Oilers and Leafs Closing on Blockbuster!

Sportsnet.ca is reporting that the Toronto Maple Leafs have offered the Edmonton Oilers a package

which includes Tomas Kaberle and Matt Stajan for

Chris Pronger!

Originally the Oilers were demanding Kaberle and

Steen but Fergie said no way! Steen is off limits.

The Maple Leafs have aquired Andrew Raycroft but already but their target remains Chris Pronger.

The McCabe thing is getting old so expect the Leafs to pull the five-year offer to McCabe off the

table soon. If Pronger comes to Toronto you can

say good bye to Bryan McCabe and hello to a more

affordible player like Jay McKee or Aaron Ward!

The Rangers and Panthers have been involved in

talks but with Luongo gone from Florida I don’t see

who can they AFFORD to offer. Jokinen is the face

of their franchise. The Leafs have been talking the

most with the Oilers.