Nystrom ready to jump ship

No news is bad news down at the Dome these days as Calgary Flames ownership is apparently struggling with deciding who will attempt to lead the team out of this mess.

Regardless of who is saddled with trying to steer the club through a minefield of bad contracts, an aging core and few prospects without the aid of draft picks, the news is actually about to get worse for the club.
Eric Nystrom , who was the hardest working and arguably one of the best Flames down the stretch this year, is destined for greener pastures.

Word is several teams will be in line to help the grinding fourth-liner double his $775,000 stipend on the open market July 1 when he’s sure to bolt for greener pastures.

Given the Flames bloated payroll, the club obviously can’t afford to bid on the penalty killer for more money than David Moss or Curtis Glencross make.

The fact Team USA pinned an ‘A’ to his chest in Germany at the world championships speaks to the fact an increasing number of hockey people believe Nystrom is capable of much more than the Flames allowed him to exhibit.

His most likely destination is Long Island, where Eric grew up watching his father Bob become a local legend.

While some Dome observers might scoff at his departure, Nystrom was one of the few heart and soul players left on a team that used to be known for its work ethic.

Wait, it gets worse.

Dion Phaneuf’s $950,000 substitute, Ian White , is also likely on the move as insiders say his arbitration award is expected to be around $3.5 million — a luxury the club can’t afford unless at least one other pricy contract is shipped out.

The club will have little choice but to accept the arbitrator’s decision and immediately trade him, meaning two of the club’s only bright lights over the final month will likely be distant memories next fall.


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  1. FlamingHomer says:

    Written by Eric Francis who's becoming the Calgary equivalent of Bruce Garrioch.

  2. mojo19 says:

    Regardless, the Flames are definitely going to have some decisions to make. And if they pay Ian White $3.5 million then they're crazy. He's a decent d-man, but why do all NHL defensmen all the sudden have to make so much more than forwards? This is getting crazy.

  3. albertateams says:

    I take White at 3.5 over any of:

    Jeff Finger makes 3.5 million
    Mike Komisarek at 4.5
    Beauchemin at 3.8.

    I still hope we can get White for under 3.5 but at 3.5 its not that out of line with the market.

    I do agree that the flames have some cap maneuvering to do that Jokinen trade was just awful. The flames are going to have to move out 2 of Langkow, Kotalik, Sarich, or Staios for very little to free up some cap room. They could also do a major overhaul and move out some of the core JI, Kipper, Regher etc.

  4. mojo19 says:

    You wouldn't pay the extra $300k for Beauchemin?

    Finger obviously is a terrible contract and Komisarek hasn't really shown me anything yet, but we'll see when hes healthy I guess. But Beauchemin is way better than Ian White, that's not even a contest.

  5. albertateams says:

    Beauchemin is way overrated from his Anaheim days. He's only been a + player 2 times in the nhl and he played on some really good Ducks teams. He has never scored more than 8 goals or 36 points. 

    White has been a plus player every year except one and that is on some god awful Toronto teams. Hes scored 13 and 10 goals and has a high of 38 points.
    Sure Beauchemin is a little more versatile for a defenseman but he is by no means way better than White. He probably has a slight edge on overall game with white better on the offensive side.
    Factor in Calgary's needs on the back end and the fact that White is only 25 and yeah I take him at 3.5 over beauchemin 3.8 any day. 
  6. leafy says:

    Oooo, I don't know about that Mojo. I have to agree with Albertateams on this one.

    I found Beauchemin to be very erratic. I was expecting him to be a lot better but he's not the same player he was 3 years ago. It's true he still logs a lot of ice time and is by no means a bad player, but he made McCabian mistakes on too many nights.  Whereas White is my boy, as you know.

  7. leafy says:

    Although I should add that I agree with Mojo that it's crazy defencemen who don't put up big points are making so much money.

    I remember one year, before the salary cap, Dmitri Yuskevic was asking for something like $3M per season, and Pat Quinn wouldn't give it to him, even though Yuskie was the Leafs best defensive D guy.  Today, even with the salary cap, defenceman who don't score a lot are getting rich salaries. Absurd.

  8. mojo19 says:

    Ya d-men's salaries are *****ing crazy.

    And I agree, I wasn't crazy about the way Beauchemin played, I felt like he was trying to do too much a lot of the time, but when he's on his game he's just awesome. And obviously its not just me who thinks so as he was invited to the Olympic camp last fall and is playing for Canada at the current world championships. Clearly this guy is highly regarded. I don't think he's overpaid relative to what d-men are making out there.

    Also Beauchemin is a lot bigger than White. If White earns more than $2-3 million it will be too much.

  9. albertateams says:

    Even when he was with Ducks playing behind Niedermeyer and Pronger made him look better than he actually was. He is still a decent D man though, just slightly overatted.

    It is going to be interesting to see what Calgary does with White in the offseason. I hope they can sign him for 3.5 or under, but they have to buyout/move out some contracts.

    Trade Regher, Moss, pick/prospect to Florida for Horton

    Resign Higgins, Nystrom, Mayers. If Nystrom can't be resigned replace with Malhotra or FA. Trade Langkow for anything if not buyout.

    Bourque (3.33) Backlund (1.271) Iginla (7.0)
    Hagman (3.00) Matthew Stajan (3.50) Horton (4.00)
    Dawes (0.85) Nystrom (1.40) Kotalik (3.0)
    Glencross (1.20) Mayers (1.00) Higgins (1.25)

    Bouwmeester (6.68) White (3.500)
    Sarich (3.60) Giordano (0.892)
    Adam Pardy (0.70) Staios (2.7)

    Kiprusoff (5.833)
    Toskala (1.00)

    I wouldn't mind a bigger shake up to the line up I just don't see it happening. If Calgary could get a true number one center it would be great I just don't see it happening.

  10. albertateams says:

    I don't think Beauchemin is over paid by much, he's still a solid top 4 dman, but so is White he will get more than 3 million and hes worth it based on his play the past two years. Look at guys like Letang (give away machine) getting 3.5.

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