Offseason Plans: Colorado Avalanche

So, I’m going to try and help out every team in the league this summer. Some(most) may not be good, but credit me for trying and feel free to leave your opinions, criticism, or your own version of what will happen for the teams. After randomly thinking of a team, I’ve decided that I’m going to start with the Avalanche.

After securing the 3rd Overall Pick in the 2009 Draft, the Avalanche managed to improve a great deal from their tough 2009 campaign. 2010 was a great year for Avs fans, sliding into the playoffs and snagging two games from the Sharks before being shown the door. They have a few key guys to re-sign, and a trade or two could go a long way towards making this a cup contender once again.

Adam Foote 1yr/$2.75M
Marek Svatos 2yr/$5M (2.5 Cap Hit)

Foote is a great guy to have on the blueline for you. He’s getting up there in age, but he still knows how to play the game, and he can mentor young guys like *****miskey and Quincey. Not to mention the fact thathe’s the captain. Svatos is still young, and only played 54 games this year. He definitely had somewhat of a down year, as 7 goals in 54 games is mediocre at best. A full season and he could probably get you about 20-25 goals.

To Chicago: 1st in 2010 (19th Overall), 2nd in 2011 (COL)
To Colorado: Kris Versteeg

Versteeg is a solid 20 goal player who could probably get about 30 with a good playmaker on his line. With Chicago’s major cap issues, picks are really the only return they’ll get for the guys they decide to auction off. Versteeg can play wing with Duchene and would get around the same total he had in 2010(22).

To Boston: 2nd in 2010 (49th Overall), 1st in 2011 (COL)
To Colorado: 1st in 2010 (17th Overall)

Select Emerson Etem 17th Overall

Free Agency:
Sign Ray Whitney 2yr/$4.8M

Right now you still don’t have a first line winger to play with Stastny and Hejduk. Whitney is 38, but can still score and produce with the best of them and he’d be a great veteran guy to have in your top 6.


(2.4) Ray Whitney Paul Stastny (6.6) – Milan Hejduk (3.0)

(3.1) Kris VersteegMatt Duchene (3.4) – Marek Svatos (2.05)

(0.85) Ryan Stoa – Peter Mueller (1.0) – David Jones (0.838)

(1.033) Cody McLeod – Kevin Porter (0.85) – T.J. Galliardi (0.875)

(4.5) Scott Hannan – John-Michael Liles (4.2)

(2.75) Adam Foote – Kevin Shattenkirk (1.3)

(0.6) Kyle *****miskey – Kyle Quincey (0.85)

(1.812) Craig Anderson

(1.25) Peter Budaj

Total: $43.258M (40.283 after the bonus cushion)

Please feel free to leave your thoughts, along with advice and criticism.

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  1. cam7777 says:

    Good to see you've got the creative juices flowing man, but you're a little off on a lot of this stuff.

    First off, Marek Svatos will not be resigned.  He is not well liked in Colorado and is frequently mentioned as being on the trade block.  Only problem is, no one has been willing to give up much of anything for him as of yet. 

    Kris Versteeg won't command nearly that kind of a return given Chicago's cap difficulties.  When Chicago looks to get under the cap, watch for them to make a number of deals very much like the Cam Barker one – a prospect that's not panning out plus a pick = expensive player.

    However, Colorado is a good team to help the Hawks out of a tough salary jam.  the Avs have a ton of cap space, and they completely lack a checking as of right now.  As it so happens, the Hawks entire checkin line is probably available (Ladd, Bolland, Versteeg).  The Hawks would be looking to take back minimal salary, but are also looking for a shutdown defensemen (Hannan).

    Also, you forgot to tack on raises for Quincey, and completely left out Chris Stewart, who was arguably the Avs best player last year.  Stewart will probably get around 4 million on a resign. 

    Finally, it's generally conceded that the Avs will try to make a couple free agent signings for the back end this summer.  Look for them to try and land Hamhuis and/or Volchenkov or Seidenberg.

  2. Leafmonkey says:

    What about Ryan O-Riley? He played great this year as a rookie. He scored and was great defensively

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