Could the Oilers move Gagne, Eberle and Yakupov?

The Edmonton Oilers are likely moving Sam Gagner — to the wing on Friday and, if the buzz is true, out of Edmonton before the trade deadline.

It is only a matter of time before we start seeing casualties of a rebuild gone horribly wrong, and speculation is that it will begin with him.

But it probably won’t end there.

With a season as bad as this one, and a rebuild as far behind schedule as this one, hard moves are inevitable. The Oilers need three, maybe four, top-six forwards in the 210-225 pound range to round out the none they already have, they need a No.1 and a No. 2 defenceman and they need a starting goalie.

There’s no evidence in Oklahoma City to suggest any of those ingredients are on the way any time soon and there’s no reason to believe an organization that drafted and developed itself into an eight-year desert walk is suddenly going to draft and develop itself into a contender.

Even if they tried, it would take four, five or even six years (dangerously close to the end of the Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle contracts) of everything going perfectly on the home-grown front before they are a top four team in the West.

In order to get the premium ingredients their scouts can’t find, before the entire organization collapses on itself, there seems no other option than to serve up some of their young players.

Bold moves, here we come.

Gagner would be a start, but it’s not unrealistic to think Nail Yakupov and/or Eberle could be next.

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  1. reinjosh says:

    Blame the players all you want (they do have responsibility in this, I wouldn’t deny this) but the biggest problem with this team resides solely on one person, and one person alone. Randy fucking Carlyle. I’m sick of him and he needs to go. He was a mistake hiring from day one, and he’s no less of a mistake now.

    His system does not fit this team. It never did. And he stubbornly refuses to change it in anyway to match the makeup of the team. It is absolutely idiotic to try and play a game that your team is not designed to play. A good coach doesn’t do that. A good coach builds a system that is designed to help the players succeed, not form the players into one type of player. Carlyle is a one trick pony coach who has absolutely no idea how to play a winning style with skilled players. He leans far too heavily on unskilled role players and it has to end.

    Carlyle needs to be fired. We will never be a successful team with him as coach. I absolutely refuse to say that this is all the players fault. He’s lost them because he is too fucking stubborn to admit his system won’t work for them.

    It’s time for a change. I guarantee that this team is a playoff team with another coach in place.

    • doorman says:

      first the article, Gagne gone, Eberle, I doubt it and Yakapov, maybe.

      Now josh not opposed to a coaching change, but who do you replace him with?

      • reinjosh says:

        Realistic Option? Peter Laviolette

        Semi-Realistic Option(probably unlikely though due to his relative pro inexperience)? Steve Spott.

        Unrealistic Option? Mike Johnston, coach/GM of the Portland Winterhawks

        Darkhorse Option? Scott Gordon promoted

        • LN91 says:

          And when Kadri annoys another coach…What do the Leads do then?

        • realistic_leafs_fan says:

          Josh, although I don’t agree with you on Carlyle, I won`t disagree that a coaching change might help…but how much will it help long term?

          You say Carlyle can’t work with kids. Getzlaf, Perry, Penner during his cup winning season were kids. Moen, Obrien, Beauchemin, all quite young at the time.

          As for the Leafs, you say he can’t coach this team with a proper system. Does everyone forget that it was under Carlyle that Kessel showed his best compete level last year. Phaneuf has played his best hockey. Franson, Gardiner, JVR all taken positive strides under Caryle last season. McClement had his career resurrected under Carlyle. Kadri actually became an NHL’er and Carlyle brought him along properly. The Leafs had a good PK for once last season with Carlyle.
          Yes, this season has seen a down turn. Did Carlyle forget how to coach these guys all of a sudden?
          I am starting to wonder if the Bernier trade has affected the players. Reimer plays great, the team has success…and the response is to trade for another goalie to take his place basically. I think the team was pretty tight last year and I wonder if that trade has caused the players to worry about who’s next to go or get replaced.
          Canning Carlyle may help, but if the issue is with the players or with management’s direction…it won’t help for long and could really backfire.

    • TmLeafan says:

      Starting to get really pissed off at Carlyle too. Scratching Gardiner last night was a joke.

      He plays Mcclement waaay too much. I think that is why we are struggling. If your 1st line centre is Tyler Bozak your 3rd line centre cannot be Jay Mcclement. He has 1 goal and 5 points all year, with the ice time he gets that is pathetic and people wonder why we get outshot. Don’t get me wrong I think he has his uses like on the pk and centering the 4th line but we need guys that can contribute.

      Carlyles style of play is great in the playoffs but it simply isn’t working with this team over an 82 game season. Last year we were able to get away with it but this year the players are getting burnt out, playing physical and balls to the wall is not sustainable every single night. I agree Carlyle needs to adapt and get the best out of his players.

      I Don’t know who we would go with if he does get canned, not a huge fan of Laviolette and have no idea about the other options you listed.

      • TmLeafan says:

        I was never a big fan of the Clarkson signing but you got to look at how he is being used. He is not a checking, defensive winger. He needs the confidence of his coach to use his offensive abilities.

  2. leafy says:

    I think a big trade is coming down with Edmonton.

  3. LN91 says:

    Bad News: Leafs are sliding fast.

    Good News: Columbus, Islanders, Capitals, Rangers all won!!!

    Toronto has another rough stretch coming…Woohoo!

  4. doorman says:

    Didn’t see the game, was the compete level at least higher? if it wasn’t and isn’t raised soon not sure the bleeding can be stopped?

    • LN91 says:

      It was raised, still not great as several lapses of judgements caused the loss…However, the bleeding will not stop as the Leafs have a tough stretch/road schecule ahead.

  5. kessel_leafs81 says:

    lol at the 1992 ten player trade coming soon.. it really got me thinking tho, just for fun, a huge trade does happen.. edmonton and leafs are very good fits.. leafs have a ton of size up front and oilers dont have any… trade like :

    To edm: Clarkson, lupul, kadri, franson

    To Leafs: Hall, yakupov, gagner, schultz

    resign komarov

    Leafs lines:
    JVR – Bozak – kessel
    Hall – gagner – yakupov
    kulimen – bolland – komarov
    mclaren – mcclement – orr

    Phaneuf – gardiner
    gleason – schultz
    Gunnarson – reilly


    Lupul – Nuge – eberle
    clarkson – kadri – perron
    arcobello – gordon – hemsky
    jones – smyth – gazdic

    This is just for fun, but it does make edmonton tougher to play against and adds more skill to the leafs, the lineup doesnt look too small either in my opinion anyways. I didnt pay too much attention to value of the trade, one side will probably have to add up.

    • The leafs. And they add big. Real big. The speed of Hall and Kessel would be sick.

      • kessel_leafs81 says:

        funny thing is that i actually see both teams benefiting greatly from a trade like this haha, leafs add a first rounder or stuart percy type prospect.. i could see edmonton having good interest in fredrick gauthier also. Not bad haha. Come on mctavish the man of action lets have a blockbuster

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