Offseason Plans: Anaheim Ducks

A talented team that ended up coming short of the playoffs, the Anaheim Ducks will have to put their summer plans on hold while they wait for decisions from two veterans. The back end has to improve, and the extent of the improvement depends on the decision of Niedermeyer . The Ducks have an enviable crop of young talent, led by ,Cory Perry , Ryan Getzlaf , and Bobby Ryan , so they should be able to fit in the necessary role players to quickly erase the memory of the franchise’s first post-lockout non-playoff team. On the flip side, if Niedermayer and Selanne elect to call it quits, that could shift the Ducks to a more dramatic rebuilding phase, still anchored around their core of young talent, but more focused on young players in the organization and what they can provide into the future.

Team Needs:
One top six forward, one top four defenceman, one additional defenceman.


To CHI: 2nd in 2010 (42nd Overall), Jean-Philippe Levasseur
To ANA: Kris Versteeg

This will get you a top six forward. There aren’t many out on the FA market, and high priced stars such as Ilya Kovalchuk and Patrick Marleau just don’t fit the mold in Anaheim. Someone fairly cheap, but solid, is exactly what the team needs, and Versteeg is just the guy. Another option would be signing Pittsburgh’s Alexei Ponikarovski.

Draft Day June 25:
Select Vladmir Tarasenko 12th Overall

To BUF: 1st in 2010 (27th Overall, via Philadelphia), 3rd in 2010 (72nd Overall)
To ANA: 1st in 2010 (23rd Overall)

Select Mark Pysyk 23rd Overall

July 1 Start of Free Agency:
Sign Jordan Leopold 1yr/$1.25M
Re-Sign Bobby Ryan 5yr/$24M (4.8 Cap Hit)
Re-Sign Scott Niedermeyer 1yr/$5.5M
Re-Sign Teemu Selanne 1yr/$2.5M
Re-Sign Saku Koivu 2yr/$6.4M (3.2 Cap Hit)


(4.8) Bobby Ryan – Ryan Getzlaf (5.325) – Cory Perry (5.325)

(3.1) Kris Versteeg – Saku Koivu (3.2) – Teemu Selanne (2.5)

(4.0) Jason Blake – Todd Marchant (1.125) – Joffrey Lupul (4.25)

(0.497) Matt Beleskey – Ryan Carter (0.625) – George Parros (0.875)

(0.537) Mike Brown – Nick Bonino (0.71)

(5.5) Scott Niedermeyer – Lubomir Visnovsky (5.6)

(1.125) Steve Eminger – Jordan Leopold (1.25)

(0.875) Luca Sbisa – Brett Festerling (0.525)

(0.75) Brett Mikkelsson

(4.5) Jonas Hiller

(0.535) Curtis McElhinney

Total: $57.879M (56.779 w/ Bonus Cushion)

Once again, feel free to leave criticism, thoughts, and advice, or even your own ideas.

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  1. cam7777 says:

    Much better effort, but I have a few things to say:

    1.) You forgot James Wisniewski in the defensive fold.  He was probably the Ducks best all around defensemen last year, and he's looking for between 3.5 and 4 million on a resign.  The Ducks probably only want to pay him 3.0.  He has arbitration rights, but he will either be traded for some younger, cheaper talent, or retained on a short-term deal via arbitration.

    2.) I agree that Selanne, Niedermayer and Koivu could all return to the Ducks lineup next year, however, they will all have to take paycuts to stay.  The Ducks are a team with a self imposed cap moving forward.  They only want to spend about 50-52 million on their roster next year.  So Niedermayer would need to come in at 4 million, Selanne at 1.5, and Koivu at 2, most likely.  It's not out the question though, as they are good friends, love the city, team and fans, and none of them are particularly greedy.  It's rumored that Kariya may even return to Anaheim to finish his career alongside Teemu.

    3.) Bobby Ryan is seeking 5.5 million dollars on a resign, and has hinted that he will only extend with Anaheim until his unrestricted free agency, at most.  To me, he is positioning himself for a Phil Kessel like situation, where his demands force the hand of his GM into trading him.  If that happens, the weak draft year next year (which would be Anaheim's compensation on an offer sheet), will give Ryan the total control to pick which team he plays for, as Murray will want an actual trade, and not weak draft picks in exchange for his star.  The Ducks are reportedly only able to offer Ryan around 4.5 million.

    One crazy thing I could see happening is a situation where Ryan gets dealt, and the Ducks then replace him with Patrick Marleau in free agency.  Marleau could be in their 4.5 million price range if they are willing to give him a long-term deal that maybe overpays him towards the end of it.  It's no secret that SJS will probably let Marleau walk, and it has been speculated that Marleau's wife does not want to leave California.  Swapping Ryan for Marleau would only be a sideways move in the short-term, but would allow the team to recoop a ton of assets for their young star. 

    I've also speculated that a three way trade could make a great deal of sense in this situation:

    -Burke wants a star top six player in Toronto
    -Burke drafted Bobby Ryan, and loves him
    -Ryan is reportedly a big fan of Brian Burke
    -Burke can afford to pay Ryan his desired salary
    -Bobby Ryan would be closer to home in Toronto

    -Dallas covets a puck-moving defensemen above all else
    -Dallas has a surplus of talented left wingers
    -Neal will cost pretty much exactly what a puck-mover would cost
    -Neuwyndyk knows and loves Tomas Kaberle
    -James Neal would be a solid winger to replace Ryan at the right cost in ANA

    To DAL: Tomas Kaberle, James Reimer
    To ANA: James Neal, Jimmy Hayes, 2nd in 2011 (TOR)
    To TOR: Bobby Ryan, 1st round pick 2010 (DAL)

    Tack on additional Maple Leafs assets if necessary.  Everyone gets exactly what they want.  Anaheim gets the winger they need in the right price range, and a little extra to cover the difference in skill level and star power.  Dallas lands the puck mover they covet, and a prospect in a position that is eluding them trhough free agency (Reimer is surprizingly valuable right now I think).  The Leafs get their star, and the pick Burke claims he will land.

  2. Kramer says:

    I predict big trades a month from now.

  3. futurebruin says:

    To be honest, I didn't see the Ducks in action very much this season.  One thing I do know, though, is that alot of fans in Anaheim really don't like Wisniewski and think he's a bit of a defensive liability.  So, I went by that.  And to be honest, if I included Wisniewski, I would've had to get pretty creative in contracts and bonuses.  If Wis is looking for a long term deal or even something like 3-4 years, I could've made it work.  Maybe something like 4yr/$12.8M.  The salaries would be 2-3.5-4.2-3.2, and the cap hit would be 3.2.  That might work, but I'm not sure.

  4. lafleur10 says:

    congratulations to jordan eberle for being named the best player in all of junior hockey today at the memorial cup in brandon!

  5. DandoEagle says:

    don't pinch cam he's dreaming!

  6. cam7777 says:

    we'll see.  i know getting the 1st back is dreaming, but a lot of people seem to think Dallas will overpay to get Kaberle, and I wouldn't be surprized with Neuwyndyk being a rookie GM.  I'd be happy with just Bobby Ryan though, or a later pick instead of the third.   Acquiring a star with Kaberle plus prospects is not out of the question at all.

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