Oil lose Jones


Newly acquired winger Ryan Jones is likely done for the season after the Derek Boogaard cheap shot in the first period of Jones’s first home game with the Oilers.

He has a second-degree tear in the MCL of his right knee and will miss about four weeks. With only five weeks left in the season, it doesn’t look good for a return.

Boogaard was only given a two-game wrist slap in the latest example of Colin Campbell’s apparent lack of concern for the safety of NHL players.

“That seems fair, one guy loses two games, the other guy is going to lose four weeks,” said Oilers coach Pat Quinn, the sarcasm ringing loudly and clearly.

The NHL has deaf ears when it comes to protecting its players, so there’s nothing anyone can do but accept it.

Jones was planning on using the last 18 games to make an impression on his new team, but can’t now.

“It’s so unfair,” said Quinn. “I know it’s part of our business, but it’s an ugly part. I hope he gets a chance to come back.

“Clearly, we’re not in a position to be a playoff team, so we’re missing that opportunity to have him play more. He’s the type of robust, honest workmanlike player that you really like in your lineup, but that’s not going to happen for a while.”


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