Oilers Fans Speak Out!!!

They will clinch the playoffs, most likely.

Where are all the ones that bashed the trade?

And Lowe’s lookin` good uh?STPMCPHEE writes “The Edmonton Oilers did it again. They won another close game with a goal late in the 3rd frame. It was Dallas on Saturday and Nashville on Monday. As it stands now, Edmonton is currently a whopping 10 points up on their closest competitor, or should I say ‘Predator.’ With 9 games remaining, and only 2 against teams in the playoffs, Edmonton is all but guaranteed a playoff berth.

People in Edmonton should be celebrating, because the Oilers rarely find themselves gauranteed a playoff spot this early in a season. You see, it seems every year it goes right down to the wire, but that’s not gonna happen this year. It’s not like Toronto, where we’re planning the Stanley Cup parade before the playoffs even start, but for a dedicated hockey city, Edmonton should be thrilled. Heck, we can start selling Playoff tickets now! For those who doubted Kevin Lowe, shame on you! For those who still think Edmonton isn’t a lock to make the playoffs, wake up! Edmonton is in, Edmonton is in!!! We haven’t been able to say that for 2 years. The snow is starting to melt here in Alberta, which means that hockey’s post season is about to begin.

Where are the Isbister, Dvorak and Cross bashers now? C’mon, I know you’re hiding somewhere, I dare you to come out and call down the Oilers. Better yet, where are those few Nashville fans that think their team has a shot? I’m calling for you guys, for all the pessimists to come out of hiding and face being proved wrong. After all, only real men have the balls to do such a thing. That’s right, show yourselves, post a comment, try to talk down to Oilers 3-1 record since the trade deadline. I know you’re out there, their certainly were plenty of you last week. That’s right, this is a calling. WHERE ARE YOU!”

OilerFan_3728 writes “Though the Oilers probably should have gotten more for Carter, all those critics of Lowe should be put to peace now. With the aggressive play of both Dvorak and Isbister, it seems like Lowe got an unexpected surprise with immediate contribution from players that weren’t expected to be a big impact so early.”