Off-Season Game Plan

Alright so as we all know the Leafs have have roughly 11 million to spend this off-season. I personally believe the Leafs shouldnt drop the bomb and sign players like Drury,Briere, Smyth and so on but they should sign key players that will fill out certain roles and will add depth to the roster where we could have 3 consistant lines rolling and a great 4th checking line.

I personally believe the only player the Leafs should re-sign is Ponikarovski, White and Coliacovo and obv Sundin around 5 mill, I hate to say it but Antropov has to go, i loved his game this season and i love that everyone is finally starting to jump on the wagon with this guy cuz he has personally been my favourite for a while now but hes to injury-prone and can be inconsistant so therefore dont resign him nor do Peca,Bates,O’neill,Perrault and so on.

Now I’ll start with the number one thing the Leafs need, a capable #1 Starter who will challenge Raycroft throughout the season. That guys name is Manny Fernandez. With Harding ready to come up and play as a backup for Minnisota and after Backstrom had that great year while Fernandez had a decent but not jaw dropping season, one would think Minnisota would rather keep Backstrom over Fernandez that being said i can see the Leafs landing Fernandez at the Draft in a trade looking somewhat like this.

To Toronto – Fernandez + 2008 3rd Round Pick

To Minnisota – Stajan + Pohl + 2007 2nd Round Pick

To Toronto – Mayers + 2007 3rd Round Pick

To St.Louis – White + 2007 4th Round Pick

With The Deal the Leafs add on 3 Million to their payroll and get a #1 Goalie, while Minnisota drops cap space to go out and pursue free agents such as Briere/Smyth.

So now that the Leafs have roughly 8 million to spend this off-season for 4 players, Heres what they should do:

Walker – 2,000,000/2 Year Deal
Maltby – 900,000/2 Year Deal
Hartnell – 2,000,000/1 Year Deal
Morozov – 3,000,000/2 Year Deal

Morozov Sundin Tucker
Ponikarovski Wellwood Hartnell
Walker Steen Deveraux
Mayers Kilger Maltby

Kaberle Kubina
Coliacovo McCabe
Stralman Gill


Now i know alot of Leaf fans wants to see big names coming over to Toronto like Kariya, Smyth, Briere, Gomez and so on but do the Leafs ever make big spashes in free agency? no its always 2nd tear players like Walker and Hartnell, guys who will get you 20 goals and no more then 25. Also this year i felt as if the Leafs were i guess you can say “pussies” they were out hit on many games and didnt have that style were so used to seeing when Quinn was in town. We were out thrown around in key games especially in rival games like Buffalo and i hate to say it Ottawa and Montreal. So therefore i decided to add grit by bringing in guys like Hartnell, Walker, Maltby and Mayers. I gave away White simply because Stralman has to come up sometime especially when he was compared to a young Niklas Lidstrom, he deserves a shot.

Note: Maurice depended on Kilger to take a lot of faceoff’s in their own zone over the course of the season so he can easily be switched to center in where he started off his career

I also wanna say will any of this happen, i can see some of it happening but Morozov wont, the Leafs wont trade White but i can see the Hartnell and Walker coming into Toronto.

Thanks for your time.