Oilers front office under rebuild?

On the other hand there’s a significant percentage of the paying public who don’t believe Tambellini has achieved a status in the GM community much higher than his team sits in the standings.

And the current view of his team is that it has has no guts, still isn’t tough to play against, that his veterans haven’t performed, nor have the holdovers from Lowe’s veterans from his time in the GM chair. The group has shown no try in three of the last five games.

But apparently the decision is big picture, to stay the course with Tambellini, a first time general manager who is being developed, too.

So if there’s anybody who is going to be served up to the fans as a sacrifice it’ll be have to be head coach Tom Renney. And with him, there are no assurances he’ll survive the end of the season the way it’s been going lately.

Like Tambellini, Renney is also on the final year of his contract.

Ideally, I believe the Oilers want to wait the entire season, judge the job Renney has done on its entirety and make a decision if he’s the right guy to go forward.

The belief here is that Lowe and Tambellini, in fairness to Renney and staff, aren’t even close to pulling the trigger right now because of the cir*****stances with losing their three top forwards and three of their top defencemen due to injury.

But after the team gets to hit the refresh button with the all-star break and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (the Oilers have won one game of eight with RNH out of the lineup), Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle are all back and finding their form again …


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