Offseason Plans: Boston Bruins (Re-Do)

I’m going to break my MO here. After the heartbreaking collapse and loss to Philadelphia, I’ve been relentlessly trying to come up with a lineup that fits the mold of the Bruins, but could also bring alittle more success than this past year did. After weeks of painfully reliving the experience trying to find out what went wrong, this is what I’ve come up with.

Key Resigns:
Dennis Seidenberg 2yr/$5.5M (2.75 Cap Hit)
Johnny Boychuk 4yr/$6M (1.5 Cap Hit)

Seidenberg was a beast after coming to Boston from Florida at the Trade Deadline. He combined with Zdeno Chara to form one of the deadliest defensive pairs of the season. They completely shut down the other teams’ offenses and didn’t give up many goals. Boychuk was the pleasant surprise of the season (Matt Hunwick being his predecessor). Making the team as the 7th defenseman and being a healthy scratch until injuries forced the team’s hand and got him into the lineup. His style of play made him a quick fan favorite, and it’s hard to see the Bruins letting him go.

June 25, Draft Day:
Select Tyler Seguin 2nd Overall

To STL: Zdeno Chara , Matt Hunwick
To BOS: Alex Pietrangelo , David perron , Lars Eller , 2nd in 2010 (44th Overall)

To FLA: 1st in 2010 (15th overall), 2nd in 2010 (45th overall), 3rd in 2010 (82nd overall), 1st in 2011 (TOR), 2nd in 2011 (MIN)
To BOS: 1st in 2010 (3rd overall)

Select Erik Gudbranson 3rd Overall
Select Kevin Hayes 32nd Overall
Select Charlie Coyle 44th Overall
Select Connor Brickley 75th Overall

To NSH: Michael Ryder
To BOS: 3rd in 2010 (78th overall)

To ANA: Dennis Wideman
To BOS: 2nd in 2011 (ANA)

Free Agency, July 1:
Re-Sign Sobotka 2yr/$2M
Re-Sign Stuart 4yr/$10M (2.5 Cap Hit)
Sign David Clarkson 3yr/$7.5M (2.5 Cap Hit)
Sign David Perron 3yr/$7.05M (2.35 Cap Hit)
Sign Alex Pietrangelo 3yr/$3.9M
Re-Sign Mark Recchi 1yr/$1M


(4.1) Milan Lucic – Marc Savard (4.2) – Tyler Seguin (3.65)

(2.5) David Clarkson – David Krejci (3.75) – David Perron (2.35)

(1.0) Vladmir Sobotka – Patrice Bergeron (4.75) – Mark Recchi (1.0)

(0.822) Brad Marchand – Joe Colborne (1.1) – Jordan Caron (1.1)

13th FWD: Maxim Sauve (0.875)

(2.75) Dennis Seidenberg – Johnny Boychuk (1.5)

(2.5) Mark Stuart – Erik Gudbranson (3.15)

(1.3) Alex Pietrangelo – Andrew Ference (2.25)

7th D: Steve Kampfer (0.852)

(1.25) Tuukka Rask

(5.0) Tim Thomas

Peter Schaeffer Buyout (0.767)

Total:$52.516M (46.782 w/ Bonus Cushion)

Captain: Patrice Bergeron
Alternate Captain: Marc Savard
Alternate Captain: Mark Recchi
Alternate Captain: David Krejci, Mark Stuart, Milan Lucic (depending on the lineup)

Feel free to leave any thoughts, advice, or even criticism.

15 Responses to Offseason Plans: Boston Bruins (Re-Do)

  1. number15 says:


    – Zdeno Chara


    – Tomas Kaberle
    – Mike Komisarik
    – Nikolai Kulemin (RFA rights)
    Jeff Finger (salary dump)


    – Boston becomes a instant powerhouse again and get their potential 1-2 defence combo in Kaberle and Kimisarik. A mix of skill and grit from the back end. Plus Kulemin is a 23 year old top 6 winger, even on the Bruins if u see him play….. Boston fans might prefer a different defenceman than Komisarik but fact is Chara is a 7 million man and Phaneuf is a 6.5 million man. u gotta tke some money back. Finger is a salary dump, but Boston MUST take him and Komisarik for it to make sense financially for Toronto

    – Toronto spends big money on defence with Chara/Phaneuf, but I think that combo would be dangerous. Yeh they pay them alot but Leafs lose Finger and Komisarik contracts, so its not too bad. it is similar to what Burke had in Anaheim, with pronger/Neidemyer. Leafs could be a strong team with these two if they can add a couple of top 6 forwards

    seems fair dosent it?

  2. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    "Finger is a salary dump, but Boston MUST take him and Komisarik for it to make sense financially for Toronto"

    Why? Komisarek + Kaberle gone and Chara in saves the leafs 1M in cap space and somewhat gets rid of the log jam on defense.

    Chara is equivalent to Komisarek AND Kaberle combined. He can rack up the pts like Kaberle and play Komisarek's physical style even better than he can.

    Nobody MUST take Finger. Fingers the leafs problem for the rest of his contract. Nobody's gonna bail them out.

  3. Magleaves says:

    finger would be the salary dump for them to get kuelis rights i would guess

    but i dont see komiserek going to boston unless lucic went somewhere else

  4. Redwings3019 says:

    To STL: Zdeno Chara , Matt Hunwick
    To BOS: Alex Pietrangelo , David perron , Lars Eller , 2nd in 2010 (44th Overall)

    I cant in my wildest imagination see this happening. St. Louis isnt going to trade their future for two 1 year contracts, even if it is the overrated Zdeno Chara.

    Pietrangelo is going to be one of the top offensive defencemen in the league one day. He is signed for two more years on his entry contract (bonus of 2.35)

    Perron is signed only for another year on his entry but 21 and put up 20 goals and 47 points last season. (82 games) 

    Lars Eller is 20 signed for 2 more years on an entry and has a bonus of around 400k. Only played 7 games (had 2 goals) with St. Louis but had 18 goals and 57 points in 70 games last year with the AHL.

    Im not familiar with Matt Hunwick but looking at his numbers he had 6 gaols 14 points last year in 76 games (although the year before had a total of 27 points in 53 games so could be an offseason, or is a stay at home Dman but like I said I dont know him well enough to say anything)

    St. Louis has no reason to add Chara, they have his shot and PP presence in Pietrangelo and better physical presence in Brewer and Jackman.

    St. Louis is in the perfect spot right now and have absolutely no reason to trade their future for a 32 and 24 year old. They are trading their future for players that arent going to make that big (if any) of an impact and possibly are on a one year stay…I cant see any logic (besides that of a Bruins fan) in this trade.

    Plus they need to resign Johnson for next season (as far as I know, I dont believe they've resigned him yet…)

    I can see the Florida trade happening because I can see Florida doing almost anything and this helps them in the future.

    And from my understanding Anaheim is looking to lose some salary not add another 3.5+ mil. So unless there is a player included from Anaheim then I dont see that being possible. They have about 3.5 mil in cap, Hiller has a new contract and they have a lot of key players on UFA or RFA. No way they will take on additional cap unless one of the older players offically retire.

    Johnson, Pietrangelo, Oshie, Perron, Eller and Berglund are untouchable in St. Louis' mind (atleast in mine) Thats a great young core to build a team around, which they dont have to because they have talented midaged – older players. The only way one of these players gets moved is if its for an equally talented, equally aged player (something similar to Wolski/Mueller trade)

  5. number15 says:

         replace Komisarik with Beauchimin and its sound better i guess…… Beauchemin even after a bad season has a good reputation around the league, just ask Steve Yzerman who invited him to camp and Mark Messier who picked him on the team.

    plus he can put up the points, plus play physical AND he would get along with Lucic…… oh and he is paid less and for less years i think


  6. number15 says:

    realisticly Leafs will not persue Chara, though if the Phaneuf trade had never happened, Im sure Brian Burke would have taken a shot at Chara from Boston

    would the Bruins take a similar deal that Calgary accepted?

    – Ian White
    – Nik Hagman
    – Matt Stajan
    – Jamal Mayers

    ofcourse things have changed since Stajan signed a big contract, White is a RFA, Mayers is a FA…… though assume, it was like when the trade happened. is that a strong enough offer?

  7. cam7777 says:

    Finger's just going to rot in the minors – who cares about him at this point.  We don't need to include him anywhere.

  8. Tachmo says:

    I like the efforts. It is interesting to read such a detailed breakdown. I liked everything up until the trading Chara to St.Louis. For me it is hard to imagine how the Bruins would be without Chara in the lineup? He is obviously a shut down demon and without him who knows how good defensively the Bruins would be. The rely right now on that shutdown play because they can't score enough goals. When Chara is on his game it is next to impossible to score on the Bruins. With that new group of defenceman, who is the puck mover? you just traded Chara and Wideman!

    On the otherhand getting Perron and Pieterangelo would have to be a great move for the future. If Boston doesn't resign Chara or do not plan to than they should offer that trade. I agree with the other poster, it doesn't make any sense for St.Louis to make that trade.

    Maybe Chara, should be traded to a team like San Jose or Washington. Teams that should win but cannot get it done in the playoffs.
    The Clarkson signing is a good idea and resiging the other dman is a great. I just hope that is what they can be signed for. I can see that Seidenberg getting a ridiculous offer somewhere else for like 3-4 million per. Someone always overpays for dman like him.

  9. Tachmo says:

    Thomas & Chara
    Clowe & Heatley


  10. Tachmo says:

    gawd no!!

    Chara isn't a salary dump. Calgary needed to get rid of Phaneuf and got Toronto's garbage.

  11. number15 says:

    i got bad news for Boston fans

    ……. Tyler Seguin will be a bust.

    Taylor Hall will be a superstar, but as an Oiler, not Bruin. Anyway, just thought id give u a heads up. Now im not saying Seguin will be garbage, dont get me wrong. but what i mean is he will be a role player. similar to Bergeron.

  12. nocup4sharks says:

    No way San Jose gives up a Sniper and Clowe for a one season sensation and a UFA next season. If Boston wants Heatley and/or Clowe Milan lucic+ Blake Wheeler is a start

  13. Boston_Bruins says:

    Ha clearly not a disgruntled Leafs fan… I'm going to go ahead and assume you have never seen him play.

    At this point I'm leaning a bit more towards Seguin anyways. I had a bit of a worry about his size but that was dispelled when I saw how big he was at the combine.

  14. leafmeister says:

    Thats good news, cause I am definately thinking Edmonton takes Hall now. I thought they would go with Seguin a few months ago, but given Hall's playoff performance, it is hard not to take him.

  15. Tachmo says:

    After I posted that trade I wasn't overly thrilled with it. Heatley is a bum.
    Tim Thomas is not a one year wonder. He didn't have bad numbers this year at all, he just got outplayed by Rask. I'm sure Thomas would have started on many other teams this year. Clowe is really good, and what you want in the playoffs. I wouldn't trade Lucic for Clowe.

    Blake Wheeler, sure.

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