Oilers and Bruins Deal About To Go Down?

Like a bad forehead pimple on prom night, a possible deal is brewing between the Edmonton Oilers and Boston Bruins that would rid the Winnie-the-Pooh squad of the headache otherwise known as Kyle McLaren.

Tim Wharnsby of the Sporting News reports in Sunday’s edition that Oilers GM Kevin Lowe has contact the B’s, and is offering defenseman Janne Niinimaa in exchange for McLaren.

If this rumor has any merit to it, I have to say that the Oil are getting the shaft on this one. What is Lowe thinking?

McLaren played in only 38 regular season games last year, registering zero goals and eight assists. He has a history of injury troubles, and will probably always be remembered as the man who made Richard Zednik think he was Batman. His attitude has also burned all of his bridges in Boston, not a quality you look for in a team player who was supposed to be the successor to Ray Borque (I can’t believe it says that on the NHL website in his bio).

Niinimaa, on the other hand, has quietly developed into one of the best young offensive defensemen in the league. While inconsistent in his first couple of years with the Philadelphia Flyers, the Oilers have come to rely on him as the quarterback on their power play due to his superior skating, shooting, and vision. His durability is superior to McLaren’s as well.

My take (if it actually happens): Bruins make out like bandits, Oilers end up with a question mark.

What do you know, a trade rumor! Yippee!


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  1. GreyGoose says:

    Don’t discount the relationship that the bruins have with the oilers. They seem to swap players on a regular basis. The B’s will be looking for a Defensman / Goalie in return for McLaren who just hasn’t done it in Boston. Whoever gets him though will have a jewel on their hands though if they are willing to polish it.

    If I were St.Louis I’d be looking hard at this.


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