NYR Solutions

The trade deadline is approaching and although it’s going to be tough, the rangers have a lot of problems they need to address. First off they need to find a way to shed some salary to help the team now and also in the future as key young assets are in their contract years. Secondly, within doing that they need to better their offensive production and solve at the very least either getting a dman that can run the powerplay or a dman can can actually play their position and help shut teams down. In order to have a legit shot at making any of this happening trades may have to include receiving players that will be free after this season or including prospects or draft picks. So here’s a few reasonable possible trades that may work.

To NYR:O’Sullivan 2 years left at 2.95
Frolov 1 year left at 2.9
Preissing 2 years left at 2.75
Total 8.6
To LA:Gomez 5 years left at 7.35
Rozival 3 years left at 5.0
Dawes RFA
Draft pick if necassary
Total 12.35
This trade may work because although there is a lot of salary going to LA there is some talent there and they did want Gomez 2 summers ago. LA is not one of the teams struggling financialy so they would be able to take it and if its questionable, throwing a second round pick that the rangers can afford to lose could get it done. If not, take Frolov out and I don’t see how it isn’t at least possible. Either way, the rangers get younger, probably better, and get out of their horrible cap situation.

To NYR:McDonald prefably or Tkachuk, both FA
To STL:Gomez 5 years at 7.35
Again this is possible because STL has the cap space. They get a center that is still young and will have for sure for years where both possible guys coming back are free and Tkachuk may possibly retire and McDonald may walk. The rangers can try to sign him, and if they do he’ll match Gomez’s production but even if they don’t it still helps with the cap issue and they have drury, who hopefully picks it up, and dubinsky to move up.

To NYR:Spezza 7 years left at 7.0
Kuba 3.0 this year, UFA
Total: 10.0
To OTW:Gomez 5 years left at 7.35
Rozival 3 years left at 5.0
Corey Potter
1st round draft pick
Total: 12.35
I know this one is a little far fetched because of the amount of money going to Ottawa but its worth a try…

To NYR:Koistinen .7 UFA
Zanon .725 UFA
To NSH:Rozival 3 years at 5.0
prospect like Potter and/or 2nd round draft pick
At the very least, the rangers get 2 good guys who can play defense well to sure their corp up before the playoffs. Their both free after this year so at least nashville gets something for them and I know their having revenue problems but it’s possible.

Ok so it’s pretty obvious who I think the rangers should get rid of and maybe prospects might be needed to be included in a couple more of these, but the rangers can afford that at this point because they have grown a few players on the team now and if they don’t clear space they are going to lose those players after this year. And even with all their high priced players now they are no where near good enough to make it through the playoffs.