french newspapers saying Parrish in Mtl for Craig Rivet.

    Now when I was going to work an hour ago, I was listening this radio station in Ottawa, there was a done deal between mtl and Islanders. Players on that trade are.

    To Mtl: York, Parrish, *Yashin

    * would surprise me if he lands in mtl .

    to NYI: Bulis, Reibero, Souray, 2nd round pick

    seems like we will ear everything till it’s over.

  3. toronto77 says:

    Toronto?, they need someone decent to play with sundin or else it’s good bye playoffs. Even if the leafs lose tonight i still think they can catch the habs if the leafs get someone to play with sundin like a roberts type player. This is the one thing the leafs have to focus on who is going to play on the top line, not a player who going to make a little bit of a difference, if the leafs do win they will still be behind montreal and a player like parrish can’t help catch mtl, but i wouldn’t mind him if we get a top line winger.

  4. The-President says:

    If thats true i feel deeply sorry for the Canadiens

  5. The-President says:

    Wake up and accept the reality, The Leafs are done, its not worth picking players up, they must sell this deadline.

  6. trailerparkboys says:

    If they lose tonight they will be 10 points back.

    give in and take a lesson from the rangers sell sell sell.

    I like to think that the leaf fans will not come down on management. because it worked for Slats.

    Its been 60 years since they won the cup whats 5 more.

    Bubbles out…….

  7. Marky2Fresh says:

    They are finished for the year. Poor management at the start of the year is the reason. They could have had both Roberts and Newy for about 3.25 mil but JFJ wouldn’t give them the .25

  8. SensDude says:

    hmmm a rebuilding takes more than that. I would say another 10 years to be in the top 5 teams in the league.

    They never been a contender since there last cup, sure they went a couple of times in the East final, just because they were lucky.

  9. wingerxxx says:

    That’s something of a flash of the obvious. The one guy they need to hang onto is Mike York. He is a quality player, and they need to make an effort to retain him. I’d love to have him back as a Ranger. I’m still peeved that Slats traded him. Kvasha can go, Hunter should be kept if he can agree to a good contract. Hopefully Milbury won’t be totally fleeced when he deals Parrish.

    Asham will not go for a 2nd round pick. I will refer to the Alex Kovalev to MTL deal in 03/04. He was traded for a prospect and a 2nd rd. pick. There is no way that a 3rd-4th line grinder is worth as much as Kovalev is. It takes a quality player to bring a high pick in return.

  10. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Trade a defenseman (that we are desperately in need of) for 2 forwards? Somehow I don’t think this is ever gonna happen.

    P.S.- Wang can keep Yashin. We don’t want him and his 7.6/yr contract. Even for an 8th rounder, that’s still too much.

  11. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Leafs catch the Habs? Not. The Leafs better get gas masks, cause for the rest of the season they’ll be sucking in exhaust fumes from the habs as we pull away.

  12. WangKumar says:

    I also like York, but I just cannot see him re-signing with the isles. If you were a coveted player and you knew that many teams would be interested in you as a free agent, why would you want to play for a team where Yashin takes up nearly 25% of the cap when you can basically take your pick? What I am saying is that unless the isles know for sure they can resign him, they should try to get something in return.

    I agree with your Asham assesment. He, at best, is a 4th round pick. I still cannot believe Mad Mike got a 2nd roundr for Niinimaa.

    On a side note, I just want to opine that more so than any other poster on this website, you consistently offer great analysis from an objective standpoint and unlike many others, you have never called anyone “stupid” or used the canadian favorite, “that must be some good crack you are smoking”. I must commend you, eventhough you are a rangers fan.

  13. nova_scotia123 says:

    Common, I think Asham is probley worth atleast a first round pick. ……. just in case you didn’t hear me laugh with sarcasium….HAHAHHAHAHA

  14. wingerxxx says:

    Thanks for the compliment. I always try to be objective, even though it’s very hard sometimes! I can be brutally honest sometimes, but it’s usually in regards to something posted on here that is just outlandish. Look at it this way, when teams like the Devils, Flyers, Isles, and Pens are doing well, it makes for some fantastic hockey with the Rangers. It’s why I actually prefer for those teams to be strong. When your rivals are good teams, it means your team has to step up and make themselves better. It would be nice if every team could do well.

  15. trailerparkboys says:

    How long did it take the rangers?

  16. skidragoon says:

    Can someone pls explain to me why VAN wants to trade Bertuzzi?!?

  17. SensDude says:

    Euhh this is there 1st good season in 7 yearsssss, lets’s see if they can keep up in the next 3 years, then, we could say there contenders every year and in the top 5 in the league…right now they may be in the top 10…if you look the standings yeah there top 5 but there a lucky team…NYJ had a bad beginning, Philly have lots of injuries and that’s it.

  18. nyrules11 says:

    once I read York is a UFA, I immediately though of if we could have room to take him.

    I’d probably pick him up if Rucchin and Rucinsky are gone. Unless of course Immonen is ready to step up.

  19. NYIGoalie23 says:

    Why do people keep bringing up Yashin in trades? Do you see his salary? or how he plays? They couldn’t pay a team to take him off the isles hands.

  20. DCB17 says:

    York, Kvasha and Hunter are all Group II Restricted. In 2006, 29 years old or eight years of NHL service qualifys for Group III, and they don’t meet any of the Group V or VI criteria. Hunter is 26, the others are 28. Kvasha has 7 years, York 6, and Hunter 3. The only NHL-level UFAs NYI has left are Bouchard and Parrish……but you can have Kvasha. I require a big bag of NEW pucks in return….and they’d better be new :-).

  21. cecilturtle says:

    As a Rangers fan… I always liked Joel Bouchard. I think he would be the pefect “depth” type player the team could use as a 7th d-man going into the playoffs. Bouchard could be just like Doug Lidster in 1994 for the Blueshirts. If a defenceman goes down in the playoffs? Bouchard has the ability to come right in and play any and every roll solidly without hurting the team. But what is most Important to the Rangers is… Bouchard should come pritty cheep? Maybe a 4th or 5th round pick? I think he is a Unrestricted Free Agent at seasons end, so I cant see the Isles asking for too much? But I guess that all depends on the mood Mike Milbury is in that day?

    Cecil Turtle

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