Oilers and Leafs Closing on Blockbuster!

Sportsnet.ca is reporting that the Toronto Maple Leafs have offered the Edmonton Oilers a package

which includes Tomas Kaberle and Matt Stajan for

Chris Pronger!

Originally the Oilers were demanding Kaberle and

Steen but Fergie said no way! Steen is off limits.

The Maple Leafs have aquired Andrew Raycroft but already but their target remains Chris Pronger.

The McCabe thing is getting old so expect the Leafs to pull the five-year offer to McCabe off the

table soon. If Pronger comes to Toronto you can

say good bye to Bryan McCabe and hello to a more

affordible player like Jay McKee or Aaron Ward!

The Rangers and Panthers have been involved in

talks but with Luongo gone from Florida I don’t see

who can they AFFORD to offer. Jokinen is the face

of their franchise. The Leafs have been talking the

most with the Oilers.

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  1. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    I think you should nvm the Leafs and worry about your flyers and that slow ass defense corp, might be a long year for them especially with no clear cut number 1 goalie.

  2. Gretzkin says:

    Plus, on the Corson front, he’s a total dirtbag that used to hang around nightly, drinking at the Four Seasons Hotel, hitting on chicks all over the place. I saw that with my own eyes on more than 3 occasions over a 1 week period.

    Also, Darcy Tucker and Corson used to have sex with random girls in the same bedroom up north in Muskoka. That’s pretty low, considering the Tucker is married to Corson’s sister.

    Confirmed. Confirmed. Confirmed.

    Corson did sleep with Mogilny’s wife, Mogilny did come home from Calgary because of this, and Mats Sundin did kick him off the Team during the playoffs because Corson (and the Green, Tucker camp) was a huge distraction, as it is believed that Corson was also saying offhanded remarks to Mogilny about his wife, after the incident. The little clique got out of hand while Roberts was away with an injury and when he came back he promptly put an end to it, as Roberts was the only one that any of those guys were intimidated by.

    The whole group was split up and the rest is history.

  3. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    mccabe is an alberta boy, he’d probably have no problem with it, his wife on the other hand might.

  4. GoalJudge says:

    True Rask might be good down the line, but remember Raycroft was thought of in the same way, and he proved that he could do it.

    Don’t get too overworked people, Raycroft had a bad year, its called the SOPHMORE JINX. He will bounce back with spades for the leafs, as he has a fresh start and will be angry about how he was shelved last year.

    Typical of the NHL; a team doesn’t perform and the onus is put directly on the shoulders of the goalie. Sound familiar Sens fans. Last years Bruins were not even close to the team that took the ice in 03-04. Remember your blaming a goalie on the team that made the worst trade of the year, and one of the worst in league history. Any team that does that will see the starting goalie tank.

    Tim Thomas was good, but I think the leafs have a darkhorse here.

  5. GoalJudge says:

    This could be the key to the deal.

    It has been suggested in many articles and on the radio that Pronger is looking to be traded to a team south of the border.

  6. GoalJudge says:

    Latest Stuff I’ve heard, as of 2pm, on the FAn 590 and Leafs Lunch was that the deal was proposed to Edmonton by JFJ, they wanted Kaberle, Steen and maybe more. The Leafs had countered by offering Kaberle and Stajan. Nothing new has come out.

    The General consesus across the League was reported to be that GM Lowe knows he has a very hot prospect in the undeclared runner-up to the Conn Smythe trophy. But he is asking way to much.

    The longer he waits the worse his position becomes so it wouldn’t be surprising to see Pronger moved soon. Lowe knows the situation but has refused to comment, other than very savily saying that it was a trade “request” and he is not forced to move Pronger.

    However, on Leafs Lunch Pronger’s agent was interviewed and said that he expects some action relatively soon, and that he “wouldn’t think” and “would hate” for things to come to a head and Pronger not show for up training camp.

    The Keenan connection was made with a possible trade to Florida, for Boumeister, Weiss(whom Keenan doesn’t like), and a First round draft pick.

    This deal was all but balked at because, again, the price is too high. Weiss was a throw in, as other names were mentioned, like Horton, but they are considered to have more value, and Weiss is on the bubble so he was the one Leafs Lunch proposed the best suit for the move.

    Pronger’s agent said that he had a list of preferable teams to be moved too. It is a relatively short list, but not too short.

    This will make things difficult. However, rumours around the Toronto media gives some hope to Canadian hockey fans that he will be helping a Canadian team next season.

    Reports however suggest he will be south of the border and in the Eastern conference.

  7. 92-93 says:

    i would have to agree with you there. i think its looking like the Rangers and Panthers … and who knows … the Islanders as well (considering the new management there??? – although McCabe seems destined for long island).

    that would be fine with me … and i dont see how anyone can blame JFJ for not acquiring him since it pretty much seems like JFJ had no chance anyways (even if he did agree to send STeen instead of Stajan, lowe would have – if he was smart and he is – waited for other offers and certainly Florida’s offer would probably be better than anything the leafs could offer ………..HENCE why the leafs shouldnt be making such trades in the first place … they need to rebuild their farm system FIRST … and THEN they can participate in trades like this one).

  8. 92-93 says:

    “Another source said the Coyotes believed the Bruins and Leafs were discussing a Boynton swap, possibly for 23-year-old prospect Carlo Colaiacovo, the No. 17 pick in the ’01 draft.”


  9. 92-93 says:

    it sounds like its not exactly in JFJ’s hands right now … even if he did throw in Steen, Lowe is probably going to get a better deal from someone else.

    right now, the alternatives dont seem that bad – Boynton, UFAs like McKee, Markov, etc. … sure, they are no Prongers in there, but i think JFJ jumped the gun a little in his Raycroft-Rask trade (why not hold out for Legace instead of having to give up Rask?).

    anyways, thats another matter. but yeah, keeping Kaberle and losing out on the Pronger sweepstakes is not going to keep me from losing any sleep.

  10. 92-93 says:

    yeah, well like i said, i have NO idea if that’s the health issue … but it just sounds like from what Berger is saying, its pretty darn serious and that once it is revealed, the universal reaction would be understanding why McCabe has held off on signing anything.

  11. 92-93 says:

    right now its Coliacovo being offered to Boynton and i would make that deal in a heartbeat (Boston would probably want something else added though).

    i think getting pronger is out of JFJ’s hands regardless of whether he adds Steen or not, Lowe is going to consider the offers from other teams and considering Florida, NYR are in the mix, its likely that these teams have more to offer but we’ll see.

    “you can win now and still build a decent future” is precisely what i have been saying all along … but everyone has different ideas to what steps need to be taken.

    obviously Pronger is an upgrade on defense, but the leafs are still in transition mode and still rebuilding their farm system … if they went into more of a selling mode at the trade deadline (i.e. trading guys like McCabe, Antropov, Allison, etc. for prospects and picks) … the Leafs would be in a much better position to make a move in terms of being confident in their farm system.

    the depth in the leafs system is a mile wide but an inch deep … getting pronger and giving up Stajan or Steen and Kaberle doesnt help the team in the long run. and guys like Steen and Stajan and Kaberle are young and can help the leafs win NOW too.

    i guess we should both be happy that

    a) at least JFJ was making such considerations on trading for Pronger which shows he has a pulse

    b) that he has a conscience that he could say no to trading Steen as opposed to just reacting and saying Yes right away.

    i prefered that the leafs waited to get Legace (and not have to trade away Rask). but whats done is done and i dont think the Rask deal was totally a bad one considering Raycroft’s age (although i do think the ‘calder’ title has been thrown around and relied up WAY too much lately). in the same sense, i hope JFJ keeps his vision broad in terms of knowing that guys like McKee, Markov, Boynton, Dempsey, Baumgartner and others are out there and affordable , especially after McCabe’s departure.

    a more decentralized D, under Paul Maurice, seems to be a good idea right now as opposed to loading the the top two D-spots and having a bunch of #5-6 D-guys fill the remaining 4 spots (sounds familiar?).

    i would also rather see JFJ keep the leafs payroll at about 39-40 million and keep some space left over for possible, sensible trades later on in the year (hey, a trade for Gaborik might make sense regardless of the recent Demitra trade … especially if Gaborik takes them to arbitration).

    but yeah, it doesnt look like this Pronger think will go through.

  12. Gretzkin says:

    Colaiacovo for Boynton would be a total steal for the Leafs.

    Upswing for Colaiacovo is limited to the fact that he’s an injury waiting to happen every time he steps on the ice.

    And if Toronto throws in the #17 pick in a draft that takes place 94 years from now, how could you possibly go wrong?

    JFJ wont even be alive to see who the Leafs missed out on…

    If I were Boston, I’d want a little something else as well.

  13. Gretzkin says:

    I’m not dreaming… I’d rather have Pronger than those 2, but considering he got a girl pregnant and now has to skip town to save his marriage, I guess that’s not an option.

    We’ll get better than Steen and Kaberle in another deal with another Team. If it doesn’t happen by Saturday, it wont happen at all (with Toronto). And that would be a pretty crappy thing to do to Kaberle if you think about it.

  14. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    pronger isn’t worth kabby alone, i think he’s goin to the rangers, the rangers have a lot of talent to offer for him and a well known desire to aquire him

    pronger wants to play in the us so its unlikely that he will end up here

  15. 92-93 says:

    well its not going to happen now.

  16. 92-93 says:

    wondering what the leafs will do with the following Group II RFAs?

    Nik Antropov, (II)

    Brendan Bell, (II)

    Carlo Colaiacovo, (II)

    Jay Harrison, (II)

    Roman Kukumberg, (II)

    Matt Stajan, (II)

    Kyle Wellwood, (II)

    Ian White, (II)

    I know they have Tellqvist under contract.

  17. 92-93 says:

    oh, and in case youre wondering about UFAs:

    Jason Allison

    Aki Berg

    Alexander Khavanov

    Eric Lindros

    Bryan McCabe

    Luke Richardson

    Clarke Wilm

    we know Berg is retiring … and the McCabe situation is still up in the air (but it looks like he is going to leave).

    the only other person on that list that i want to see back – but only at a discount, one-year price is Lindros.

    Allison won’t sign for less and we need Stajan and Wellwood down the middle behind Sundin.

    Alexander Khavanov – ba bye.

    Luke Richardson – ba bye.

    Clarke Wilm – well he’s useful, but i wont be losing sleep if he becomes a UFA.

  18. nordiques100 says:

    well boynton is now a yote so thats out of the question. see if gretz can get him to play wih discipline.

    the thing with fla is that they want jovo too. i think that is their first choice.

    the same with the rangers. maybe chara is tops on their list.

    those guys are attractive too in that they would come without having to make a trade. for the leafs case, it’s mccabe that tops their list among the free agents (be that good or bad)

    its hard to say really who is leading the pronger sweepstakes. the leafs are in the mix, so are other teams but you cant say right now one team is trumping another.

    unfortunately no one wanted allison, antropov so those moves were near impossible to make. you have to look at it this way: the fact was that there were so many trades and action happening at the trade deadline, no one is going ot go out of their way for these guys. they werent really high in terms of priority from others.

    like i have said, kabby, stajan, steen, nice players, but pronger is perhaps in the top 5 in the whole NHL. the impact he made on the oil in the playoffs is too tantalizing to neglect just because you want to keep some youth. and he had an impact throughout his career. he is that kind of player.

    sometimes the bullet must be bit when a player like this becomes available.

    loading the top 2 spots on D is not a bad idea. it just requires a 3rd guy to anchor a 2nd pair. the money saved from losing berg (1 mil) and klee (2 plus mil) is at least enough to fund for a 3rd guy. the rest of the D can go to the kids and pilar. this could allow them to a) be competitive b) look for the future c)keep it cheap at the bottom of hte lineup.

    alot of people dont say it but kaberle feeds off of mccabes good play as much as it is vice versa. those guys work very well together. I am not sure kabby can carry the load on his own. those two together gave toronto an at times unstoppable PP. thier chemistry was among the best in the league. thus if pronger is a no go, i wouldnt mind having 15 and 24 return.

    keep in mind how poorly kabby played when mccabe was out for 9 games. granted the talent pool may be improved this year but mccabe takes so much heat away from kabby and vice versa that it isnt all bad to keep them together.

  19. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    You’re to funny, Kaberle is, was and always will be a better passer than Redden…..Kabs offensive skills are on par or better than Redden’s hands down, Redden has Kabs beat on the defensive side alone.

  20. danodd9 says:

    Here’s my take on this rumored of Pronger to the Leafs:

    It really only comes down to what the Leafs are going to lose rather than what Edm will gain that is the sticking point. Kaberle and Steen for Pronger is not a very wise decision for the Leafs if they pursue the trade through…and here’s why: If the Leafs trade for Pronger that means Kabs is gone 100%…and then you more than likely won’t see McCabe sign either….either because the deal will be pulled off the table to afford Pronger and still have some finances available for other UFA…or McCabe flat out rejects the offer. Either way I feel that if Pronger is in a Leaf uniform come Oct…then both Kaberle and McCabe are not! I realize there still is a slight possibility that McCabe will leave via UFA anyway…but he has clearly stated that he will sign the deal in agreement with the Leafs in time…that’s no secret…so I’d say that there’s an 80% chance he signs the deal…but if they deal for Prongs…forget it…prob 10%. In other words it’s safe to say that without Pronger in the picture the Leafs will have both stud defenders back no question…but with Prongs in the picture then say goodbye to both of them…get my drift! Which in itself is flawed and not worth it in my opinion…never mind the fact that Steen will also be gone! So, more than likely the Leafs lose all 3 of Kabs/Cabs/Steen to gain 1 Pronger. Not very wise!! In fact it would be flat out terrible for the team. You cannot destroy the locker room like that and except to be successful. Furthermore, what a terrible precedent, to sign Kaberle to a multi year contract with a no trade clause and trade him days before it kicks in. What will that say to other players thinking about signing with the Leafs!? That’s a big red flag if ya ask me. Never mind that Kabs has been the ultimate loyal professional to the Leafs organization. He came into the league making like 250k and he played way above his value for years…and never said BOO about it…never…he just played and steadily improved each and every year. That has to mean something! And if people don’t value that then let me add this: Kaberle’s stats: in his 7 years in the league…525GP 50G 241A 291P +56 17PPG 11GWG = 0.55pts/game on a very weak Leaf defensive team. Pronger: (1st 7 years in the league): 508GP 64G 184A 248P +84 29PPG 7GWG = 0.488pts/game and he had MacInnis for 384 of those 508 games! Those are pretty even stats to me. Sure you can argue that Pronger is better defensively but offensively…I don’t believe you have a case…Kabs is the most creative puck moving defenseman in the East Conf and he has skating ability comparable to Lidstrom. One area that I will gladly give to Pronger is playoffs…he is a monster and Kabs is average(so far) but again what good will it be to have Pronger when you have to deplete your line-up to get it and more than likely not make the playoffs anyway. IMO I feel the TEAM has a better chance with Kaberle, McCabe and Steen than with just Pronger. In other words, we would more than likely waste Pronger’s talent like we are doing with Sundin because we won’t be able to surround him with the offensive talent needed.

    Don’t even get me started on Steen…this kid is just outstanding!!! He was 10th in NHL rookie scoring and sixth on the team with 45pts!! On a dogshit Leaf team. And if the league had a selke trophy for rookies he would be in the running no question!! He is a 22 year old Roberts with the heart of a lion…captain written all over him! He is what u call…on this team…UNTOUCHABLE….PERIOD!!! When was the last time the Leafs saw a rookie come in and make the big team right away without spending ANY time in the AHL…was it Clark? My point is, he is one of the only very bright spots on this Leafs squad and I’ll be damned if Edm thinks they are going to snag our two brightest young studs with the most potential in Kabs and Steen. It’s fair to ask for 1 of them as part of a multi deal…but both…come on..that’s just trying to fleece JFJ. Never mind the fact that Edm gave up who?? to get Prongs in the 1st place….yaaaa thought so…Toronto always has to be the team to get raped huh..always….Nolan…Leetch etc etc…screwwwwwww ittt…don’t do it JFJ…as much as I love Pronger and I will say that he is one of the best…NOT the best…d player in the world…aka Lidstrom…can’t deplete our youth..not at this stage…and lest we forget…he did NOT win the cup and he was not the MVP of the playoffs..Ward was…so that makes Ward the best player in the world right now….those r just the facts!! The timing just isn’t right…u trade for a stud like Prongs when u can smell a cup coming…teams like Ottawa…Buffalo…Calgary…and the only thing the Leafs r smelling right now is fresh grass. We r not ready for him…I’m telling u…for what we would lose…Pronger wouldn’t make us better…bottom-line…IMO…he wouldn’t get us the cup!!! Stay the course Fergi…it’s time to rebuild!

    If the deal goes through and Kabs and Steen are the one’s to go…then I pray I’m wrong in my assessment…and I hope Mccabe stays…more importantly I hope we can still afford him…and offfffff course I will be a huge Pronger fan…that’s just a given…being a Leaf fan for 25 years..its what u do..cheer u’r team on no matter what!

  21. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    I’d rather have Colaiacovo, Boynton sucks.

  22. JannettyTheRocker says:

    I cannot believe that Chris Pronger wants out of Edmonton. Every player (or so I thought) wants to play with a team that has a chance of winning the Stanley Cup, and believe me, the Oilers are that team. They have great chemistry, great fans, heart, and talent……..Why would he want to leave that??? For once, it’s not about the money here in E-Town. So what is it then???? Is it true that his wife doesn’t like living in “The City Of Champions”??? Is it true that Chris Pronger fathered a child of a woman whom he’s not married to??? Or is Chris Pronger the next evolution of Mike Comrie or Jimmy Carson, where they think they’re too good to be an Edmonton Oiler???……….Whatever it is Chris, we DON’T want anyone here who doesn’t want to be here. Collect your walking papers and take a hike.

    So, what do we get for an asset like Chris Pronger??? There has been a ton of spectulation………The trade I like the most would be :

    To Florida : Chris Pronger

    To Edmonton : Jay Bouwmeester, Nathan Horton, and Stephen Weiss

    I think this is a more than fair deal, which IMO favors the Oilers a little bit. If this deal happens, Kevin Lowe will be christened as a god……….Thanks to Mad Mike down in Miami.


  23. Gretzkin says:

    He wont be going to Toronto, unless it’s done before Saturday, but don’t count on it happening.

    Florida will likely sign Jovocop, without having to give anybody up in return.

    Welcome back!

  24. Gretzkin says:

    Coloiacovo just gets hurt, nothing more. He’s a waste of roster space.

    He’s a damn good hockey player, but he just spent 2 seasons injured.

    Anyways, Boynton’s in Phoenix now, so whatever

  25. 92-93 says:

    apparently chicago is in the running too … i wonder what kind of package they’d put together?

    as for no one wanting Antropov – that’s not entirely true according to many sources including McKenzie at the deadline. believe it or not there are a lot of teams that wouldnt mind Antropov – a point-every-two-game player on their team.

    trading allison or Antropov makes sense even if only for draft picks. but for now, the leafs should qualify the latter and try to trade him in a package (that might include Tellqvist …of course it all depends on the destination and the trade and team needs, etc.).

    what happens when the leafs bite the bullet in terms of youth? ESPECIALLY on their forward lines where the leafs are incredibly shallow in terms of their depth???

    i dont buy it … and there is a lot of people out there saying things like ‘no brainer’ and ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ and i dont buy that either. context is once again crucial here and such statements seem to narrow everything down to this year or the next couple of years.

    having both Mccabe and Kaberle back is also not the worst thing in the world that is for sure.

    kaberle’s poor play in january also had to do with the fact that he was paired up with gimps during McCabe’s absence (klee, Berg) or young guys like Kronvall. i dont buy into the Kaberle-cant-play-without-McCabe reasoning, he’s played with other partners before and has excelled.

    i think Markov would be an excellent and relatively cheap addition. bring in McKee and Dempsey and – along with Pilar and the young guys, you have a cheap and deep defensive corps and you have some valuable defensive bodies that can be involved in trades during the year for a forward – preferably a winger. Baumgartner is another guy i can see performing well beside Kaberle.

    but like i said, we both see different ways of proceeding here …my perspective is that hopefully the leafs stay young and play it smart and safe … the way it should be played when you are trying to rebuild.

    Rask for Raycroft isnt necessarily that kind of thinking – but again, the latter is only 26 and coming off of one bad year so its not that bad … we’ll see of course.

  26. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    Not going to happen. Hatcher is in his mid-30s, too immobile for the new NHL, and has an albatross of a contract. Rathje is serviceable, but definitely not a deal maker, and if Rolie re-signs, which seems likely, the Oil won’t be in the market for a ‘keeper, thus negating any desire for Esche.

  27. DJTOKid says:

    Let me ask ya’ll this, if the ottawa senators are even involved in Pronger talks, shouldn’t the leafs do what ever they can to get him?

    Could you imagine having to face him 8 times a year? That would really suck for the leafs.

    let him go to NY, that wouldn’t be such big deal, not as big as him going to the sens.

  28. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    Throw in a leprechaun and a unicorn, and Lowe still wouldn’t bite on that.

  29. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    Yeah, hearing that the Sens are involved should get JFJ a little worried, but he still shouldn’t mortgage the farm for Pronger…and by “farm”, I mean “Alex Steen”.

  30. 92-93 says:

    ideal defense corp for leafs this year:

    Kaberle (4.25) -Markov (2.75)

    McKee (3.5)-White (750K) (assuming Coliacovo is injured)

    Pilar (700K)-Kronvall (612K)

    other names: Coliacovo, Harrison, Bell, Vorobiev, Wozniewski

    total about $ 12.5 million

  31. danodd9 says:

    Lest we forget!!

    How did Edm even get Pronger??? OOOOO YAA….it was for the following: Brewer, Lynch, and Woywitka. 1 decent player in return in Brewer…who has become very average himself! OO don’t forget injury prone! Woywitka/Lynch these shmucks can’t even get it together in the AHL never mind that they can’t crack the line-up on the WORST team in hockey!! WHAT A JOKE!! Yaaaa..the St. Louis organization is soooooo high on these guys and they have sooooo much confidence in them that they went out and drafted Eric Johnson 1st overall. That right there should be clear evidence that Pleau was showing to the world he was screwed by Lowe and he had to try and make up for it. But I’m sure you Oiler fans will be the 1st to step up and argue potential this..potential that…give it a rest! Yaaa they have LOTS of potential….they potentially will be looking for real work soon! So Pronger went for an average Brewer..and 2 soon to be AHL lifers….GREATTTTT…and now most of you Oiler fans have the audacity to BALK at the offer from the Leafs of Kaberle and Stajan!!! Two ready to go NHL players with a great promising NHL future!! And Kaberle is a norris trophy candidate in the making with only 7 years under his belt and he cracked the top 5 last season..…oooh ya..I forgot..they play for the Leafs so whatever positive attributes they have is immediately over looked and their negative attributes r the blown out of proportion…my bad…I shoulda know…I forgot the “they play for the Leafs” rule! I’m so tired of Leaf players getting zero respect ..and the only time they do get respect is when they are no longer on the team…and that 2 me is just so blatantly prejudice against the team itself it’s disgusting. I’m willing to bet my life that if Boyes was still a Leaf and he had that rookie season he just had for us…shhh ittttttt people would be alllllll over that….”what a flukeee…he’s a flash in the pan….2 smallllll….not fast enough….overrr rateddddddd…Leafs suckkk”..blah blah blah!! But ooooo noooo…he plays for Boston now so he really must be good. Just because Lowe wiped the floor with Pleau in that trade last year doesn’t mean it’s automatic that JFJ is ready to clean your floor again!! In fact why don’t you get Lowe to clean our floor! Let me propose a trade like Lowe did to Pleau to get this so called “best player in the world” guy….lol…don’t u have to actually WIN to get that title…I have a weird feeling that Lidstrom and Thorton and Jagr and Neids and Ovechkin and Crosby will have something to say about that!! And we Leaf fans are the only 1’s that blow our guys up…lol!

    So here it is…a trade proposal for Pronger equaling what Edm actually gave up for him! Let’s see..ok…I will even be realistic here while trying to match the Lowe steal of a century!

    Kaberle: (twice the player Brewer is and he is only improving year after year after year on a veryyyyy average if not below average Leaf team) so that leaves 1 more AHL lifer to be added to the mix…lets see…Brad Brown..ya….there ya go Lowe….do we have a deal????? I didn’t think so…..did ya guys have a good laugh there?? Sure ya did…now u know how hard everyone else on the planet laughed at Pleau last year!

    Before I go…I want honest answers here….because I knowwwwww there is going to be lots of people who are going to try and justify the Oil trade for Pronger. This question only applies to those who honestly feel that Lowe gave a fair offer. Here goes: Would you trade Pronger back to St. Louis for Brewer, Lynch, and Woywitka? Yes or No? and why/why not? No laughing plezz!!

  32. Maximus says:

    it was a joke…

  33. WYflyerfan says:

    Some people really make you wonder. They can’t even get a joke..

  34. Habmania11 says:

    The leafs have already overpaid two defenceman, and with JFJ in charge, hell pay way to much for some FA resulting in no room for Big Pronger.

    Pronger is going to a Big market team with a lot too offer. NYR or Ottawa im saying.

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