Oilers and Gagner need to part ways

Gagner is a very good player who still has some unexplored upside, but he simply isn’t the right fit for Edmonton, and vice versa. No team this small up the middle on the top two lines is going to succeed in the Pacific Division. MacT needs to take him aside and say “it’s not you, it’s us,” and give Gagner a chance to succeed in a more conducive environment.

It sucks for Gagner because he’s been here a long time and is committed to the city and the team, but Andrew Cogliano didn’t want to leave, either, and he’s loving it in Anaheim now. Gagner needs the same opportunity — to play on a big team with big wingers who’ll give him more room to flourish. And the Oilers need to stop humming and hawing over whether Gagner is the guy and start searching hard for the big second-line centre who’s vital to their progress.

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  1. doorman says:

    They need to part ways for sure, mostly to stop all the rumors that have to weigh on him and the team. He may find greater scoring success elsewhere, but needs to shore up the defensive side of his game.

    On another note Steveie Y has to be beeming with his prospects performance on net for Latvia today against Canada. I mean there were some close calls and should’ve been a penalty shot called, but hats off to the kid he stood on his head.

    • leafy says:

      Holy crap, what a scare that was!! In the third, I was wondering if we’re even gonna advance.

      Even though Canada owned the puck the whole game, it takes only one fluky shot to cause an upset.

      I still think Canada can play a LOT better. This team has another gear they can show us.

  2. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Looking forward to the US burying Canada tomorrow morning.

    • mapleleafsfan says:

      I really don’t think they will. USA has looked great, but they haven’t played against good defence yet. As stagnant as our offence has been, our D is fantastic. As long as Babcock leaves Weber on the point over sharp (what was he thinking?), it’s gonna be close.

      • mapleleafsfan says:

        On that note, anyone else really unimpressed with Babcocks choices so far? Bergeron lights it up on the fourth line, let’s put him on the first where he does nothing. Weber scores a few goals from the point, let’s put Sharp there instead on the PP. Bergeron should be centering the fourth line against the US. Put Duchene on the wing spot (who has been bad so far, but so has the entire Crosby line anyways). I liked the Toews, Marleau, Carter line and Getz/Perry are always solid. Keep those.

        • doorman says:

          I know Canada in theory took the best fwds, but I wonder with so many centres playing out of position, would it have been better to bring more natural wingers?

          Not sure WTF he was thinking putting Sharp on the point? Weber has one of the best shots in world not to mention is one of the best dmen at the same time.

          They need to play with urgency and Crosby needs to show why he should’ve been chosen as captain. I think Toews was the right choice, but that’s just me.

          • Gambo says:

            That’s actually very interesting, could be a reason why they aren’t scoring. I played center my whole life and then one year was switched to wing, it was completely different, took a long time to get used to and wasn’t ever as comfortable. But you would think that the best players in the world could adapt right away, who knows.

            It’ll be cool to see two teams with all players who normally play on the NA style rinks play on the big ice.

            Having Sharp on the point is the same as having Kunitz with Crosby, Keith and Sharp are used to playing with each other on the PP, I don’t think it was a crazy move by Babcock.

            • Gambo says:

              USA doesn’t have any natural centers playing wing.

            • mapleleafsfan says:

              Sure that’s fine for a second PP unit, but it wasn’t. When Weber has more goals than any forward not named carter, on top of the best shot in the NHL, he should be out there on the first PP every time IMO.

              I also don’t buy that you really need chemistry playing the point on the PP. I’m sure any of those guys knows how to do a cross ice pass, it’s not the same as normal linemate chemistry.

              Now obviously Babcock has forgotten more about hockey than I will every know in my life, but I feel he’s made some really questionable choices.

              I’m still confident for tomorrow though. This team has a bunch more gears they haven’t hit yet, and I think they need the drive that a Canada US game will give them.

  3. doorman says:

    On a separate note, I seriously miss all the chatter that used to go on here.

  4. doorman says:

    Awesome job by the ladies of Team Canada, congrats

    • leafy says:

      Our chicks have made us proud. That game was classic, for the ages.

      Here’s a vote for an all-chicks hockey league. And when they fight, it might even be a turn on.

  5. Gambo says:

    I’d like to see these lines:


    Benn has one of the best releases in the league and he’s a big body. Isn’t that what you want to have with Crosby? And St. Louis is a good hybrid of a passer and shooter, sees the game really well.

    Duchene has insane speed which would look good with the big bodies of Getz and Perry, also good at faceoffs if Getz getz(hah..) thrown out.

    Last two lines don’t really need explaining, good players playing with good players.

    I think I read the lines will be the same, not sure.

    • mapleleafsfan says:

      I like it. I actually thought the Marleau-Toews-Carter line was solid last game so I’d be a bit hesitant to change that. I don’t really understand why Bergeron is with Sid. He was doing great without him, and now they do nothing other than dominate faceoffs (which is nice, but I’d rather score).

      I like the idea of Benn with Crosby. I might also put Duchene in St Louis spot. He can find room with his speed and Crosby can obviously get him the puck.

      Definitely has Kunitz as the 13th guy. He’s been a bad pick as most people expected.

  6. leafy says:

    How about some patriotism here. GO CANADA GO!!

    Fuck Kessel and JVR. Until next week anyway when they’re wearing Leaf jerseys again.

    • leafmeister says:

      No thanks. I hope Canada drops this one hard.

        • doorman says:

          I am with you Leafy, Go CANADA GO!!!!!

          leafmeister, out of curiousity, why you pulling so hard for the USA?

          • leafmeister says:

            I like the players on team USA better. To me, that is just as legitimate a reason to cheer for a team as any.

            Its not like its a war, or an attack on Canadian values. It is just a game.

            I also find the ‘rah-rah’ nationalism of the olympics super annoying.

            • doorman says:

              I can respect that, being it is not a non-patriotic thing. I do like how the Olympics brings us together as a nation though. Ironically enough, the whole “rah-rah” nationalism that other countries have with pride is half the reason people hate Americans lol. It’s gonna be a hell of a game though.

            • leafy says:

              Leifmeiter – Nobody in the hockey world gives a shit if Leaf players score (or don’t score) at the Olympics. They won’t think more or less of the Leafs either way.

              You’re being totally childish. That’s why I say grow up.

              • leafmeister says:

                Alright I’ll bite. Why is cheering for the team with my favourite players more childish than you cheering for Canada? Sports fandom isn’t rational. I just have different priorities than you in regards to hockey.

                The only reason I give two shits about the Olympics is to see my favourite players. Other than that I wouldn’t care at all.

                The only time I cared how Canada performed at this stupid bullshit was 2002 and 2006, when I was an actual child.

  7. leafmeister says:

    Geez. Sorry to stun you man, but can I suggest finding more important things to get stunned over?

    Some people prefer not to have their opinions assigned to them. Get over it.

  8. leafmeister says:

    SHIT. No regrets. GO SWEDEN!

  9. doorman says:

    Ok, at first you said you were cheering for the USA as it had more of your favorite players, right? Fair enough, but now Sweeden also has more of your favorite players too? That you must even admit sounds like an anti-Canadian prospective.

  10. mapleleafsfan says:

    Also, props to Carey Price. The guy is proving it. He was rock solid, and hasn’t shown any signs of shakiness all tournament.

  11. Gambo says:

    Bars are open for the gold medal game! Gonna be a killer time staying up all night and watching the game! Lets go Canada!

    Anyone else have the feeling that Crosby is gonna have a huge goal tomorrow?

  12. mojo19 says:

    Canada will win 4-0. You heard it here first.

    GO CANADA!!!!

    Gotta love that Marleau – Toews – Carter line. Not to mention Benn and the Ducks. Crosby’s line is basically a top end grind line, and then Duchene between Sharp and Nash is another great line, incase we need to dig deep for offence.

  13. leafy says:

    Since Canada beat USSR in 1972, there have been 12 ‘Best vs Best’ tournaments. Canada has won 8. USSR 1. USA 1. Czech Rep 1. Sweden 1.

    Simply put, Canada rules this sport!!!

  14. lafleur10 says:

    A huge hockey lesson has been learnt by the U.S. national team today. You don’t invite Leaf players to join your team. They have no pride, no heart and they bring an incurable disease for losing along with them.

    • Gambo says:

      Kessel and JVR combined for 15 points.

      Pacioretty and Subban combined for 1 point.

      • lafleur10 says:

        subban and price combined for a gold medal
        kessel and jvr didn’t

        • mapleleafsfan says:

          Lol yea Subban really contributed there.

        • leafs_wallace93 says:

          At least Kessel made the Sochi all star list unlike any Hab.

          Before you yell back all star means outstanding performance btw, lafluer

          • lafleur10 says:

            yeah and price was was named best goaltender plus he’s got a gold medal that’s more than one ball has got!

          • lafleur10 says:

            yeah and price was named best goaltender in the tournament set a record for the highest sv%.971 gaa.0050 in the olympics …is the first goaltender since hasek in 98 to post a shutout in the gold medal game
            is a 11-0 in the olympics and world juniors as a starter the only golatender to post back to back shutouts in the nhl olympic era in the semi final and final those are by far more impressive than kessel being named to the all-star team.

            • lafleur10 says:

              0.59 goals-against average and .972 save percentage.

              • Gambo says:

                Price is a great goalie, I actually really like him, but put any one of the Canadian goaltenders in net with their defense and they probably could have done the same thing.

                During the Olympics I was a bigger fan of Price than Kessel, but Kessel was more impressive than Price.

                Too bad Price can’t stop Kessel during the NHL season. Also look forward to seeing Bernier outplay Price on Saturday.

                • lafleur10 says:

                  won’t happen price is a zone bernier wil be rusty for the 2 week break the habs will win 5-1 saturday
                  well i know for a fact what price did at the olympics seting a record is way more impressive than what kessel did what selanne did was even more impressive than what kessel did ,kessel is a good player but doesn’t show up in big games proof the quarter game against canada ,as soon as the canadians turned up the heat he disappeared..i doubt at any of the 2 goalies on canada would’ve been able to do that i think if smith or louongo had played canada wouldn’t have won gold!

            • leafmeister says:

              He will go down in history as the greatest international goalie to routinely shit the bed for his NHL team. Quite a gem you got there.

              • lafleur10 says:

                yeah and kessel will go as the most overrated american player that will never win anything in his career

                • leafmeister says:

                  Answer me this, if Price is the greatest goalie in the world, how come he couldn’t beat the Binghamton Senators last year? They beat him in 5 games.

                  We are not talking about Kessel.

                  • lafleur10 says:

                    it wasn’t price that lost that series for us we lost as a team
                    answer me this how come you choked against the bruins with less than 10 minutes to go with a 3 goal lead if kessel was that great he’d have led you to victory answer me that question.

                    • mapleleafsfan says:

                      If Price was that great, shouldn’t he have lead you to victory? That argument goes both ways lol.

                    • leafmeister says:

                      Nobody is claiming Kessel is the best player in the world. You said Price was the best goalie in the world.

                      You’d think the best goalie in the world might have won a playoff series since 2008. Or maybe thats just me.

                    • mapleleafsfan says:

                      When Price loses a playoff series, they lost as a team and Price cannot possibly be blamed (despite being awful). But when Team USA loses 2 games, it’s all the leading scorer of the tournaments fault, and not a single other underperforming player can be blamed. Gotcha.

              • lafleur10 says:

                quite a gem you got there as well in one ball phil most overrated win nothing player!

                • doorman says:

                  You really need to stop with the “one ball” bullshit, the guy had CANCER, you inconsiderate idiot. Do you iknow anyone who has or had cancer? Think they would appreciate the “joke’ you think you’re making? Grow and man up shithead

                  • leafmeister says:

                    Lafleur is either a Leafs fan who is super committed to making Habs fans look retarded, or an actual retarded person. These are literally the two explanations that make sense.

                  • lafleur10 says:

                    if you don’t like it too fucking bad i’ll call him what i want to call him i do’t care if you think i’m inconsiderate and yes i know people that have/had cancer…. like i said if you don’t like too fucking bad!

                    • doorman says:

                      Yup another internet tuff guy, love you guys. you should start joking about and to everyone you know who has cancer, just cause you know you don’t care.

                • lafleur10 says:

                  if kessel was that great shouldn’t he have led you guys to victory as you said it goes both ways

                  • mapleleafsfan says:

                    Where did I say Kessel is great. If neither Kessel or Price lead there team to victory in the playoffs, and it goes both ways, I guess you agree that neither of them are great right?

                    • lafleur10 says:

                      then why are leafs fans always comparing him to guys like stamkos,crosby malkin ovchenkin etc when he’s clearly not in those guys league ….lok i understand that he plays for the leafs and is a good player and he’s your best player but until he does what those guys have let’s cub that stuff until he does! he’s a good player not a great payer he isn’t a franchise player he’s a one dimensional good hockey player that’s it i think you could say he’s a star but leafs fan think this guy is a superstar and he’s isn’t he has never scored 40 goals in a season,or 50 he’s never had 90 points in a season all the superstars have or had 90-100 points in a season
                      he’s not the type of player that can lead a team to a cup
                      and i know you’ve never seen the leafs win a cup or in a cup final because your probably too young to remember 67 and that’s what all teams fans want ,that what it’s abbout ultimately winning the cup and leafs fans don’t like it when they get told they lost the kessel deal because of what they gave up seguin at 18 won the cup already is a franchise center and a tru31 center something the leafs need and he’s scoring as much as kessel is or will and he’s won already …so that’s the whole thing i’m trying to say he’s good but until he does what these guy have or won what they have won he hasn’t done anything i can understand that leafs fans are happy and proud that the guy is on your team he gives you guys a good player to cheer for.

                    • mapleleafsfan says:

                      Ah but no mention of Price, dodging as always. No, Kessel isn’t as good as Malkin/Crosby etc. But you undersell the guy like crazy. He is second in the league in goals and fourth in points. Over the past 3 years he is the highest scoring player in the league. He just won best forward at a competition with all the best players in the world. Give him some credit. Any ways, you never will because you despise the Leafs, so I don’t know why I bother haha.

                    • leafs_wallace93 says:

                      @Lafleur kinda like you pretend that Subban is a top 10 NHL blueliner?

    • mapleleafsfan says:

      This is the strange Lafleur that uses capital letters, punctuation and a more advanced vocabulary.

      • lafleur10 says:

        i don’t under sell him i tell it like it is with him i’ll give him credit when he wins something in his career

        • leafmeister says:

          You are the most brilliant troll ever. So committed to the act. Honestly I applaud your ability to never break character. Kind of weird, but still.

          • lafleur10 says:

            your the troll you piece of shit! i’ve been a member here for years now!

          • mapleleafsfan says:

            Agreed, he’s too good. I need to stop responding.

            • lafleur10 says:

              your a douche bag anyway you piece shit so why don’t you stop responding!

              • Gambo says:

                Lafleur you’re being really immature. Stop trying to act tough over anon. posts on the internet. No one here takes you seriously when you act like this.

                I know there’s a part of you that knows hockey and thinks logically, we’ve seen the very rare glimpse of it in the past.

                • lafleur10 says:

                  i’m the one being immature! wake up man he attacked me if he wouldn’t have started i ouldn’t have said that tell him to grow up as well!

                  • leafmeister says:

                    Nobody attacked you man. We just don’t take you seriously because you have trouble expressing yourself coherently and mock cancer survivors because they play on a team you don’t like. If you want to be taken seriously act your age. (whatever that may be)

                    Or your a troll; in which case, bravo.

                    • lafleur10 says:

                      since when do you own this site? and who the hell are you to tell me that i’m a troll i can come here any time i want i’ve been a member here longer than you have
                      i’ll mock one ball phil all i want,ill cal him what ever i want to call him and if you don’t like it to fucking bad

                    • leafmeister says:

                      Yeah, you can, and do, post whatever brain farts come into your head. Doesn’t change the fact that nobody takes your opinions seriously.

                      Everyone would respect you way more if you were just a really devoted troll.

  15. Gambo says:

    I predict Lupul will be hot for the rest of this season.

    Also curious to see what kind of moves Toronto will be looking to make. Bolland coming back will be a big addition in itself.
    Nick Kypreos is reporting that Martin St.Louis asked for a trade. Imagine a top 6 of:

    • doorman says:

      Hopefully, Lupul comes out strong, as he seemed off before the break.

      Nonis will attempt to resign not trade Bolland like some think, IMO. Though I am curious as to what he does as we have too many bodies in the bottom six. Cjoices will need to be made about next season starting yesterday, lol. But numbers wise something has to give.

      I am not sure how much I believe St.Louis wants out of Tampa. But he would be an amazing pick up for any team, but will not be cheap.

    • reinjosh says:

      Lupul hasn’t been his PPG self (what he’s been for us for over 80ish games) that just goes anywhere everywhere, but it’s important to look at context. For one he was playing the right side while Carlyle forced Raymond on that line. Lupul has never played that side well, hence why he asked to be tried on the left side in Anaheim. He’s back on his preferred side now with Kadri, which is a good thing.

      Secondly, he hasn’t been that bad. He’s on pace for 27 goals and 54 points. Other players with cap hits within a quarter million his that are scoring between 25 and 30 goals, and 50-60 points currently are:

      Bobby Ryan
      Jeff Carter
      Evander Kane
      Ryan Kesler

      • doorman says:

        I am not saying he has been bad, just not himself. I don’t even necessarily mean in terms of scoring, he just seems off, maybe like you said was being forced to his off wing? But he is a player who has been infectious for us in a good way through his emotional play.

  16. doorman says:

    Anybody here go to HFboards?

  17. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Canada is becoming a dynasty and dynasty are f’ing boring.

  18. doorman says:

    hmmmm, wonder where RLF is a whole thread minimum he hasn’t been see at, did we lose another member?

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      Still around. I was reading, just not posting.(that should have made some happy on here.lol)

      As for the discussions on here

      1. Yes Gagner needs a new place to play.

      2. The anti-Team Canada stuff I don’t understand. I understand their reasons, but this is a country competition, not just a hockey one. It’s why there is a medal count at the end from all the events, not just individual events. As a country, we finished 3rd in the world and Team Canada(men’s hockey) helped us get there. As a proud Canadian, that is something I am proud of. Plus, the men’s team played almost perfect the last two games. Some say it was boring, personally I was in awe of the way we dominated the best players from two of the most talented hockey countries in the world(USA, Sweden). It should be a proud day for Canadians to know we are still, by far, the strongest hockey nation in the world.imo
      As for Kessel, JVR. Sure I was hoping they did well in the Olympics, but not against Canada. If they were more dedicated to the Leafs over their country, they would have declined the invitation to play. They didn’t decline, they went and did well and I am happy for them. Obviously players put the opportunity to play for country first, NHL team second, which I have no problem with and totally understand. If they put country first…shouldn’t Canadians?

      3. Price was very good and deserves credit. He didn’t let in the bad goal in any close game. He was calm and held the puck when needed, let out few rebounds and gave his team the confidence he was there to make the save when they needed him. That said, the team infront of him allowed very few prime scoring chances against. Considering the talent he was facing, he wasn’t relied on to make too many games saving type of saves. I don’t think he solidified himself as the best goalie in the world by his play at the Olympics.

      4. Lupul has not been his normal self. The points may not be bad, but he has lacked intensity on many nights. he has looked uninterested at times and his intensity is what makes him so effective. I am hoping he comes out and puts a stretch together of strong, hardnosed play for the playoff run and into the playoffs.

      Blame Doorman for this…he woke me up.lol

  19. LN91 says:


    Best forward: Phil Kessel
    Best defencemen: Erik Karlsson
    Best goalie: Carey Price

    Oh, the irony:

    1- We have a Leaf, Sen, and a Hab. Atlantic represent.

    2- 3/4 of Kessel’s highlights come from torching the other two players. He always saves his best against Ottawa and Montreal.

    Oh and lafleur, yeah…Price winning Olympic Gold is an accomplishment…However, the last 2 gold medal goalies (King Henrik and Luongo) still have not won a cup 😉

  20. doorman says:

    That’s pretty interesting, never thought about the division connection that way.

    Price is the greatest goalie EVEr playing behind PK Subban, who is…..wait for it….. a generational talent.

    • lafleur10 says:

      i didn’t say price was the best ever dickhead i said he was the best in the game now…patrick rooy is the best in the history of game !

      • LN91 says:

        Carey Price is top-5…But I cannot say best right now.

        Personally…He’s up their with J Quick and Tuuka Rask, who I think are a bit better right now.

        • doorman says:

          He is good and is top 5-7 for sure, but until he leads his team to the cup like many good goalies before him, that’s all he will be. I would take Quick, Rask, Crawford, Lundqvist ahead of him. the next 2-4 spots would be heavily debated depending on who you cheer for.

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