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The trade deadline is approaching and although it’s going to be tough, the rangers have a lot of problems they need to address. First off they need to find a way to shed some salary to help the team now and also in the future as key young assets are in their contract years. Secondly, within doing that they need to better their offensive production and solve at the very least either getting a dman that can run the powerplay or a dman can can actually play their position and help shut teams down. In order to have a legit shot at making any of this happening trades may have to include receiving players that will be free after this season or including prospects or draft picks. So here’s a few reasonable possible trades that may work.

To NYR:O’Sullivan 2 years left at 2.95
Frolov 1 year left at 2.9
Preissing 2 years left at 2.75
Total 8.6
To LA:Gomez 5 years left at 7.35
Rozival 3 years left at 5.0
Dawes RFA
Draft pick if necassary
Total 12.35
This trade may work because although there is a lot of salary going to LA there is some talent there and they did want Gomez 2 summers ago. LA is not one of the teams struggling financialy so they would be able to take it and if its questionable, throwing a second round pick that the rangers can afford to lose could get it done. If not, take Frolov out and I don’t see how it isn’t at least possible. Either way, the rangers get younger, probably better, and get out of their horrible cap situation.

To NYR:McDonald prefably or Tkachuk, both FA
To STL:Gomez 5 years at 7.35
Again this is possible because STL has the cap space. They get a center that is still young and will have for sure for years where both possible guys coming back are free and Tkachuk may possibly retire and McDonald may walk. The rangers can try to sign him, and if they do he’ll match Gomez’s production but even if they don’t it still helps with the cap issue and they have drury, who hopefully picks it up, and dubinsky to move up.

To NYR:Spezza 7 years left at 7.0
Kuba 3.0 this year, UFA
Total: 10.0
To OTW:Gomez 5 years left at 7.35
Rozival 3 years left at 5.0
Corey Potter
1st round draft pick
Total: 12.35
I know this one is a little far fetched because of the amount of money going to Ottawa but its worth a try…

To NYR:Koistinen .7 UFA
Zanon .725 UFA
To NSH:Rozival 3 years at 5.0
prospect like Potter and/or 2nd round draft pick
At the very least, the rangers get 2 good guys who can play defense well to sure their corp up before the playoffs. Their both free after this year so at least nashville gets something for them and I know their having revenue problems but it’s possible.

Ok so it’s pretty obvious who I think the rangers should get rid of and maybe prospects might be needed to be included in a couple more of these, but the rangers can afford that at this point because they have grown a few players on the team now and if they don’t clear space they are going to lose those players after this year. And even with all their high priced players now they are no where near good enough to make it through the playoffs.

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  1. Classic says:

    Nobody wants Rozival.

  2. jus93paq says:

    I would take Rozsival (4 yrs 5mil cap hit) over Redden (5 yrs 6.5 mil cap hit) any day. Rozsival had a tough start, in his last 10 games he has 2-5-7pts and is a +2. Redden in his last 10 games is 0-2-2 pts and -2.

  3. jus93paq says:

    To NYR:O'Sullivan 2 years left at 2.95, 23 yrs old 10-16-26, +2
               Frolov 1 year left at 2.9, 26 yrs old 20-11-31, -1
               Preissing 2 years left at 2.75, 30 yrs old 3-4-7, -7
    To LA:Gomez 5 years left at 7.35, 29 yrs old 9-23-32, -9
             Rozival 3 years left at 5.0, 30 yrs old 7-17-24, -9
             Dawes RFA, 23 yrs old 8-8-16, +4
             Draft pick if necassary

    IMO, this could be a possible trade if LAK are willing to take on the extra 3.75 mil salary. Frolov – O'sullivan – Preissing account for 61 pts on the season while Gomez – Dawes – Rozsival  account for 72. I know this would suck for the Rangers but what if they were to use Paul Mara as trade bait? Hes a great team player, but will be unaffordable next year for the Rangers with their current financial predicament.

  4. Lundqvistrocks says:

    As a ranger fan who watches every game it is frustrating to see how this team has let the huge lead they jumped off too at the begining of the season slip away and it is also frustrating to know that our general manager is also watchng this decreasing play and has yet to try and solve the problem before it becomes to late and we're not even in the playoff picture anymore. The rangers just need some simple moves to help them now and in the future.

    To NYR: Sheldon Souray
    To EDM: Scott Gomez and maybe a low draft choice or mid level prospect

    EDM has shown intrest in Gomez and Sather has some relations with GM Kevin Lowe

    To NYR: Marian Gaborik and Marc Andre Bergeron
    To MIN: Rosival, prucha, Anisimov, and a 1st or 2nd

    MIN is not going to be able to resign gaborik and because of his injury this also brings his trade value down. Bergeron has 17 (which is the same as Redden) but he makes 5 million less than him. This would give the rangers deadly point shots on the PP in Souray and Bergeron.

    To NYR: Bill Guerin
    To NYI: 2nd,3rd, Cory Potter, Dan Fristche, Brodie Dupount

    Bill Guerin would just be a great pick to close out the trades needed to make this team a contender in the playoffs again.

    Lastly after all of these moves the rangers would send Wade Redden and Aaron Voros through waviers to the minors. The rangers line up would then look like so.




    By making these moves the rangers shed roughly 4 million in cap space so if they wanted they could add somone else before the deadline if they felt it was necesary. And when the seasons over you can let Guerin and his 4.5 million contract go and Kalinin at 2.1 and resign the key parts like your young stars.

  5. Gardenfaithful says:

    i feel your pain as i got center ice to watch every ranger game while away at school in nh, good jobs on the trades. i like it

  6. K-Mill says:

    I am also a Rangers fan and i like everything but getting rid of Gomez. I would rather Drury be gone he is a good captain but not playing that great. We could give Gomez or Naslund the C they are both great captains.

  7. K-Mill says:

    As a Rangers fan i can say that will solve no problems other than the spezza one that will never happen because all the other players you put are pretty much the same they produce the same as the guys we have.

  8. trueblue says:

    Hi  I just want to say that the first guys suggestions are really off the wall and stretching.  I like your first suggestion of gomez for souray, but then we have no set up centerman.  I would never make the second trade you suggested…. it reminded me of when neil smith was the gm and traded away the future every year!  No way to anisimov and a 1st or 2nd rounder… plus bergeron is good offensively but he is the worst defensively….far worse than roszival… he could of been making the bucks already, but no one will keep him let alone offer him the money….it realy would make our d worse…if anything we need a stay at home bruiser who can generate a good first outlet pass….maybe boris valabik.

  9. Gardenfaithful says:

    yea but the point is they all cost a lot less so it gives us money to be able to resign young players who are free after this season like zherdev, dubinsky, callahan, and dawes. thats the whole point cuz the caps going down next year and they have less than a million as it is

  10. Lundqvistrocks says:

    Really if Bergeron is so bad defensively then why does he have a better plus/minus then half of our defensemen now? Not to mention coming to NY would bring that plus minus up as Lundqvist will make some saves allowing very few goals a game. The point is that we can get the same amount of talent if not better for less cost. And this trade would not be trading away the future because for one Gaborik and Bergeron are still in their 20's and two our future players are the ones playing for us now that if we dont make some of these moves we are going to lose after this season and Third i would take the proven young players like Dubinsky,Dawes, Staal, and Callahan over the prospects future unknown picks anyday and by making these moves i am not giving up any of those proven young players just the players and picks you think will be good.  And to address the stay at home defensemen i would ask for Strudwick back from EDM in that trade for Gomez. He was always good with the rangers and very physical. Then after this year you can finally bring saguinetti up.

  11. NHLman says:

    I would favor a radical change because as currently constituted I don't believe this Rangers team can win the Cup, but I don't think Sather is willing or has the ability to do so. During the offseason, once it was decided that Jagr would not be resigned I wanted to see a young team iced, because frankly I would not mind them "tanking" the season if it meant drafting Tavares. More so, however, I thought the Rangers were at a cross-roads this offseason; I believed their young players were probably a year away from putting it all together. Additionally, there were no marquee franchise players available this offeason, so rather than plug the holes with overpriced veterans (Redden, Rozsival, and Naslund) I would have rather seen young players fill the roster so that the team would be financially flexible.

    I don't believe there will be any salary dumps/fire sales as long as the Rangers are in playoff contention because if that happens Sather will be admitting his mistakes, making him look bad. Honestly, I hope there is a new GM and head coach coming, assuming the Stanley Cup isn't won, because I think Sather and Renney have been given ample time to showcase their ability and have not overwhelmed. This trade deadline will probably be the same as recent ones: a minor move.

    Sather has simply made terrible decisions over the last few seasons such as not resigning Petr Sykora, not going after Zdeno Chara and Marc Savard when they were free agents, signing Redden instead of Mark Streit this offseason, and signing Gomez and Drury to such ridiculous contracts. Had Sather signed Savard instead of Gomez (I know they were free agents in different years) he would have saved about $2 million off the cap and would have a more productive player. Chara makes less than $1 million more than Redden I think, need I say more? Mark Streit is proving to be the powerplay QB we needed and is paid less than Redden. Gomez and Drury have not been as advertised. Petr Sykora has put been productive.

    With all that said, if Sather isn't going to imrpove the team's cap situation for the coming seasons the team needs two pieces to become Stanley Cup contenders in my mind: the first legitimate physically punishing defender since Jeff Beukaboom and a top 6 forward.

    If Anaheim is indeed looking to move Chris Pronger the Rangers ought to find a way to get him:

    I would suggest

    To NYR:
    Chris Pronger ($6.25 million)

    To Anaheim:
    Rozsival or Redden ($5 million, $6.5 million respectively
    2nd or 3rd Rd pick
    Dane Byers

    Anaheim would get slighlty younger players in Rozsival or Redden, but more importantly they are signed beyond Pronger's contract providing some certainty. Dane Byers is an Anaheim type of player, a young big physical forward. The pot could be sweetened for sure.

    Ed Jovanovski, Brendan Witt, Denis Gauthier, and perhaps Scott Hannan if Colorado falls out of the playoffs would be other options.

    In my mind Ilya Kovalchuk would be a perfect fit for the Rangers he would probably mesh well with Gomez and could serve as a point man on the powerplay

    To NYR:
    Ilya Kovalchuk ($6.4 million)

    To Atl:
    Markus Naslund ($4 million)
    Petr Prucha  ($1.6 million)
    1st Rnd pick
    Dan Fritsche ($0.875 million)
    Greg Moore
    PA Parenteau

    This would work cap wise which is big. Naslund would be a good veteran presence for what will probably be a very young Atlanta team once the trade deadline comes, but is there mostly to balance out salaries. Petr Prucha is a young player who has had a 30-goal season and could probably use a change of scenery, like a coach that believes in him. Dan Fritsche is another young player that needs playing time. Greg Moore and Parenteau are also young forwards with upside. Atlanta might not want to take back Naslund though, if Kovalchuk is even available during the deadline. Of course, you never know what Atlanta will be looking for in return.

  12. the_word says:

    Choosing between between Redden and Rozsival's contracts would be like choosing between drinking from a toilet or drinking from an unsanitary toilet.

  13. the_word says:

    Like most of the deals, the only problem is you give up so many draft picks that you force your GM to commit the same problem NYR always does, handouting out ridiculous contracts on the UFA market. Waive Redden to sign another Redden? As a Leafs fan I feel your pain, these deals remind me of the JFJ days.

  14. broc says:

    I think you have to ask yourself… why would Atlanta do that trade?
    A: They wouldn't.

    If the Thrashers trade Kovalchuk, they're going to be rebuilding. They won't want an old dude with salary like Naslund, or underachieving Prucha.  The  1st rdr is a start, but will be low. Fritsche they would probably take. NYR would probably want a package of picks, Marc Staal, and other good prospects for Kovi. ATL simply wouldn't want those other players, and other teams will easily offer better packages for Kovalchuk.

    Same with that Pronger deal. The Ducks are already near the cap limit. They won't trade one of the best Dmen in Pronger, with a fair contract hit, for overpaid long term crap like Roz or Redden. Huge salary dumps with a couple small draft picks for top players like Kovi/Pronger is not going to happen to the NYR. Come on.

  15. paulieplatypus says:

    I don't get what your complaining about?  The Rangers have one of the youngest teams in hockey and have a very good record.  Sather has done a great job with the $$$ cap and he will have no problem signing all his free agents next year.  As for the way Sather and Renney (as well as many others who help them) run their minor league and developmental program(s)…No team has done a better job!  The Rangers are just stacked with good young talent who are just about to make the jump to the NHL level.

    The few veterans the Rangers do have on their Roster make every one around them better, especially the young players.  Which has been a major factor in their very impressive development.  For example; Girardi playing with Redden and Staal playing with Rozsival…  Staal and Girardi are playing as good if not better than most other top tier d-men in the league…and they are certainly going to continue to get better playing with Redden, Staal, and even Mara, over the long term.  Gomez and Drury are also both very good all around players, who except for Naslund, have been playing with only young players.  Making them much much better as well. 

    Right now the Rangers are playing great hockey and are doing so by playing mostly young players with just a handfull of veterans.  Please don't wory about losing any free agents or young players, Sather has done a much much much better job with the salary cap than any other NHL GM has since the lockout!  What you believe the Rangers are going to speculatively pay their UFA's & RFA's, is not anywhere close to what Slats will end up having to sign them $$$ for! 

  16. NHLman says:

    Last year Pittsburgh got Hossa and Pascal Dupuis for a 1st, Colby Armstrong, Erik Christensen, and Angelo Esposito. You're going to tell me that Dan Fritsche and Petr Prucha aren't at least comparable to, if not better than Christensen and Armstrong? Look at their stats, there is only one player among those 4 that has ever scored 20 goals or more in a season and that is Petr Prucha, who has done it twice (30, 22). Plus, Fritsche is the youngest of the 4 (23 years old), while Petr Prucha is the same age as Armstrong (26) and Christensen is 25 years old. Greg Moore (to be 25) and PA Parenteau (to be 26) are both playing in the AHL, but are promising and would probably be in the lineup of a weaker team. Furthermore, Esposito is a nice name, but really only a mid-level prospect, see hockeysfuture.com's evaluation. Also remember that Dupuis was also included in that trade, while my trade is for only Kovalchuk. Based on all this I would say it is a plausible trade, granted, like I said, it would likely require some tinkering, e.g. sub Nigel Dawes for Greg Moore.

  17. trueblue says:

    You are right and i would think it wise to stay put instead of selling the best of the youth!  After all the Rangers are a legitimate contender this year the way they are!  I think some smaller moves that fill any gaps is what you mor likely see….possibly trading fritsche and/or prucha and maybe even potter for an upgrade while maintaining cap balance somewhat.  And trust me, if they trade those young players it wont be for an old veteran or someone who is ufa after this season.  Slats has done a good job rebuilding this team…he's not going to let it go to hell all of the sudden right now and pull off an a la neil smith type trade.

  18. trueblue says:

    bergeron has always been an offensivley minded dman who neglects the d part of the game….he would not fit in with the rangers team ethic on play!
    Plus/minus stat does not tell the whole story all the time…even though he does have a -5 currently.  lets face it…he is not a shut down defender like girardi or staal who can play against the other teams best players!

  19. Gardenfaithful says:

    how are any of the trades proposed selling the future? Besides a couple of drafts picks, theyre not that at all. And everyone needs to open their eyes and see the rangers have less than a million in cap space, the cap is going down next year, and 5 of the younger players on the roster now and free agents after this year. u do the math. were going to lose them if they dont do something.

  20. trueblue says:

    LA wont trade for gomez even though they may have wanted him two years ago….they picked up jared stoll from edmonton and ther wouldnt give ny frolov and o'sullivan…..i would pull the trigger in a second to move roszival even though i would miss gomer…. that would be an easy fix…..just bring up anisimov who is ready in just a year and a half and waiting for his moment and getting better as time goes by!  The only player that would be missed is dawes and i wouldnt want to part with him so easily… he is going to be something special with more nhl seasoning! 

    But you never know…i just dont think it will happen… i think sather will move prucha and something else like potter….voros….a pick….and if he really wants to get a top notch player in return then maybe sanguinetti.

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