Oilers-hang on to a lead..please, also what about comrie

Did anyone catch the Oilers game on Sat vs the Red Wings? I just do not understand what is going on with Oilers, up two-nil after the first and then let in four goals in 5:17. I am not saying that it was any one-persons fault on the four goals, it just boggles the mind when a team with the Oilers’ capability can let leads slip away. It was the same thing in St.Louis where the Oil had total domination for the first 15 minutes of the game, came out 3-2 after the first, slept through the second and tried to comeback in the last 7 minutes of the third.Granted there have been games where the Oilers have played well and were able to hang on to the lead (Col, Buf, and SJ) i hate to see the Oilers with such potential to open the game up with there speed once they have the lead somehow let it slip.

Also in the Red Wings game, Salo although not to be blamed for all the goals looked a little shaky which poses the question of his status in Edm. He has outstayed his presence in Edmonton and a change in scenery be best for the Swede. I guess we should have kept Markkanen, even if he isnt a number one goalie, him and ty could have split the games up rather than having a definite number one goalie.

Now that Gaborik has signed with the Wild, is there any chance that the Oil will sign Comrie? My thoughts are no. Lowe has stated that this negotiation is not personal and that he wants to do what is best for the team. Granted it may not be personal, however, would it not be best for the team to do something with comrie whether it be signing or trading? Having a player sit out to me is not best for the team, signing him or getting a player of equal quality would be best for the team.

With that in mind, I would like to see Comrie go to a team that is relatively half decent, like the Sens or Isles and the Oilers getting something better than prospects in return. It has been rumored that the Oil if they drop Comrie that they want to send him to the east which seems to be the best from the oilers point of view. If Comrie had to go to the east, these seem to be the best players that we could get in return for him. Personally I would like to see the oil get either Bates or Kvasha as both have speed and talent however play LW. If not there Gomez or Tim Connoly would also be good fits in the Oilers system and budget. Let’s hear your thoughts because something has to be done with Comrie.

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  1. TC_4 says:

    Scott Gomez would be a good fit with the Oilers. One of the games bright young stars(despite having some tough years lately). He also has 2 rings in his arsenal. Gomez could benifit from the Oilers offensive style.

  2. MantaRay says:

    There is no way that NJ will be trading Gomez.

    Every team in the NHL wants him, but he will be staying in NJ for a long time. He’s helped get to us to three Stanley Cup finals in his four years in NJ and is too important to the Devils future.

    The Devils are not going to be paying Comrie to play in Albany, cause he would’nt start in NJ.

    He should be happy in Western Conference and a fast skating team like the Oilers.

    He doesn’t know how good he has it in Edmonton.

  3. edmontonrules says:

    The Oilers couldn’t trade Comrie to New Jersey. New Jersey isn’t the type of team that Comrie would work out on. The only way that New Jersey would take him is if it was cheap. I think that Comrie will eventually sign with the team. Either that or he will sit out the rest of the season.

  4. diehardoilersfan says:

    I agree that the gomez talk will never happen. But when lowe says he wants to do whats best for the team hes gotta get his ass in gear. This has been draggin on for along time now. Hopefully something is going to happen relatively soon. I don’t think that the oilers need really much more young talent i think they need a little leadership. They are rock steady on the points with bergeron and semenov being good young talent. In regards to salo he just doesn’t seem to be in a groove all he needs to find it or he may be like i read “playing his way out”

  5. oilerfan says:

    Thank you…it is about time that i read someone who believes that lowe has got to get things organized with the comrie talks/contracts. Something must be done…and soon

  6. oilerfan says:

    I would love to see comrie in an oilers uniform soon but i think that is highly unlikely…comrie has pretty much stated that he doesnt like the pressure of being a home town boy playing in the NHL. It would be sweet if he did stay in edm though

  7. oilerfan says:

    I agree with the leadership comment. I thought with the messier talks this summer that we would get that much needed leadership with the loss of Marchant….perhaps at the tradedeadline slats and lowe will work out some kinda deal. They should have grabbed bucky off of free agency this summer

  8. the_expert_44 says:

    bates for comrie!!! as an isles fan i would do that in a split second. comrie will be a star while bates sucks. i watch him play he has no skill and is no more than a 4th liner and penalty killer. i cant believe lavliolette put bates on the pp point just cuz they were together in providence. damn was bates bad!! laviolette deserved to get fired cuz he had so many good d-men that coulda played the point.

    o yea…no frickin way were trading kvasha. hes been playing awesome and is justifying (along with dipietro) that luongo deal.

  9. TC_4 says:

    I don’t know about everybody wanting Gomez, but everything you said was true. He doesn’t know how good he has it(Comrie).

  10. RangerSteve says:

    As far as Comrie being dealt somewhere, I definately don’t think he’ll go to New Jersey. The Devils don’t want to overpay their restricted free agents(ie Arnott, Niedermayer etc.), why on earth would they want to be put in the same situation with Comrie? Hey Oilerfan..maybe you meant Jason Blake…not Shawn Bates. If I’m Milbury and Lowe said give me a first round pick with Bates for Comrie I’d file that paper work in a heartbeat. The Isles are deep within the organization as is. What if Comrie ended up in Montreal with Komisarek going to Edmonton in a package? just an idea, not saying Montreal would do it.

  11. Swaottawa says:

    If the Oilers want some leadership… and the definitely need a center… why don’t they go out and sign Adam Oats…

    Seriously… he’s not playing for a team and as far as I understand hasn’t officially retired yet…

    I know he’s what 42 and damn slow doesn’t really fit in with the Oilers system… but come on he brings A LOT to the table… and everything the oil need right now… Leadership, a smooth passer, he can feed it to Smyth and Dvorak or Hemsky your pick all day long, he’s great on the power play, the oil haven no legitimate player on the point, and best of all, he’s cheap… you could score oats for 1 1.5 million… Nice little addition…

    Second… Yes Salo is sucking ass right now… but look at the Oilers D… they tossed Ninnima away there best D man and Brewer is showing that he isn’t ready for the number 1 spot… and after brewer you have what Jason smith… Cory Cross… come on… The oil need a number 1 guy on D not a new goalie… and one more thing… who in their right mind trade away a player when his value is ZIP!!! if there desperate they could go after Oleg Teverdovsky… he still hasn’t signed and is probably getting desperate…

    and here’s an Idea… Eastern Conference… not doing’ so hot… looking for a change… and rebuilding a bit…. Carolina… JEFF O’NEILL… heard it here first… Comrie and a pick whatever it takes… second / third for O’Neill… Carolina gets someone who can skate and score with Svoboda and Vrbata… and there where rumors last year O’Neill wasn’t happy… and his production is close to comrie… The Oil get a BIG… STRONG… Forward that can play center or wing… but think about it this way

    Smyth O’Neill Hemsky

    O’Neill parks in front of the net… Smyth and Hemsky fill it with pucks… If I was the Lowe that’s who I’d try and get…

    Or maybe I’m just crazy…

  12. markodj says:

    o’neill is far more valuable that comrie, not only as an nhl player, but also for the hurricanes (he is their leader and most valuable player)…. besides, the oilers will try and get a centre for comrie (thats what they need)…..

  13. Swaottawa says:

    O’Neill can play center… Brindamour Stall and Ron Francis (overlooking his age) are more important to Carolina than O’Neill

  14. CechmanekForVezina says:

    Wasn’t there an arcticle about this yesterday? Enough with the Oilers, no amout of complaining is going to make them magically be good.

  15. OilersBabe says:

    Yeah, maybe we need more Blue Jackets articles. hahahahahehehehehe whatever.

    I will blow every one of those guys if the will hang onto their next lead. That will be my weekly BJ.

  16. TC_4 says:

    A little dirty are we?

  17. oilerfan says:

    perhaps another player that brings leadership is stumpy thomas. He too is old like oates but in a clutch situation like the final games of the season and the playoffs he can put the puck in the net. How aboot this for a number one d-man…housley?. he too is old but i am not too sure what his salary is…might not be in the oil budget

  18. oilerfan says:

    i know that there was an article about this yesterday…not to worry though i wrote this while the other one was getting processed.

  19. OilersBabe says:

    I will do whatever it takes to help my boys win. Just being part of the team! 🙂

  20. TC_4 says:

    No amount of complaining is going to make Chechmanek anything close to a good goaltender either.

  21. TC_4 says:

    ohhhh, don’t forget, I’m on that team.

  22. TC_4 says:

    Only reason why O’Neill is on the wing is because they have Francis and Brind A’mour on the first 2 lines. Your obviously not going to have O’Neill on the 3rd line. He is a natural centre.

  23. OilersBabe says:

    Just make sure your playing top line. You don’t want sloppy seconds!

  24. CechmanekForVezina says:

    Where have I said anything remotely sounding like a complaint about Cechmanek?

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