Could it be that Kevin Lowe has built a contender?

During the offseason, Lowe signed up Pronger to a healthy contract, and also signed the likes of Micheal Peca.

Edmonton fans got very excited, and why shouldn’t we?
The regular season wasn’t that great for Peca, who was expected to change his Selke trophy winning ways, and go on more of an offensive tangent. He struggled out of the gates, and had some injury troubles throughout the year, and many fans figured the acquisition of Peca may have been a bust. Patience is a virtue. Peca is proving once again that he is a true clutch playoff performer coming up with big goals, such as his breakaway goal in Game 1 against the Mighty Ducks.

Which brings me to Dwayne Roloson (Nice pass last night!).

Everybody cringed when Lowe traded for Roli. Everyone thought that he should have went out and get Biron, Belfour (my goodness that would have been bad), Curtis Joseph, and so on… we all thought his record up to the trade was dismal, the fact that he was rusty from sitting on the bench, and wondered if his playoff run a couple of years ago when he posted amazing numbers was a fluke.

It was no Fluke.

Dwayne Roloson took a bit of time to get warmed up through the home stretch, and in the process, he absolutely caught on FIRE.

The additions of Spacek and Samsonov have been incredible as well. Spacek is eating up a ton of minutes this post season.

And Sergei Samsonov is dangerous everytime he touches the puck. Ryan Smyth, what can I say? He’s amazing!!!

The Team is fired up, playing very tightly as a unit, and paying the so-called price with the shot blocking and intense forechecking.

Now, Detroit and San Jose were formidable opponents that struck fear into me every second of every game.

My take on the Ducks is that they don’t play with the same passion as those 2 teams and the Oilers should be able to take them down and proceed to the Stanley Cup Finals.

The only fear I really have of the Ducks are Neidermayer and Selanne.

And the fact that they play a very responsible game that can bore you into making mistakes, then I have a feeling they will pounce. If the Oilers stick to their guns, they should be able to win it in 5.

I foresee a Buffalo vs Edmonton Final.

You have to give a ton of credit to Brian Burke and Rookie (NHL) Head Coach, Randy Carlyle. Nobody expected the Ducks to make it into the playoffs, let alone make it this far.

I’m hoping that this can be an open discussion post for the Series.

I came onto HTR after game 2 against San Jose, and the Oilers haven’t lost yet. HTR is my new luck charm.

And whether you all embrace the Oil as (at least this year’s) Canada’s Team, or not…


Whyte Avenue has been so much fun, there’s just one thing missing… LORD STANLEY’S CUP.

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    Canes win the big one, baby! Boy this is gonna be a great series. Carolina and their uncany ability to score vs the brick wall of a netminder, Roloson. Should be great.

  2. Gretzkin says:

    I can’t wait.


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