Off-season excitement or dissapointment?

According to Rds.cs Pierre Boivin of the Montreal Canadiens says that the new coach absolutely has to speak french.

Do you agree the Habs should have a french coach? Or should they hire the best coach available?

Rds also states that Mr Boivin is willing to do anything necessary to aquire a french superstar.

does this mean Lecavalier to Montreal isn’t that far fetched? Or is this just another bold statement that will result in major dissapointment?

4 Responses to Off-season excitement or dissapointment?

  1. ICELIZARD says:

    As per my post…
    -Lacroix as GM
    -Heartley as head coach
    -Roy as assistant/goalie coach

    Gainey hasn't done any splash ever since he took over and won't start now.  His time is up in Montreal…

  2. CanadianbornPlaya says:

    Sick of Habs/French rumors. Whatever, I have 1 thing to say, Alexi Kovalev belongs on the pile of shit that is called the Toronto Maple Leafs. Your career is over Good riddance.

  3. Leafmonkey says:

    the pile of shit that just embaressed the habs recently. actually i wish the leafs were as bad as habs fans imagine but in a few years we will build up a far better group of young talent then montreal while they keep thinking thier team is so great.

  4. lafleur10 says:

    then brian burke had better hire a trevor timmins and good scouts like david mayville and frank jay or the leafs will continue on down the  same road they've been going on for the past 42 years! and right now they are years behind the habs in terms of drafting and developing players!

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