Oilers Ink Four

The Edmonton Oilers have signed Ethan Moreau and Georges Laraque, as well as Brad Winchester and Joe Cullen. Moreau has signed for one year, Laraque has signed for three years, and Winchester and Cullen both signed for two years.

Bob Stauffer of Total Sports radio show (TEAM1260, Edmonton) reported the signings on his show Thursday afternoon.

All Hands on Deck

The Edmonton Oilers Training Camp starts tomorrow, Friday the 12th, and with today’s signings, the team has almost all the pieces together for next season.

Mike Comrie is as yet unsigned, but has reported for his medical and physical exams, and plans to attend training camp regardless of his contract situation. Comrie is quoted as saying “I’m still property of the Edmonton Oilers, just because you don’t have a contract doesn’t mean you don’t go for the medical or physical. Hopefully we’ll figure out something shortly, at this point I plan on coming out and participating (in training camp)without a contract.”

Off the Cuff

Mike York has received full clearance to play this year courtesy of Dr. David Reid, the Oilers team doctor. His scaphoid bone has fully healed but ongoing physiotherapy is necessary to fully recover the range of motion and strength in York’s wrist. He will be at training camp and can participate in drills and scrimmages. York has been suffering with this injury since February 25th when he broke it in a game against the Colorado Avalanche.

Radek Dvorak is also ready to go, after suffering his own broken wrist in last year’s playoffs series against Dallas. Dvorak spent the summer in the Czech Republic rehabbing the injury. “The last three weeks I was skating back home and I was shooting hard. It looks really positive.”

Salo Putting His Best Foot Forward

Tommy Salo was quoted as saying, “I always try and do my best out there and I think everybody knows that, but sometimes the puck is not going your way. That’s the way it is.” Salo’s new record is for putting together more than five words when answering a reporter’s question. Salo obviously knows that his performance last year was sub-par, but he will have help this season.

Pete Peeters will return to the Oilers coaching staff this year, as a goaltending consultant. Peeters will oversee Ty Conklin’s development in the NHL, as well as working with Tommy Salo to improve his game. Salo and Peeters have not worked together much over the summer, but Salo says “I might not even see it, but he’s going to work hard with me and I think it’s going to show up.”

Everything Well in Hand for Camp

With Comrie’s pledge, Moreau and Laraque signing, and York and Dvorak healed, the Oilers will have everyone who finished the season in copper and blue at camp, which begins tommorow.

All quotes taken from the Edmonton Journal, Thursday, September 11th, 2003. Credit: Joanne Ireland

Stay tuned for a training camp review and preview next week.

NOTE: I got my Oiler tickets today and if the Heritage Classic can not be played on Saturday, November 22nd, the make-up game will be on Sunday, November 23rd. I just wanted you all to know that I am indeed going to the Heritage Classic. Nyah Nyah.

15 Responses to Oilers Ink Four

  1. titans says:

    Salo Rules!!!!

  2. jofa says:

    Good move signing Laraque for 3. I’ve never seen a player as good in the corners as that guy. Unbelievable – holding off two players with his back and one arm, and shovelling the puck along with the other. If he was able to score, he’d be pretty unstoppable. 🙂

    Moreau is interesting. He’s a great player for a team, in that he gives 110% and knows his role, but at the same time, there are a number of LW waiting in the wings in Edmonton that could take his place for a lot cheaper (Rita or Torres). Could easily be traded before Christmas, unless there are injuries.

    Looking forward to seeing what Dvorak can do. Expectations aren’t too high, but he’s a bit of a wild card. He’s now fully recovered from his knee problems, and has the potential to return to 30g heights. Should be interesting to see how he does on a more wide open western conference team.

    One more comment – I was reading that Hemsky has lost 10 pounds after being on a exercise routine all summer, and is looking far leaner and faster than last year. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ales challenged for team lead in points this year, as there were some flashes of incredible talent and playmaking vision last year.

    Damn you and your Heritage Classic tix!!! I’m crossing my fingers for the lottery drawing… not too likely… 🙁

  3. TC_4 says:

    YES!!! Now that we’ve got Joe Cullen, no team can stop us!!! This is bigger then the Avs signing Karyia and Selanne.

    P.S. I wasn’t mocking the article

  4. OldNord says:

    Expect that Salo will have a great season after his really bad one last year. It’s not only that he has the talent to do it but it’s his last year contract, so he will do his best to stopping the puck this year like the majority of players who are on his last year’s contract.

    Laraque have a fair contract if you’re comparing it at Domi 2 millions and Brashear 2,2. He signed for 4,1 $ for three years, he deserved it.

    Go Oilers!

  5. edmontonrules says:

    Dammit I wish I could live in Edmonton, or even Alberta……. I do not really wish to say it but even Saskatchewan would be better than Manitoba for my hockey watching.

  6. headpushslap says:

    Funnily enough the media in Edmonton feel the same way as you do in regards to the indomitable Ethan Moreau. Plenty of youngsters are lined up for his spot, cheaper too.

    I think Moreau will be gone by the end of camp, watch him play on the first or second line all seven games and get rolled for some more D men. The Oil are pitifully short on defensive prospects, as well as Right Wing.

  7. headpushslap says:

    Name: Joe Cullen

    Position: C


    Height: 6-1

    Weight: 190 lbs

    Birthdate: 2002-01-08


    Acquired: Drafted 7th Rd (211th) in 2000

    Year Team League GP G A PTS PIM

    2002-03 Colorado WCHA 42 20 15 35 56

    Great numbers huh? He’s a college player and my info is from http://www.hockeysfuture.com. Great site for prospects info.

    But yeah, I get it…he ain’t gonna light it up this year in Edmonton. I just included him ’cause Bob said it on the radio. The Oilers sure know how to make waves in the FA Market.

    Bigger signing than Peter Sarno, however. That one never even made it into the paper.

  8. OldNord says:

    Damn the guy is one year old, I will grow a beard from now until he plays in the NHL.

    -Hey filthy guy, go cut your beard!

    -No…I’m waiting that Joe Cullen made the NHL.

    -Ha, *bong shot* I understand, sorry!

  9. OldNord says:

    Hemsky is one of my sleeper in the future hockey pool I will do with my friends. I expect a good season by Hemsky.

  10. headpushslap says:

    Yeah, I see that now. I probably shoulda checked it first, but it was a copy and paste kinda thing.


    HPS, Fist of the NorthStars.

  11. Daytwa says:

    Oh my Gosh! that’s awesome!

  12. TC_4 says:

    Oh yeah, don’t get me wrong, I was mocking the signing, not the article man. I RARELY knock on a Oilers article. Peter Sarno deserves a chance though. He’s put up MONSTER numbers everywhere he’s played, and he’s fast. Size is such a huge factor with GM’s though, it’s stupid really.

  13. jofa says:

    No doubt. Hemsky was pretty amazing to watch last year, even as he was just adjusting as a teenage to the NHL. I think he took a lot of his team mates by surprise at first, as a lot of the times he would throw these unbelievable passes out to them when they were least expecting it. With good team mates, Hemsky should be able to get anywhere from 50 to 60 points this season.

  14. jofa says:

    Hey, where in MB are you? I grew up in Brandon, home of the Wheat Kings!

  15. wayne2 says:

    We`ll send you Shane Knidy and a pick for him.

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