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March 5, 2003 — With the trade deadline coming up Tuesday, Glen Sather wouldn’t mind chatting with Craig Button. Problem is, the Calgary GM isn’t the easiest man for Sather to reach, even with an inventory of players that might interest the Ranger$.

“The guy doesn’t return his calls, and I’ve told him that in front of people at the GM’s meetings,” Sather, mildly exasperated, said yesterday when asked whether he’d been in recent contact with the Flames. “It’s just amazing to me that in this business, a general manager wouldn’t return phone calls promptly, let alone that it’s simply not polite.”

It’s anybody’s guess whether the unusual strategy Sather employed yesterday to flush out Button will prove successful, but the Rangers are looking to upgrade on the wing and on their PK unit. The Flames have fielded numerous inquiries regarding Craig Conroy, Stephane Yelle and Martin Gelinas (not to mention Jarome Iginla, Chris Drury and defenseman Bob Boughner), each of whom would fit the profile.

We understand, however, that Bob Clarke has been able to contact Button. A well-placed source yesterday told The Post that the Flames and Flyers have had “serious” conversations about a deal that would send Iginla to the Flyers in exchange for Simon Gagne, Red Deer defenseman Jeff Woywitka, who was the 27th overall selection in the 2001 Entry Draft, and a first-round draft pick. Calgary coach Darryl Sutter has expressed his adamant opposition to the hypothetical trade.

The Post has learned from a trustworthy informant that Sather – or in his stead, assistant GM Don Maloney – is negotiating with Columbus GM Doug MacLean, who has made 31-year-old impending Group III winger Geoff Sanderson (24-23-47) available to the Rangers, but wants 26-year-old Radek Dvorak, just now finding his game, as the return.

It’s a deal the Rangers should not make.


Sather said that Vladimir Malakhov had suffered no more than a bruised left shoulder as a result of Monday’s first-period collision with Jason Blake that forced the defenseman to miss all but the first 10 minutes of the Islander game, and would be regarded as a maybe for Friday’s Garden match against the Flyers.

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  1. maynard says:

    it still amazes me that a team that is not going to make the playoffs is still trying to aquire players, the Rangers should be contracted, just get rid of them they are a disease.

  2. mikster says:

    Button not recalling calls means that he is concentrating on one or two teams and will soon make a trade. I say it involves Drury to the Devils, and maybe Iginla to the Flyers. Clarke said he isn’t trading Gagne. Isn’t that what he said about Brendl?

    If anything the Rangers would either get Gelinas or Boughner from the Flames.

    Iginla for Gagne and Woywitka? Fair deal, very fair…and a true hockey trade. I don’t know why Flyers fans are crying for Gagne when they could get a 25 year old franchise player who would fit perfectly with the Flyers. He will be the key guy once Leclair is gone. Don’t you guys get it?

    I’ll be happy if the Flyers get Iginla. That way hockey fans won’t cry anymore with the Rangers getting involved.

    I wouldn’t mind Sanderson on the Rangers, they need a 2nd line LW’er. Geoff is not so old, 31, and wouldn’t be worth a whole lot trade value wise. Radek Dvorak for Sanderson? Not too crazy about it….since Dvorak is just starting to skate, yet not 100% yet. He is still young, still has upside. However, i’d rather take Whitney instead.

  3. mikster says:

    Go tell your mamma that, wuss.

  4. DaMick says:

    Since im a Nyer…

    i realize 3 things here in ny…

    one = the weather is extreme here [from really cold in jan to really humid in Aug]

    two= Pizza rules here

    three= The NY Post is a rag…..and anything put in it..shouldnt be taken serious…ESPECIALLY if its from Larry “i have well placed sources as opposed to badly made up ones ” Brooks.

    i read sometimes as a joke..

    its the Daily Enquirer

    HTR’s resident RangerHater & LeafBasher


  5. Glen says:

    I think the upcoming game between the Flyers and Rangers will decide if the Rangers have any hope of making the playoffs. It will be a huge boost if they can beat the Flyers. I doubt it will happen, but I’m kinda pulling for the Rangers. CECHMANEK FOR VEZINA!!!!!

  6. FL-Flyer says:

    I would trade Gagne for Jarome faster than Sather spends New Yorks money. I feel Jarome plays more of a Philly style physical game than Gagne and I also feel that Gagne would do better out West. I think that deal is a very solid hockey deal and since we have Pitkanen still amoung others we would still be deep in defense prospects. Please Clarke get this done ! You can build a franchise around a guy like jarome.

  7. Pock says:

    bet you wouldnt mind too much if you were a rangers fan trying to find to missing piece to what could be the best team in the league

  8. Tradedude says:

    Button isn’t returning calls because he’s too chicken shit to say “NO!” to clarke on trading iginla!

    thats just my say

  9. Pock says:

    I think your right about Drury to the devs, devils are if Calgary tonight, they’ll be alot of talk there, but unlike before i don’t think the devils are too willing to move Gomez now that hes playing to his potential just wish they’d put him Elias and Gionta back together

  10. Tradedude says:

    2 thumbs up for pizza

  11. titans says:

    The New York Post is as reliable as Peroni on a bender!! Gimmie a break! Lemme guess…TheFourthPeriod.com is also reporting this as well?? Ugghhh.

  12. mikster says:

    Burns is misusing Gomez, Scotty said it himself.

  13. mikster says:

    No, pizza here sucks, go to Rome (Naples has the best but i consider it Africa) and then you know what pizza is and should be like.

  14. mikster says:

    Sometimes i feel like i should strangle you to death.

    🙂 that came from my heart.

  15. titans says:

    It came from your heart?? Well then I’m touched…really…well no, not really.

  16. Hockeyguy9 says:

    I understand why the New York Rangers want to make this trade but it isnt realistic to me at all. Their philosophy on how to build a championship team is a bust they should just hold a sale and rack up some good young talent from contending teams. They have to learn that using their money will not win them anything in the NHL. I just love it when their team loses game after game because maybe one day they will realize that changes need to be made. I agree w/ the person who posted earlie the Rangers are a disease.

  17. beckfan says:

    Yeah, pizza has lost its luster here in N.Y. I think its because of A. in the city, too many fucking sand monkeys make it now and B. whatever Italians that are left making it are too fucking cheap and put out a greasy thin product. I should open up my own pizzaria!!

  18. Glen says:

    No kidding!!

    Gagne out west would be a good thing too. Gagne Drury on the same line!!!

  19. Glen says:

    He’s gay. He parks his ass on the corner of the washing machine during spin cycle.

  20. beckfan says:

    What game is Dvorak finding?! The ” I still cant score, get knocked off the puck easilly and cant handle a pass” game?!

  21. titans says:

    Peroni likes spin cycle and me, I prefer “A heavy load” if ya know what I mean=:)

  22. bossman says:

    I think the Rangers, even though they throw out a lot of money, have gone in a better direction with their latest trade for Alexei Kovalev. They have finally gone to get a somewhat younger player, which is a change from their usual retirement home look.

    Getting Iginla would be huge but I can’t see the Flames trading Iginla to anyone. Reason being…it’s like committing franchise suicide. Will the Flames fans (the 5 that are left over) stay to watch an Iginla-less hometown team? Probably not.

    A deal involving either Chris Drury, Bob Boughner or Craig Conroy will probably be done in the next couple of days. If the Flames can get a good return for any of these guys (first rounders, young NHLers, or top prospects) then Craig Button should pick up the phone and talk into the bottom end and say “Yes, I will make the deal.” The Flames need to rebuild (yet again) and hope for next year.

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