Oilers-hang on to a lead..please, also what about comrie

Did anyone catch the Oilers game on Sat vs the Red Wings? I just do not understand what is going on with Oilers, up two-nil after the first and then let in four goals in 5:17. I am not saying that it was any one-persons fault on the four goals, it just boggles the mind when a team with the Oilers’ capability can let leads slip away. It was the same thing in St.Louis where the Oil had total domination for the first 15 minutes of the game, came out 3-2 after the first, slept through the second and tried to comeback in the last 7 minutes of the third.Granted there have been games where the Oilers have played well and were able to hang on to the lead (Col, Buf, and SJ) i hate to see the Oilers with such potential to open the game up with there speed once they have the lead somehow let it slip.

Also in the Red Wings game, Salo although not to be blamed for all the goals looked a little shaky which poses the question of his status in Edm. He has outstayed his presence in Edmonton and a change in scenery be best for the Swede. I guess we should have kept Markkanen, even if he isnt a number one goalie, him and ty could have split the games up rather than having a definite number one goalie.

Now that Gaborik has signed with the Wild, is there any chance that the Oil will sign Comrie? My thoughts are no. Lowe has stated that this negotiation is not personal and that he wants to do what is best for the team. Granted it may not be personal, however, would it not be best for the team to do something with comrie whether it be signing or trading? Having a player sit out to me is not best for the team, signing him or getting a player of equal quality would be best for the team.

With that in mind, I would like to see Comrie go to a team that is relatively half decent, like the Sens or Isles and the Oilers getting something better than prospects in return. It has been rumored that the Oil if they drop Comrie that they want to send him to the east which seems to be the best from the oilers point of view. If Comrie had to go to the east, these seem to be the best players that we could get in return for him. Personally I would like to see the oil get either Bates or Kvasha as both have speed and talent however play LW. If not there Gomez or Tim Connoly would also be good fits in the Oilers system and budget. Let’s hear your thoughts because something has to be done with Comrie.