Oilers likely to move their top pick

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  1. Gambo says:

    Dallas Eakins is the new head coach of the Oilers. Coaching Edmonton is such a good fit for him, he’ll be perfect for their young team. Sucks to see him leave Toronto’s organization, he was an amazing coach. Wishing him the best of luck in Edmonton.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Oilers sign Ryan Hamilton for the big club. He’s deserved a spot on an NHL roster and is Dallas Eakin’s favorite player, said he’s like a son to him. He’s a veteran pro athlete and a leader, would fit perfectly on their 3rd line.

  2. Gambo says:

    To EDM: Phaneuf
    To TOR: 1st(7th)

    To NSH: 1st(7th), Gunnarsson, 2nd.
    To TOR: 1st(4th).

    Nashville gets a solid dman in Gunnarsson who could be the steady guy they need to play with Weber. Also get a 2nd for only moving down 3 spots.

    To FLA: 1st(4th), Colborne, 1st(21st) + if necessary.
    To TOR: 1st(2nd), Kuba.

    Florida moves down 2 spots which they said they are comfortable doing, also pick up a decent prospect in Colborne and another 1st. Toronto gets in position to draft Mackinnon and adds a savvy veteran defenseman.

    To BUF: 1st(2014), 1st(2015), 2nd(2014).
    To TOR: Myers.

    Same trade that Toronto did with Boston, risky as hell, but chance to get a top 2 defenseman now.

    -Resign Kadri 2 years, 5.75m. Exact same as Subban’s.
    -Resign Franson 2 years, 5.75m. Exact same as Subban’s.
    -Resign MacArthur 1 year, 3.25m. Giving him another chance.
    Resign both Fraser and Kostka.
    -Resign both Orr and Mcleren.
    -Sign Mackinnon max ELC.
    -Sign Boyd Gordon, 2 years 3.5m

    Mcleren, D’amigo


    Giving up: Phaneuf, Gunnarsson, 1st(3 of them), 2nd(2 of them)and Colborne.

    Getting: Mackinnon, Myers, Kuba and Gordon.

    • mojo19 says:

      Phaneuf, Gunnarsson, Colborne, plus our 1st and 2nd round picks is a lot to be giving up for one kid named McKinnon. What he’s not that great? That’s way too many assets in my opinion. That could have even worse backlash than the Kessel trade, not to mention McKinnon would have as much or more pressure on him than Phil had coming in. That’s too much in my opinion.

      I definitely like the overall idea though. Phaneuf for the 7th seems very realistic to me. Then we could just draft at 7 or move our 7th and 21st overall picks to move up to a top 4 spot and grab someone else.

      • nordiques100 says:

        They won’t want Dion b/c of his contract status. Too much of a risk to trade a top 10 pick for a 1 year rental. He could easily leave or price himself out of Edmonton.

      • Gambo says:

        Oh yeah, it’s definitely too much to give up. I just think that’s what would have to be given up in order to keep moving up.

        Originally I was only going to post up to getting the 4th overall from Nashville, but got a little carried away haha.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      I don’t why everyone seems so high on Myers, this guy could be had for less than what you’re proposing given that he was a healthy scratch on a semi regular basis this season. If a guy is getting that treatment in Buffalo then my bet is that he’ll be eaten alive in Toronto.

      • mojo19 says:

        Once great, still young. I get the hype, but I also agree he could be had for less. His contract is ridiculous considering his last couple of seasons.

  3. coyotes_bettman says:

    Wonder if the Oilers #4 pick could be used in a deal with the Penguins to Land Malkin and Fleury?

    To the Pens:

    Oilers 7th Pick
    Yann Danis
    Sammy Gagner
    1st in 2014

    Malkin and Fleury?

    No way it happens but if you’re an Oilers fan that’s a wet dream.

  4. coyotes_bettman says:

    Does this get a deal done if you’re Ray Shero? I would think the answer is yes.

    Kesler and Schneider for Malkin?

    • Schneider hasn’t proved anything yet, especially in the post season. What’s the point in going with him over Fleury? Kesler will command a lot of money, and for the extra couple of million, you could keep a better player in Malkin.

      • I guess you could then turn around a trade Fleury for solid Defense. Adding a back checker like Kesler, and some solid defense would turn them into more of a 2-way team, but I still don’t think it’s a good idea to get rid of Malkin.

  5. coyotes_bettman says:

    I don’t either and I have a feeling that Malkin will stay put – in all honesty in the long run it’s gonna be Crosby at the end of his contract who is going to take the one year deal to skate with his favorite team growing up in Montreal, much like when Lindros was a Leaf well passed his domination period and kind of just to live out a dream.

    However – I do think Fleury to the Oilers is a possibility.

  6. Eakins gets a 4 year contract from Oilers.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      Leafs built this guy from scratch, he survived GM and coaching staff change overs, not happy with him leaving. This could be Mike Crawford leaving the Leafs for Nordiques all over. Again an important piece of the organization walking under Nonis’ watch.

      • coyotes_bettman says:

        I think you mean Marc Crawford, who had a pretty succesful career coaching in the OHL before he went to the AHL and went on to the NHL.

        Eakins is a different breed of coach but he’s a good one – and this could easily turn into the next Corey Clouston though too..remember him the can’t miss coaching prospect that was going to take the Sens to the promised land…where is he again?

  7. leafs_wallace93 says:

    OverweightinBuffalo wrote an htr like article suggesting with Eakins taking over the Leafs and Oilers could fix each other issues. Gardiner reunites with Schlutz to bring back the Nuge, Eberle or the 7th pick….


    • mojo19 says:

      I stopped reading any Mike in Buffalo bullshit a couple years ago. Not going to the link, but gimme the Cole’s notes – what was the proposed trade?

      • 93killer93 says:

        He didn’t really propose a trade. He just said the Oilers could be interested in Gardiner, Holzer and Scrivens, and that Eberle, Gagner or Nugent-Hopkins could replace Bozak in Toronto. Or the Leafs could take pick 7 and get a prospect.

        • mojo19 says:

          Thanks, bro. Ya, I really don’t think they’ll move the Nuge, but we could poach someone off Edmonton.

          I doubt Gardiner is moved unless Nonis is able to get his hands on a big name. Not for the 7th pick though. Might as well hold onto Gardiner, we’re not completely rebuilding, and Jake looks like a stud, and he’s young any way’s.

          • mapleleafsfan says:

            If I remember correclty Tim Leiweke had some high praise for Gardiner after the playoffs. Nonis would be in hot water if he traded him, unless it was a very clear win.

            I’m excited about Leiweke, he’s a winner.

  8. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    I think the Leafs may very well look from within for a centre and sign/trade for wingers that are available. With no real centres out there and the likes of Horton, Penner, Stalberg, Bickell, Clarkson, Dupuis possibly reaching UFA status, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Leafs grab one or two of these guys and put JVR at centre which I have mentioned they should try in the past.

    JVR has the size, speed and skill to be an NHL centre. Let Bozak walk, trade Grabo if possible and sign/trade for a quality right winger and left winger and give JVR the shot at centre along with Kadri. JVR’s regular season face-off% was 55.8%(limited action). Leafs could then add size, strength and speed on the wings. If it doesn’t work with JVR at centre, chances are a centre will become available at the deadline or next off-season.

    We should be able to get a combo of 2 top nine wingers for about $7.5 mil or less, which is what a top line centre would cost anyway.

    Lupul Kadri Kessel
    Kulimen JVR (Horton/Clarkson)
    (Stalberg/Bickell) Colborne? Frattin
    MaLaren McClement Orr

    Smart thing would be to tell JVR to work out at centre ice this off-season and be prepared just in case.IMO

    • mojo19 says:

      I would definitely like to see JVR tried at centre if we can’t trade for one. Also, I’m really impressed by Colborne who stepped into a tough situation games 6 and 7 and did not look out of place. If those games are any kind of indication, I think he’s ready for full time NHL duty.

  9. Preds extended Roman Josi – 7 years/ 4 million per year. If he turns out to be Suters replacement and continues to hold down the D, this chould turn out to be a great, long term, signing.

  10. nordiques100 says:

    I am really interested to see what MacT chooses to do.

    He said he was going to be aggressive and going after Eakins was case in point.

    The Oil need a lot of work. Ya, they have some awesome young talent, but they need support.

    I think one of Gagner, Eberle, Hall, RNH, Schultz will be moved. It seems Gagner the RFA is the most likely.

    Their top pick, 7th overall also free and available.

    They need a second goalie to press Dubnyk or in fact replace him.

    Their D is shoddy at best. Schultz is ok, but Smid, Petry, Nick Schultz add depth but they need a horse and allow each of their D to move down a peg.

    I think Eakins style will mesh better with the talented forwards they have. But they need to be more difficult to play against.

    I could see the Oilers doing a trade similar to the trade Buffalo and Dallas did when Roy and Ott changed teams. The Oilers could use a player like Ott. Or perhaps 4 of them.

    Having a top 2 centre who can win more than 43% of faceoffs would be nice. Hard for these skill guys to score without having possession.

    If they move Hemsky and perhaps even Paajarvi, they will need scoring depth in some way. This team couldn’t score 5 on 5. Probably due to possession or lack thereof and the style of play.

    I think they will be players this off-season and who knows, as you’ve mentioned above, the Leafs could be partners.

    • I’ve had some people tell me that they see Oilers trading up for the 4th pick and grabbing Barkov.

      Don’t get me wrong, it would be great to grab a player like Barkov, but that’s not what the need right now. If anything, I say trade down/away the pick and try to grab a few assets. If you could select a Nichushkin, Monahan, Nurse, or Lndholm, that gives you a change to package other players like Hemsky, MPS, and horcoff, and add grit or better defeense.

      They’re really in a position where they can really change their team around while keeping their top core.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      I think the re-unitng of Gardiner/Schultz is more likely to happen in Toronto than Edmonton. The Leafs have more in their cupboard that MacT would want than the other way around.IMO
      I have said before that I thought Phaneuf is just what the Oil would be looking for going forward and would be a good fit there, so I think any deal with Schultz coming this way would include Dion going back(but not for the 7th pick). Some un-wanted contracts would also have to be exchanged likely. I don’t think the Leafs are that interested in Gagner…they have small shifty centres. I think it would have to be a multiple player unless one team wants prospects/picks only…which doesn’t seem likely.

      Not sure what it would be, might be something like

      To Edmonton
      Phaneuf, Liles, Ashton
      To Toronto
      J.Schultz, Smid, Horcoff, Paajarvi

      I see Dallas and washington as good fits for grabo. Dallas would likley be for picks/prospects. Washington, I could see for Jeff Schultz and Fehr or something like that.

      • mapleleafsfan says:

        I didn’t really see or hear much of Shutlz after all the hype before the season – but his numbers are solid (save +/-). Anyone see him play much? Is he pure offense?

      • blaze says:

        Why would Toronto do that??

        If Phaneuf is exactly what Edmonton needs espcially at the expense of Shultz then how is he not what Toronto needs?

      • leafs_wallace93 says:

        That type of deal would solve a lot of pending cap issues for Toronto, Reilly, Gardiner, Schultz & Franson would make for a pretty great young top four along with Gunner as a stop gap for the development of Reilly. I know I get tired with MLSE’s yearly make over of the blueline but that back end would be a good bunch of cap busters.

        Phaneuf has more trade value then Schultz, wouldn’t mind seeing Nonis try to pry both Schultz and the 7th overall pick. I know the internet fans will say ‘no way’ but we routinely see teams through away picks + for a name player. I mean should we really expect Jordan Staal to command more in a trade than Dion Phaneuf?

        Phaneuf for Schultz and the Leafs & Oil swap 1st round picks?

        • mojo19 says:

          Ya, not bad. Seems fair to me.

        • realistic_leafs_fan says:

          Thanks Wallace…you hit the reasoning dead on.
          Throw in Fraser and Smid as shutdown guys and Toronto has a young inexpensive blueline with lots of firepower. Gardiner and Schultz as the number 1 pp unit could be deadly. Plus Toronto could grab a free agent veteran D like one of the ones I have mentioned before. They would just have to move Grabo and buy-out Komi, let Bozak, MacA walk and there would be no cap issues.
          Is it really surprising that Blaze hated what I wrote? LOL

          • blaze says:

            Shultz-Gardiner would be an absolute nightmare in the D zone.

            Fraser-Smid logging big minutes against the stars of the East? That sounds like a recipe for disaster.

            • mojo19 says:

              We would still need to add a couple veterans in the mix. That is a must for our blueline this offseason.

            • realistic_leafs_fan says:

              I clearly said Gardiner/Schultz as a PP unit, NOT as a regular pairing. I also said to add a good vet which I meant would play in the top 4. Then you would have something like

              Gardiner Franson
              Scuderi(Gunnarsson) Schultz
              Smid Fraser

              As for Smid/Fraser being a “shut-down” pairing. Traditionally a “shut-down” pairing is a defensive minded pairing that is not expected to add offence and plays limited minutes in that role (15-17 a night). They do not play PP minutes, they get mostly defensive zone starts. Fraser and Gunnarsson(who I forgot to mention in the mix) had the fewest offensive zone starts of any Leaf defencemen. I am not going to argue the semantics of the term “shut-down”, lets call them the “defensive pairing” then.
              That move is alos based on cap-management. Liles contract out and they don’t have to worry about re-signing Phaneuf(or likely any other defenceman for that matter) to $6+ mil in the next year. Now they only have to see what to do with Grabo and Komi. Move Grabo, buy-out Komi and the Leafs have more than enough room to re-sign Kadri, frattin, Franson etc this year and can start looking at extensions for Gardiner, Reimer, Kulimen, Scrivins, Kessel while still staying within the cap.

        • LN91 says:

          I think that’s a good idea actually…Too bad Mac T is stingy.

  11. leafy says:

    Well Stanley Cup final starts tonight.

    Since many of my predictions were off this spring, I’ll take another crack at it.

    I’m picking Chicago by a narrow margin. 7 games.

    Edge to Boston in goal, but the Hawks speed and skill should be the difference in a long series.

    • mapleleafsfan says:

      This series is actually really hard to predict. I thought LA was going to repeat but Chicago sure proved me wrong. I’m going to go Boston in 7. Seguin steps up, Crawford chokes, Marchand really gets under Toews’ skin and Chara keeps dominating.

    • There’s been a big cool down period here with a lot of media interviews. This might be what the Hawks need as Boston was just on fire.

  12. Flyers trade Shane Harper and 4th round pick for rights to Streit.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      I wish we had of done that…I think I suggested it actually.LOL

      • blaze says:

        Rumor has it Streit wants 6 mil a year. Gonchar just signed for 5 mil.

        Head over to hockeybuzz and ask an Islanders fan there thoughts. They’re happy to see him go.

        And people freak out about Dion at 6.5 hah

        • mojo19 says:

          I’d rather have Streit at $6 million over Dion at $6.5, but hey that’s me.

        • realistic_leafs_fan says:

          Do you ever check out what alot of Leaf fans say about Dion? It is no more complimentary than Streit.
          For the record though…I wouldn’t give Streit $6mil.

          • blaze says:

            Leaf Nation has a history of running blue liners out of town. Such a knowledgeable fan base.

            Can never recognize a good blue liner.

          • blaze says:

            Carlyle is such an idiot. If only he didn’t use Dion so much in all situations and key minutes Toronto might’ve actually made the playoffs.

            • realistic_leafs_fan says:

              So you are saying Islander fans are more knowledgeable, so using what they say is valid in running Streit out of town but not what “Leaf Nation” says about Dion?

              • blaze says:

                We have a history with blue liner yes.

                • LN91 says:

                  You’re right…We should’ve kept Kaberle.

                • LN91 says:

                  BTW…Toronto has suffered more from trading prospects/picks then running out blueliners.

                  I can’t even think of a blueliner in the last 10 years I would want back.

                • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                  Besides Larry Murphy…I’m not sure what “high end D” Leaf Nation has run out of town.
                  No one is trying to run Dion out of town here.
                  Yes, Dion was used in all tough situations and we made the playoffs.
                  He was also a huge part of what may be the biggest collapse in game 7 NHL playoff history and all in all, did not have a good playoffs. That can not be ignored either.
                  It’s always about the tough minutes Dion plays, like he is never put with quality players and somehow overcomes this.
                  5on5 Kessel, Bozak and JVR played a higher % of their ice time with Phaneuf than any other D-man by a wide margin.
                  Dion played similar % of his own ice-time with Kulimen, Grabo, Kessel and JVR. The only true defensive forward Dion spent 5 on 5 with was McClement. He played mostly 5 on 5 with the Leafs top 6 forwards. He played the most PP minutes of any Leaf. He was put in a postion to succeed as well, not just play tough defensive minutes.
                  Yes, he was second in PK minutes and played against the opponents best. No one is disputing this. He also played mostly with our best though.

                  • LN91 says:

                    He wants McCabe, Kaberle, Kubina, Hal Gill, Coliacovo, Wozniewski back!

                    They were legit ‘high-end’players!!! Only in Toronto. Eh RLF?

                    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                      If anything, I find Leaf Nation overvalues our players. Especially when they are young and have one good year.

                  • blaze says:

                    He was a huge part of the collapse? Did he lose face offs? Did he not cover the points? Did he let 3 goals in?

                    Dion vs the world!!!

                    • blaze says:

                      The Krejci line has roasted every D pairing they has played against not just Phaneuf. He also won us games too and Captained the team that took Boston to 7.

                    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                      He was on the ice for both of the 6 on 5 goals and on more than one occasion had the puck on his stick and failed to get it out. No one is blaming him as the only fault we lost, but he was a big part of it. I know you love Phaneuf and that’s fine, but how can you ignore the negative side of him as well?
                      Honestly, Elisha, is that you?

                    • blaze says:

                      I get it Dion is a big dumbass jock. People don’t like him because of that. Maybe they were picked on when younger who knows.

                      I could care less, he ain’t perfect but he is by far the best we have and overall a very good dman. I still think there’s lots of room for growth in game as he becomes a more mature player. Owning up to his pinch was nice to see. Obviously what else is he going to say but he handled an incredible difficult situation, which for others outside of Toronto ever experience very well. Responds with his best game of the playoffs.

                      We get worse when he finally does get run out of here.

                    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                      People don’t like Dion because he is a jock and they were picked on when they were younger? Where do you get this stuff from?LOL

  13. mojo19 says:

    Mathieu Biron
    Nick Boynton
    Anton Volchenkov
    Colby Armstrong
    Anton Babchuk
    Mark Stuart
    Wojtek Wolski
    Tuuka Rask
    Bobby Sanguinetti
    Riley Nash
    Anton Gustafsson
    John Moore

    What do these players have in common, besides 3 of them coincidentally being named ‘Anton’ ?

    • mapleleafsfan says:

      21st picks. Weak bunch. People way overvalue late firsts. Aside from Rask, it’s a big bunch of average. Funny enough Rask was our pick so maybe we pick well there.

      • realistic_leafs_fan says:

        Yea, but we HAVE to keep our 1st round picks.LOL

        • LN91 says:

          What will you do with the 21st Overall pick?

          Get another winger? You know, because that has been an issue of the Leafs.

          Get another defencemen? You’re probably in competition with another 21 teams.

          If no one is available for the Leafs at 21…Or if their is a player they like a little bit down in the draft, they should trade down and maybe acquire another second or something.

          • realistic_leafs_fan says:

            I was being sarcastic. Although not always a popular train of thought, I am all for moving mid-late first round picks, IF you can acquire a more proven asset that a team needs. Mid-late first round picks are more often bottom 6 guys or third pairings, so I have no issues moving it if it can get a top6 forward or top 4 D.

      • mojo19 says:

        Ya the one guy who became a star there is Rask, and goalies are always the biggest wild cards in draft history. So thats an outlier.

      • lafleur10 says:

        EBERLE,PACIORETTY,PERRY WERE ALL LATE PICKS IN THE 1ST RD 21 OR LATER and all panned out well it’s all about drafting,and having the proper scouts doing their homework,and yes a bit of luck too

  14. blaze says:

    Heres what I hate, we finally make the playoffs, and it was fucking glorious. I want back avian next season period.

    I’m not big on advanced stats but those that are convinced Toronto will not make it next year. It will be tough that much I agree. What I see absolutely no benefit in is missing the playoffs again and drafting around 10. That is true failure.

    So we finally have a team that made the playoffs and all everyone wants to do is dismantle it. Ditch Phaneuf, Bozak, Grabo, MacA, Liles and a host of others and most of you think they will still make the playoffs?

    The secret is to pick up more overprice overrated declining free agents, whih Toronto has found success with in their history all of never.

    Streit is better than the Captain?! Impossible for Kadri to sophomore slump make him the first line center! I mean in reality all he did is have one hot streak. Throw a bunch of rookies in and hope for the best.

    Make the playoffs, ditch the horses that got you there and call it improvement.

    • LN91 says:

      This is what I HATE, and it goes back to what Leiweke and Nonis were referring to in their conferences and what you cannot comprehend…the worst thing for a Leafs fan to do is fall in love with this team.

      They made the playoffs in a 48-game season, big whoop. Let’s see an actual season and what happens.

      • realistic_leafs_fan says:

        I’m not sure how anyone could like the plan of Keep
        Phaneuf $6.5 maybe + if re-signed
        Bozak $5mil to re-sign
        Grabo $5.5 mil
        MacA $3mil to re-sign
        Liles $3.875 mil

        Almost $24 mil in those 5 guys…when Liles, Grabo and MacA were used sparingly. OUCH!

      • blaze says:

        I never said I love the team, or anyone is untouchable or keep everyone. It’s you that wants to blow the whole thing up that has me shaking my head.

        Kessel for Monahan are types of trades you routinely advocate on her. I view this as terrible judgement.

        I’m aware we’re all passionate and think we all know best but what happens when you actually try to build your dream Internet prospect board and Monahan ends up being as effective as Bozak. Four years from now. And you gave up the best Leaf since Sundin.

        I’m not talking about ‘going for’ I’m all for smart long term trades and growth. Letting half your team walk te guys that got you there is counter productive. Over half the prospect you get hard for bust. I want to win.

    • mojo19 says:

      Well blaze, I can definitely appreciate your reasoning. And I also don’t care about the advanced stats, because they never equate to what they should. They always leave the people who follow them closely saying “I don’t understand how the results could be that way! The advanced stats suggest otherwise.” I think its time to scrap those stats.

      However, I feel the core guys are Kessel, Lupul, JVR, hopefully Kadri and Reimer, and moving forward I expect more from Franson, and Gardiner. The biggest x-factor we have as I see it is Randy Carlyle. He put a great system in place allowing players like Kulemin, McClement, etc. to really thrive.

      Dion Phaneuf played well for us last year, don’t get me wrong, but he’s so immobile, its a joke. I had the same problem with McCabe, I was never a fan. I don’t like how clunky he is and how bad he looks sometimes. Both were really useful guys but I have no place for them. That’s why I would prefer Streit who is slicker in the corners. He’s a different type of dman but he (if re-signed by Philly), and Timonen offer a cool mix of mobility and tenacity from the back end that Toronto will be lacking.

      As for Grabovski, he definitely stepped up when given more ice time in the playoffs, but he’s too much of an individual. He’s a Berezin. I would like to get a more grizzled two-way player who could fit in with Carlyle a bit better. But I wouldn’t hate hanging onto Grabo.

      As for making the playoffs finally, ya it was great, but I would love a different mix of guys to add to who I listed as our core players, to get us to the next level. Dion lacks something, let’s call it heart, or endurance or leg strength. I’m not sure what.

      Not an all out Dion basher, but he made me sick in game 7. I can’t get that image out of my head. I didn’t even watch game 1 of the Cup final last night. I’ve been just in and out of hockey since the Leafs were eliminated, I took it to heart. And the further we get away from it, the more I want Dion out. Might be an emotional call by me more so than logic, I don’t know yet, still too close to it.

      Thanks for your input though blaze.

      • blaze says:

        We’re all passionate hockey fans, sometimes I get too worked up I get it we all have more hockey knowledge than the average fan. I just have never see. Any franchise turn on their players do quickly.

        There is literally always someone gettig run out of town. The first half of the yearthe amount of defending for Kessel I had to do was unreal, even from my buddies.

        The Damian Cox’s of the world I just wanna bitch slap. Kessel in a goal slump trade him get rid of him now it’s back to Kessel is the man. Another slow start again trust me it will be all over the place. How does anyone expect the team to ever improve like that.

        As for Dion I don’t find him immobile. He skates the puck up the ice very well only Gardiner and Liles can do it more effectively. He gets defenders to chase him around the net as good as anyone.

        Dions biggest weakness in my mind is his decision making. I truly believe he is getting better with maturity and he still has room to grow. I don’t understand how people think a dman can’t think the game better at 28. How many hundreds of dman have played their best hockey after 30.

        It all started 2 years back when Wilson told him to do less and overall he has been more effective for it. He runs around the D zone much much less then his Calgary and een early Toronto days. The flip side is he tends to pick watch a bit too much now and when he does get caught iin the wrong position he is very flat footed.

        Overall hes been a better defenseman for it. A stud on the PK and logging tougher minutes then he ever has in his career but his mistakes tend to be glaring amplified more so the more he plays.

        Like his shot for example. People who say Dion can’t shoot are flat out wrong. His percentage is always good. What’s impressive is just how much shots he gets off a season. Ya sure you seen him miss the net 3 times this game what a terrible shooter. Well he took 10 shots at the goal. Yet somehow that looks much worse the. Franson missing 1 of 4.

        • realistic_leafs_fan says:

          Interesting… you critique Dion’s decision making and it’s ok. I say his problem is decision making, (which has always been my concern with Dion) and I’m bashing him and I must think he is useless and a “big dumbass jock”.
          You just said the problem I have with Dion exists “decision making”, yet when I say it, you are all over me for saying it.
          No double standard there.LOL

          I have to agree with Mojo as well, Dion is not very mobile.

          • blaze says:

            He is a big dumbass jock. Fact.

            • mojo19 says:

              The best analogy I can think of to characterize Dion’s mobility is that of a freight train. He’s got no quick shift, no acceleration, certainly no moves with the puck, but he is a big powerful guy who can protect the puck wide, use his big frame, and once he gets going he is dangerous sometimes.

              I actually think Franson, for a big man is much more mobile because he has surprisingly soft hands. Gunnarsson is also more mobile back there although he too is guilty of holding onto the puck for too long, he needs to make his move and then headman the puck more often.

              The debate on Dion is tough. There are multiple sides to it. I would however agree with you blaze, much like Wallace has been saying for years, that Toronto media and fans always key in on a big time scapegoat, and it’s always a defenceman. Dion is feeling the heat right now.

              I wonder if this exact same group of guys won’t be better next year just from the experience gained.

              Phaneuf – 28
              Gunnarsson – 26
              Fraser – 26
              Franson – 25
              Gardiner – 22

              Liles, O’Byrne, and Kostka are kind of the fringe guys here. But those 5, with a couple key veterans added to the mix could be a pretty formidable group.

            • realistic_leafs_fan says:

              That totally explains how when you say it it’s hockey knowledge and when I say it, it’s basically stupidity.

      • DannyLeafs says:

        I tend to agree on the advanced stats. They are necessary, but when it comes to hockey they are behind the other sports, so they aren’t as effective yet. Too much not considered. People tend to use them too literally. They do work better for defensemen then forwards and goalies, but there is so much not taken into account with shooting and save percentage numbers.

        One thing I hate is the regression stuff that Cullen posts. He always picks a player who should regress, or not be able to keep a particular pace based on shots and shooting percentage. It’s like he never really understands that players don’t get as many shots on goal when they are scoring a lot. It’s just the way it goes. When a good player is shooting at 25%, that means he is scoring very often. Which means the play is ending, so no second chances, powerplays are shorter, so less time spent shooting 5-4, and typically after a goal you come off the ice, so less time spent on offence. Same goes for goalies, he really relies on save percentage as an end all be all stat. Really makes a difference how a team is playing as well. The way Boston plays defense, and the system that Carlyle is implementing really bulks up a goalies save percentage. Letting teams have a lot of perimeter chances doesn’t mean you are giving up prime scoring chances all the time, but the goalie gets credit for a shot and save if the pucks is coming as a wrister from 45 feet away, or a breakaway. They get tallied exactly the same, but they obviously aren’t equal. I mean I think Reimer was great, but in the off-season game plan article, he basically said Toronto has one of the best tandems in the NHL, and Scrivens would be highly sought after. I don’t know about anybody else, but watching Scrivens in goal was pretty tense, he never looked comfortable, he had one of the worst glove positions I have ever seen, and he gave up rebounds like candy at halloween.

  15. 8/$76 extension for Malkin. Highest paid player on the team. Talks of trading for him are out the window now.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      Yea, I heard. Big money on two centres. That’s going to hurt.

      • mojo19 says:

        But if you have to spend on two centres, let it be these two guys.

      • blaze says:

        How’s it going to hurt? Every team in the league over pays players somewheres in the lineup unless your the Coyotes or Islanders aka broke.

        If you’re going to overpay why not overpay at the top for quality, grabbing 2 of the best players in the world does not hurt.

        Paying the Komisareks, Leinos, Ballards etc hurts. Getzlaf and Perry and very likely going to end up being overpaid compared to their future production but do your think Anaheim will regret it? An extra million or 2 to actually stay relevant.

        • realistic_leafs_fan says:

          Over $18 million on two centres. That’s more than what most teams would spend on all four centres. That kind of money takes away from other positions being filled with top talent. It will “hurt” to fill all the other positions with quality players. Anaheim will have the same problem. I didn’t say I hated it.

          • mojo19 says:


            I’ve heard the argument about having a well balanced cap system vs. loading up on a couple positions. In fact, when Chiarelli traded Joe Thornton away he said he’d rather have 3 $2 million players than 1 $7 million player… then he proceeded to give Chara the max salary at the time that following summer.

            But it’s really just a difference of philosophy. Overall, if someone told me I could start my franchise around Sid and Gino, and I have to use a 1/4 of my cap space to do it, I do it 10 times out of 10.

            • realistic_leafs_fan says:

              True enough Mojo. He didn’t sign 2 D at $7mil though, just one. If he had of kept Thorton and signed him to $7mil and then signed Chara to $7mil…that is more comparable really.
              I’m not saying I disagree with the signing, just that it will make other signings more difficult.

            • DannyLeafs says:

              It wasn’t Chiarelli who traded Thornton though, Mike O’Connell did that and pretty much lost his job for it. Chiarelli hasn’t really made any major mis-steps as Bruins GM, the Kaberle trade wasn’t great, and I don’t think the return gained for Kessel has yet panned out to be what Kessel is, but after winning a cup and being in another final, he can be as patients as he wants with Seguin and Hamilton so they won’t face the heat (although he has done a good job taking the pressure off regardless), and its not as if anything given up for Kaberle has really cost them yet either.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      The cap will eventually do up and Pittsburgh will be fine. We all said the same thing when Chara first signed in Boston for 7 per on a 49 million dollar cap but that worked out just fine.

      So Pittsburgh won’t get a deadline rental for one or two seasons, no big from their perspective. In the meantime this forces Shero to be smarter with his money management.

      The real loss here is maybe the best two players in the league will waste their careers in a nothing market, this isn’t good for growing the game or the league.

  16. blaze says:

    And honestly what’s bad cap management about Dion at 6.5? Like what do you want to spend the money on?? None of you want to spend to the cap? Who are you saving it for?

    Can anyone name one player the Leafs have ever missed out on because of cap issues. They’ve either not had the assets or not had the desire.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      I agree with Dion at 6.5 is fair value, I’m not completely comfortable with making him a long term cornerstone.

      As for the bs people are giving you over Toronto not running blueliners out of town? That’s revisionist history. Hal Gill was the worst, THE F’ING WORST blueliner ever according to whining in Toronto then was a key piece to the Pens cup victory on their blueline and a work horse for Montreal during their cinderella run in front of Halak, according to HTR Beachemin was untradeable (cam777 was the only guy that supported Beachemin) yet Beauchemin landed us Lupul & Gardiner, Luke Schenn was deemed the ‘untouchable’ face of the rebuild yet outside his rookie year he was treated as another disposable blueliner fans had turned on (funny they seem to like him Philly)… Kaberle was the only blueliner not universally hated in Toronto between lockouts because he had a good contract relative to his production while he was a Maple Leaf.

      Why would we expect different for Dion? For those that hate Dion, you’re going to hate that veteran UFA you replace him with that much more. Ference at 4.5 for four years will be as bad as Jeff Finger.

      The only breath Maple Leaf defensemen will get is if their young and have upside so fans can project them as their wet dream. The second that player doesn’t live up to their fantasy, reality hits and my god, the whining, the endless whining…. did you see this turnover at 14:36 of the second period of game 23 of the regular season…. the Leafs will never be a contender if we don’t trade him now… let’s look at the draft prospects for 2020 online so we can make a real (lol @ real) blueprint for THE DYNASTY…

      That’s the bs you’re up against when you can, I like Dion at 6.5. Striet at 6 million would be Komisarek like bad. Montreal isn’t any worse off for letting him walk they built from within and hit pay dirt with Subban.

      I can’t see the Leafs getting away with paying a blueliner a big contract without him being a 110% sure thing. Is Dion worth 6.5, yes, there is no legitimate argument against that given 25 teams in the league would be willing to pay him that or more. He’s worth it, does that make him a fit in Toronto? I don’t know, he was costly in key times in the playoffs perhaps the Leafs are better off turning Dion into a long term solution via trade.

      • mojo19 says:

        Well its a great point, guys.

        Aki Berg is another guy who’s name was dragged through the mud. I actually liked Aki, he was a big 3rd pairing guy who did his job for the most part. If ever he was on the ice for a goal against it was like he had shot it into his own net every time. He played great in the one series against Philly (the year Czechmanik was in net, not Esche) I remember he had a huge game one night matched up against the 3rd line (not Primeau or Roenick’s lines) and he scored a big goal, had a few hits, and people were making jokes about how bad he was after the series was over.

        Before I read this post, Wallace, I actually made reference to how you’ve brought this type of thing up in the past in an earlier post responding to blaze about Dion up above there.

      • mojo19 says:

        Overall, I wouldn’t hate it if we kept Dion, but I think Nonis should be looking to cash in if Dion has some legitimate value. If we could land a centre of some kind in a deal for Dion then fill a hole up front, even if it means creating one left by Dion in the back end. This is where I’m at right now anyway’s.

        • Gambo says:

          I like the stance that you and Wallace have on the whole Phaneuf situation. Personally I’m a little more on the side in favor of keeping him, but at the same time IF the right deal is in place I wouldn’t be opposed of doing it.

          Blaze has mentioned a lot of times the strengths and weaknesses of Phaneuf and I agree with them, but one strength I’d like to add(if he hasn’t already) is that he can deal with all of the criticism. He doesn’t let it bother him, we saw him have a solid game after he made the bad pinch in overtime during the playoffs.

          Who knows, maybe all this criticism is good for him, anyone with a “huge ego” would want to do everything they can to prove them wrong.

          • mojo19 says:

            Good point Gambo. He does seem like a proud player, and a competitor.

            And again, if we could get a big time minute muncher and tone Dion’s minutes back to 22 or 23 a night regularly, instead of playing him 25-28 on any given night, I think he’d be more effective because his errors wouldn’t compound. He seems to get worn out and get worse as the game drags on.

            • nordiques100 says:

              Its why again i think he’s a better wearing the C than putting it on Lupul.

              It allows Lupul to be the real leader without the pressure of the letter which Dion handles very well.

            • LN91 says:

              He did not play major minutes in the Bruins series though. Correct me if I’m wrong.

              • blaze says:

                Last 7 games:



                Also the only two games people criticized his play in were the 28 and 31 minute games.

                • LN91 says:

                  Those are not major minutes??? You proved my point that he was not carrying this heaving workload, more then any other player.

                  He was 17th in minutes played for D-Men during playtoffs, as compared to other players. 5/7 games were 25 minutes and under. Compared to his season, those were WAY lower.

                  The only game he played well in was Game 6…The rest were bad.

                  He only averaged 25-minutes a night….It was not like he was logging 30+ like Chara or Suter had to do.

        • realistic_leafs_fan says:

          This is exactly what I have been saying all along and have put up with a lot of shit for it. This site kills me sometimes.lol

          • blaze says:

            You’ve been busy comparing Phaneuf to Smid and Rozival.

            • realistic_leafs_fan says:

              I meant to look at the options of trading Phaneuf for a centre or other assets while his value is high.
              I didn’t compare Phaneuf to Smid or Rozival…I said that his ranking on that national team would be subject to what that team thought if Phaneuf was of that nationality.

              • blaze says:

                Aka lower on the depth chart then Smid and Rozsival.

                • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                  I didn’t say I would rank him lower…I said he could be because ranking is realitive to who does it.
                  There is close to 30 D-men I would take before Dion, that’s me.I rank him around 30. Others guys might have (especially country nationalists) Smid and Rozsival ahead of him. TGWL had a list of 23 I agreed with and I still had Seabrook, Bieksa and some others as well. Smid and Rozsival was not part of it.

  17. leafy says:

    Leafs resign Colton Orr. Two-years, $1.85 million deal.

    Good signing. Toughness is important too, not just speed and skill.

    Ottawa is always Toronto’s bitch because the Leafs have toughness.

  18. Steven_Leafs0 says:

    anyone think that rumor of the Leafs offering TB a pair of mid-level NHL players and a package of draft picks for the 3rd overall pick and Lecavalier (who they would buy out and likely return to TB) has any chance of happening?

    TB has no cap space and the team is clearly not good enough as is. TB could be the next Chicago and be forced to give up assets to work under the cap (the difference here instead of giving up their massive depth to fit under the cap they are sacrificing their 3rd overall pick to have Lecavalier at half the price plus a some depth).

    • mojo19 says:

      I read my cousin RT something about that on Twitter. I would’ve thought Vinny would be bought out, but thinking about it that’s too expensive. They don’t have Philly or NYR money. But is the 3rd overall pick the cost to move his contract? Seems steep, Vinny can still play.

      • nordiques100 says:

        i think the purpose is to be able to re-sign him. they can’t by buying him out themselves. But if toronto buys him out for Tampa, they can easily re-sign him as he’d be a leafs free agent.

        But getting the Leafs to pay the dough….plus likely getting other assets, likely the 21st pick, likely a player like Gunnarsson and perhaps a future 2nd round pick and a prospect or something.

        So, the Bolts would get Lecavalier at cheaper money/cap hit, don’t expend the 30+ mil to buy him out, and get probably 4 or 5 assets out of losing the 3rd pick is not as far fetched as it seems.

        It would really be a forward thinking, innovative move by the Leafs, which is something we’re not too accustomed to.

        Drouin is likely going to be the guy available for that 3rd pick, another winger, but hey, its a premier young asset that could help immediately which can’t really be found with the 21st pick.

    • mapleleafsfan says:

      Can’t see Tampa moving their pick. Having a top tier young player on ELC is huge for smaller market teams. Doubt moving lecavalier would cost them that much, and he’s a fan favourite in TB.

      Say hypothetically we did get the pick though. Who do you take, Drouin or Barkov?

      • nordiques100 says:

        Again it gives them the chance to have Vinny at a lower lower price and less term. They love Vinny and he’d obviously with a NMC wants to stay there.

        Getting him back plus still landing 4 or even 5 assets for the 3rd pick is an interesting option. they save like 30 mil + from the buyout, not nothing to the Tampa owner I bet, plus keep their captain, plus open up perhaps as much as 4 mil in cap space. Between that and dropping Malone and putting Ohlund on LTIR, that’d open 12-13 mil in space for them allowing them to get players to help their D and support their big 4 forwards.

      • LN91 says:

        It does tons for Tampa Bay.

        If I had to guess…It is Lecavalier and the 3rd Overall pick for Kulemin, Gunarsson, the 21st overall pick, and the Leafs second.

        Lecavalier is bough out by the Leafs, returns back to Tampa and helps the team under the cap.

        If you look at the Lightning, they do not lack star talent…They lack players that can play on the 3rd-4th lines, which Kulemin would do for them at a decent cost. He will improve the defensive play on whatever lines he’s on…Which they need more of.

        Also, prospect wise. Brett Connolly, Vlasislav Namestnikov, and the 2013 World Jrs. star Nikita Kucherov could provide top-6 star power to play with the likes of Stamkos and Lecavalier.

        Also, they’re interesting players for the Lightning at 21. Erne, Rychel, Mantha, Burakovsky, etc. are all solid wingers available at 21.

        And…They get another second round pick.

        In essence, I think grabbing great, affordable, depth draft picks (1st, 2nd), and solid cap-management is more beneficial for the Lightning then just Drouin.

        • mapleleafsfan says:

          True there is logic to it, it just seems like a steep price to pay. MSL won’t be playing for a whole lot longer, Drouin would be a really nice replacement down the road. I guess it depends how cap strapped they are. I think they’d really look into dumping Malone/Ohlund before moving the third.

          • realistic_leafs_fan says:

            I honestly can’t see MLSE helping Tampa by spending $30 mil to buy-out Vinnie, just so Tampa can re-sign him for less, PLUS give Tampa players and/or picks, to get the third pick.

            • LN91 says:

              Unfortunately, it’s the sad reality of the Leafs situation. They’re entire center core is pretty pathetic, one of the bleakest in the league…And that is the unfortunate price they will have to pay to acquire another franchise player.

              No one is selling star players that fit the Leafs youth movement…Only thing they can do is acquire top-prospects or draft picks.

              Signing Nathan Horton or David Clarkson does make the Leafs better….but does not make them Legit in a tough new North-East division.

              • mojo19 says:

                I see the logic now, thanks guys. Let’s say that proposed package is close to accurate in this hypothetical. Does it make sense to move Kulemin, Gunnarsson, and a couple solid prospects (and spend roughly $30 mil) for Drouin? Seems steep. I probably would prefer Victor Hedman to be involved, or they throw in Ohlund and take Komisarek, or something else to benefit us. We could keep Ohlund with 2 yrs left and they could shell out the buyout for Komi. Or Brewer in place of Ohlund or something.

                Another factor – someone had mentioned that there is a rule preventing teams from buying out players immediately dealt for. Anyone know the deal with this?

                • LN91 says:

                  I don’t think Toronto’s target is Drouin…

                  Think C’s and think big, there are 2 of them.

                  None are on the market, doubt any will be on the market soon…So Nonis needs to get crafty and the compliance buyout is the only way.

                  It is what it is.

                  • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                    I still think JVR could be the answer at centre LN91. He is exactly what we are looking for in a centre if we got one. Young, Big, Fast, Skilled and will go to the net.
                    I would love to see the Leafs sign Horton or Clarkson (reasonble price) if possible to shore up our top 6 forwards and try JVR at centre. If a centre was available…that’s different. I sure don’t want to see Weiss or Roy for example signed at $5+ mil.

  19. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    I’m not going to pretend I spend a lot of time watching junior hockey, but isn’t Drouin a smallish centre? I mean he’s listed at 5′ 11″ 176 pds, is he not about the same size as Kadri? I now he is very talented (have seen some highlights), but is another smallish skilled centre what the Leafs need? And are we willing to give up what has been suggested to get it.

    Just because Justin Schultz was mentioned in trade rumours here with the Leafs, I thought I would share that he is ranked 7th among top prospects and Reilly is ranked 9th according to Hockey Futures. If we were to get him, then add Gardiner and Franson in the mix (as mentioned above) we could have a very impressive young top 4 if they develop as expected. Just saying.

  20. leafy says:

    Boy the new Superman movie sucks. I’d rather re-watch the last 10 minutes of Leafs-Bruins Game 7 than see man of steel again. haha

  21. mojo19 says:

    Anyways I know its come up before, but I really believe now is a great time to buy low on Tyler Myers from the revamping Sabres. If he has a bounce back year of some kind under a new coach he could become very valuable once again.

    Here’s a big 6’8″ tank on the blueline, who post almost 50 pts as a 19 year old rookie, and has dealt with a sophomore slump, injuries, and general consistency issues trying re-discover his game. Fat contract ($5.5 mil for 5 more yrs I believe) makes him especially expendable, though risky. I think its a high risk – high reward situation worth gambling on.


    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      If we’re moving Dion and we can land Myers reasonably cheap, then I would green light this project.

      What might Buffalo be looking for? Could we take Leino and buy him out? I’d imagine Buffalo wants at least a 1st round pick given their rebuilding?

      Riemer, 1st, Biggs, Liles for Miller & Myers?

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      I like the Myers idea. I proposed Phaneuf for Myers and Foligno, but if you think he could be had for less…I’m all for it.
      I still think Buffalo looks at him the way we are right now and that he won’t be cheap even if they are revamping. I star D like Phaneuf could maybe draw Myers + out of Buffalo.

      • Gambo says:

        I smiled when you implied Phaneuf was a star D man ๐Ÿ™‚

        • realistic_leafs_fan says:

          I may not rank him as high as you guys, but I still rank him 30-35 in the world, which is why i can’t understand why people think I hate the guy…he is still a very good D-man and a well recognized guy throughout the hockey world.ie star.

    • nordiques100 says:

      Stronger chance Miller or Vanek go before Myers. We may love to buy low on this guy, but the Sabres will be selling high no doubt.

  22. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    What if the leafs could do the edmonton deal I propsed

    To Edmonton
    Phaneuf, Liles, Ashton
    To Toronto
    J.Schultz, Smid, Horcoff, Paajarvi

    Then turn around and get Myers.

    Would anyone be willing to move reilly for Myers if we made the edmonton trade?

    • Gambo says:

      If we do that trade, which I have no problems with, I don’t think going after Myers would be a smart idea. In one year, Gardiner, Franson, Shultz, Myers, Schultz and Rielly would all be top 4 dmen. Wouldn’t be able to keep them all.

      I’d either like to do something a long the lines of the trade you proposed, because I like the idea of it, or go for Myers. Not both in my opinion.

      Could you imagine in a couple years a lineup like:

      So much offense from the backend, Gunnarsson and a developed Holzer could be a solid shutdown line. Pretty interesting.

    • This trade does everything for Toronto and nothing for Edmonton. You’re asking for Schultz – who had a great first year, smid – Oilers shut down guy, Paajarvi – who had a bounce back year, and Horcoff – who they’re trying to get rid of for cap purposes.

      Liles does absolutely nothing for them. Schultz is going to be much better in that position, and Ashton is simply a throw in. You’re basically asking them to trade Schultz, Smid, Horcoff and Paajarvi for Phaneuf who is going to command 6.5 + in salary and is a rental. Don’t forget, Schultz is a guy every team tried to sign, and he had one less point than Phaneuf in his rookie year.

      He’s not a defensive d-man, but I’d like the think the Oilers play way too open for Phaneuf. His lack of mobility will get him smoked on the Oilers.

      • Gambo says:

        Just curious, are there any defensemen on the Rangers who you think could or should be moved?

        • I wasn’t happy with Starlman’s play, except for the playoffs against Washington. During the season, his game was nowhere as good.

          I’d like to see what Moore can do given a little more time. The only guys I wouldn’t want to see moved are Staal, Girardi, and McDonagh.

          I see Del Zotto up for grabs if the right offer came around. He might flourish under a new coach, but I think his poor confidence is going to hurt him in the long run.

          • Gambo says:

            I think the Rangers have one of the best groups of defensemen in the NHL, I’m a big fan of Girardi and McDonagh.

            It’s only a matter of time before Marc Staal joins his brothers though. I think they should trade him now before he walks in a couple years. Something around Skinner coming back would seem fair.

      • Steven_Leafs0 says:

        I know the trade is bad for Edmonton but if you are going to discount the Leafs players in the deal ([b]Youโ€™re basically asking them to trade Schultz, Smid, Horcoff and Paajarvi for Phaneuf [/b]) then you should do the same for Edmonton.

        Schultz >>> Liles
        Phaneuf > Smid
        Paajarvi > Ashton

        Horcoff has negative value.

        Trade still sucks but it isn’t as horrible as you wrote it.

        • realistic_leafs_fan says:

          I think “sucks” is a little harsh.lol
          Some on here will be shocked to see me defend Phaneuf…lol

          How does it suck for Edmonton so badly?

          Oilers needs/problems are
          Size and toughness
          veteran leadership
          Too many similar type of players
          Need a recognizable, larger than life player
          more grit
          better mix of veterans/youth
          move some bad contracts
          solidify a youthful backend

          Shultz had a fine offensive rookie season, but also had the worst +/- on the entire team. Many young guys come in with great first years then drop-off. He is still a project and needs to be around the right type of players to be successful
          Smid is a solid defensive D-man that would be missed, but not irreplaceable as the Oilers would be reducing their payroll with this deal and could hit the free agent market for a Murray/Scuderi/Regher etc
          Paajarvi had a “comeback” season but is a similar style player to the rest of their group of forwards and is RFA probably wanting a raise. Will he ever crack the top 6 in Edmonton with all their top guys around the same age? not likely.
          Horcoff is an over paid, now third liner on that team and the Oil have all but said he is gone if they can swing it.
          Edmonton now has the cap space to pursue a Horton/Clarkson etc to play in top six with kids or make another kid(gagner likely) for veteran trade to help up-front.

          Phaneuf gives them alot of what they lack, veteran leadership, larger than life player, help solidify the back-end, minute muncher and a big body that can play.
          Liles was sought after until Wilson got his hands on him and I think would fit in nicely with a quick puck moving team like the oil.
          Ashton is a better two-way player than Paajarvi and is still under contract for one more year at $1 mil which is less than Paajarvi was making and much less than what he might want.

          Edmonton would get a lot of what they want in this trade…change culture of the team, add toughness, reduce payroll, add veteran’s and veteran leadership, add a true third liner(over Paajarvi)

          What does T.O really get.
          A offensive talented young D with upside but a suspect defensive game
          A 2nd/3rd pairing shut-down D
          An overpaid 3rd line centre with less term, so they don’t have to give that money to Bozak to play the third line
          A project winger who shows good potential that they may trade or keep
          Beyond Smid, the Leafs are taking more of a risk/reward than Edmonton, but the Leafs are better built to do so than the Oilers.

          • Ashton has 15 NHL games under his belt, while being a -10. Maybe he’s more of a 2-way player, but he might not even crack the Oilers Line-up.

            Paajarvi is an RFA, but he’s not going to command a much higher salary.

            Maybe Schultz will have a poor sophomore season, but what sense does it make trading him based on him potentially go downhill from here? Liles is 32 years old and has been a pretty bad minus player, you think he’s going to do well on a team that plays open like Edmonton? Sure, he’ll move the puck, but if he couldn’t stay a plus on the Avs, or Toronto, he’s not going to do well for the Oilers.

            I think Scuderi is going to earn a lot more than his current pay, so removing Smid to take on Phaneufs contract, then sign Scuderi doesn’t really work for them.

            Again, this trade is offering them nothing but Phaneuf who is a rental. They can unload Horcoff without trading away import pieces like Schutlz and Smid.

            You can’t say Toronto is going for more of a risk than reward here. Schultz is a guy you tried to sign – Toronto badly wanted him and still would take him. He’s got a bad +/-, but the ability he has to jump into the play and finding open ice for himself is unlike any D-man you have currently in the line-up.

            Smid would most likely make your second pairing D, especially with losing Phaneuf.

            I’m not saying you have to offer the farm for these players, but the proposed trade would be a joke. You would need to offer something that benefits Edmonton.

            • realistic_leafs_fan says:

              Schultz cap hit is $3.775
              Smid now $3.5
              horcoff $5.5
              Paajarvi $1.5 current prob $2-$2.25
              total $14.25-$15 gone in salaries.

              Phaneuf, Liles and Ashton = $11.375.

              That’s a difference of $3-$3.5 mil in cap space which easily lands a Regher, Murray and not far off a Scuderi.

              The Oil will not re-sign Whitney saving another $4mil on D.

              They would have Phaneuf $6.5
              Liles $3.875
              N Schultz $3.5
              Petry $1.8
              Potter $.8

              That’s only $16.475 tied up in 5 D, plus they removed probably $7.5 in forwards contracts($5.5 horcoff,$2 Paajarvi). They would have lots of cap space left.

              Well of course T.O wanted Schultz bad…he was a free agent, it costs nothing but money to give him a shot. Every team wanted him because of that.
              Plus, I think Gardiner finds open ice and jumps into the play as good as Schultz, maybe better.

              The stats on Liles are completely manipulated. Yes his stas sucked on both AV’s and Leafs when the teams sucked…like most players stats suffer on poor teams that aren’t winning. He was a +4 in 4 playoff games this year. A -1 this regular season and when the AV’s were good, he was a + player. Even when the AV’s sucked, Liles put up 30 and 40+ pt seasons.
              Are you saying Schultz is a for sure 50+ pt D-man?
              Yes, Liles is 32, and you didn’t mention anything about the Oil getting veteran’s for experience and leadership which is just what MacT has said he wants and is willing to part with young players to get. That is factored in on this trade suggestion.

              I tell you what…they can either keep Paajarvi(I could care less about him) or I will change it to Phaneuf, Gunnar and Hamilton. Better?

              • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                Plus you guys got
                Brassard, Moore(d-man you are high on), Dorsett and a sixth for Gaborik…a guy who was in the Rangers doghouse, makes more than Phaneuf, is older and a “rental” as his contract ends when Phaneuf’s does.
                You should know better than anybody that when a GM is under pressure…you can make these trades ๐Ÿ™‚

              • To be honest, adding Gunner is much better for them than adding Liles. But, no, I still don’t think they made a trade like that, but it’s a much better fit for them.

                As far as adding vets, I do think they should be looking to add some leadership, but the guys they’re looking to send our are Horcoff & Hemsky, not smid and schultz.

                • Although, Gaborik wasn’t a rental – he was traded during the season, with another year left, they had history trading with each other. If that Nash deal never happened, I don’t see this deal taking place.

                  • Steven_Leafs0 says:

                    an extra month of term on his contract. Not really the biggest difference.

                    Anyway the point I was trying to make was that the deal was not something Edmonton should do but it isn’t like all Edmonton was getting was a rental Phaneuf. They get other pieces that have some value and the Leafs take on a crap contract (worse than Lombardi).

                    • But it does make a difference when the deal was made in hopes of reaching the playoffs in the current year.
                      Dorsett was injured and Brass wasn’t performing as well as they hoped.

                    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                      Isn’t getting a guy at the end of his contract in order to make the playoffs the definition of a rental?

                  • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                    C’mon TGWL…Dion traded now or Gaborik with 15 games or whatever left in a shortened season…what’s the difference?lol You’re grasping there.
                    You said they are looking to send out Horcoff/Hemsky. I agree. Who takes Horcoff or Hemsky though unless Edmonton sweetens the pot?
                    Most were shocked at how little CBJ got for Nash at the time of the trade…so the Gaborik trade happened because CBJ will only get fleeced by the Rangers? ๐Ÿ˜‰

                    • In the current year of his contract being up, yes that is the definition of being a rental. Planning on making the playoffs 2 years based on a trade – not really the same. Either way, Brassard contract ends the same time as Gaboriks, Dorsett was injured and Moore wasn’t in their future plans. Perhaps it was lack of Ice time or the Rangers D playing like crap that made Moore look good, but Columbus wasn’t high on him.

                    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                      My point on a rental was that you said Phaneuf would be a rental and gaborik wouldn’t even though their contracts end at the same time. Just because Gaborik was brought in for a playoff drive last year, I can’t see how one is a rental and the other isn’t. Agree to disagree.
                      Your points on Brass, Dorsett and Moore I don’t disagree with. Don’t you think Schultz looked so good because of the type of ice-time he got tough? I mean, Schultz played almost 2x as many PP minutes than any other Oil D-man, but hardly any PK minutes. He was kept away from the other teams big lines whenever possible. Paajarvi has underacheived. NYR got rid of a high-priced guy they didn’t want anymore and took advantage of a team that needed a recognizable star. I’m saying it’s possible to do the same thing to edmonton.

  23. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    I see what you are saying, if you traded Reilly for Myers, Reilly is out of the mix though.
    I was wondering if anyone was interested because I thought Myers adds more size and balance than adding Reilly who is similar to Gardiner and Schultz in many ways.

    If you make both trades you have for years to come

    Gardiner Franson
    Schultz Myers

    I think that looks pretty good as well and wouldn’t break the bank even after re-signs of Gardiner, Schultz, Franson

    Gardiner $3.5
    Schultz $3.875 (current cap hit I believe)
    Franson $3
    Myers $5.5
    Gunnar $2
    Smid $3.5
    Fraser $1

    Total $22.375 for 7 D-men…very doable.

    The only thing I’m a little worried about is lack of toughness on either what you showed or I showed. Maybe we could move Gunnar for a 5-6 guy with size and toughness. Or – even though I am and have been one of Franson’s biggest proponents since he arrived in T.O, I would move Franson for Bieksa if possible if we had the guys above.

  24. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Love the Vinny trade (depending on what bodies we’re giving up). Don’t think it’s impossible giving Rogers was happy to piss money away of the Blue Jays, have to figure their willing to invest on their cash cow in the Leafs.
    If the Leafs just end up with Drouin who cares? He’s a potential game breaker, if you can in a Gretzky to LA, talent for money, do the deal. They can justify it by saying Drouin would be a 30 million dollar talent on the free market anyway. You’re going to get better return money or capwise on the UFA market this off season that what you would invest in Drouin.

    We all want a 1A center but if there isn’t an opportunity that doesn’t mean Nonis should be complacent to work on finding talent where ever else he can.

    On the Dion debate, something Dion never gets credit for is that he did bring stability to the blueline. It was a complete mess and revolving door before Dion. Finally we’re not talking about remaking our entire top four. Dion being the lighting rod of attention helps others. For example, Holzer was as bad of a defenseman I’ve seen in my 20 years of watching the Leafs and he still had his supporters while everyone blame Dion for Korbinian sucking. Gardiner gets to be golden boy while Dion takes the heat, Gunner remains that perfect ‘glue guy’, Fraser was afford patience as a garbage time jobber, just saying.

  25. Gambo says:

    I’ve heard rumors that Toronto has been calling Florida about getting Weiss’ rights. I’m not in favor of getting him at all, personally I’d much rather keep Bozak on a 1 or 2 year deal. We know what we’re getting with Bozak, he’s a big part of the team and he could be suited to play the 3rd line role if that’s what’s needed from him, whereas I don’t believe Weiss could play a 3rd line role, much like Grabovski.

    Also rumored that Chicago will want to trade Bolland after the playoffs. I’d love Toronto to go after him, especially since our pest in Komarov is leaving. If Bozak walks, Toronto could go with:


    Pretty good top 9, Kadri has the potential to put up 60-80 points on the top line, maybe even more. No one really knows with him yet. Grabovski could put up 50-60 points in a second line role again. Bolland would be a good 3rd line pest at centre and McClement is a defensive stud on the 4th line.

    Just a thought. Plan A is still to acquire a proven first line centre though.

  26. DannyLeafs says:

    I like that mix. Doesn’t handicap the future, and all easier to pull off. Biggest problem with signing Weiss would be, what do you do with Grabovski? I don’t think we could have two centers making $5M considering Kadri is probably gonna get a teaser type deal, similiar to what Duchene signed last summer. No Guarantee that Kadri is a guaranteed future first liner, but after a season like last year, and the time investment, he will get at least another 2 seasons to prove that he is in my opinion.

    I don’t hate getting Weiss, but there better be a plan for what to do with Grabovski in that case.

    Also, as much as everyone keeps mentioning the Leafs moving up in the draft, I think the assets would be better spent seeing if we can’t nab an extra mid-late first or two. I feel that this is one of those drafts where 3 random picks from 10-25 could nab you more value then trying to move up to say 5th.

    This is supposed to be a deep draft, and it’s true that even then the 10-25 picks are less likely to turn into stars then picks in the 4-7 range, but having multiple picks may offset that and could have the potential to be a good haul if multiple picks turn out well. The high end is unlikely, but even if a couple of picks turn out to be good players we could be looking at something along the lines of turning 3 picks into a package like Chris Stewart and Bryan Little instead of picking Kyle Okposo 7th. That isn’t far fetched with 3 picks in a deep draft.

    Looking back at some previous drafts that were considered deep, those 15 picks had some pretty ok percentages of turning into good NHL players, or even stars, as well as the fact that a high percentage of those players turned out to be regular NHLers.

    2008 – Good to Star Level: Karlsson, Eberle, Gardiner, Hodgson, Del Zotto, Myers
    Regular NHLers: Sbisa

    Thats about a 44% chance of a single pick turning out to be a legitimate NHL player, over a third turning out much better than average and there are a few others who still have a shot.

    2006 – Good to Star Level: Stewart, Giroux, Bernier, Grabner, Varlamov
    Regular NHLers: Frolik, Little, Tlusty, Lewis, Sanguinetti

    Thats 56% turn out to be NHLers with about a third turning out to be much better than average players.

    2003 – … only two guys didn’t become regular NHLers, while half of that range turned out to be All-stars, and I think half now have cup rings.

    Again, there are no guarantees with this strategy, but I think it would be easier to grab two of these picks then it would moving up to grab a 4-7 pick.

    I would target teams that feel more pressure to win sooner.
    11th – Philly should be under pressure, they want a little of everything and previously covetted Kulemin.

    14th, 19th, 27th – Columbus just missed out on the playoffs, and have been rebuilding forever. The leafs may have prospects that are closer to NHL ready in areas that Columbus needs more (Blacker, Percy, Frattin), as well as some current NHL players (Kulemin, Gunnarsson, Grabovski, Liles) or some combination if the value isn’t right. This might be one of the teams that could be interested in Phaneuf if the Leafs try to go that route.

    22nd – Calgary has multiple picks in the first, and I think Feaster feels more pressure to win now. He has been pretty desperate, and made some irrational moves, so I think it’s possible he could be interested in just about anything. It would be nice if he would trade that pick for Grabovski, even if it meant we ate some of his salary for a couple of years. After the O’Reilly debacle it isn’t that much of a stretch.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      What I like most about this post is that it takes an advance stats approach to the draft to highlight the draft in nothing more than a roulette table.

    • Gambo says:

      Good post. Yeah I’d be cool with that idea, maybe try to grab a draft pick from the 10-15 area.

      A trade with Philly would make a lot of sense, Ed Snider and Paul Holmgren definitely aren’t patient guys. They are in cap trouble too, maybe take on Briere to get the pick.

      Speaking of Philly, I would love if the leafs targeted Coburn. 4.5m cap hit, struggled recently, but is a big body(6ft5) and is capable of playing big minutes when healthy. Strong in both ends and can play the right side. Maybe the Flyers would try to move his contract for cheap.

      I also really like the idea of grabbing a high pick in exchange for taking on a massive contract. It’s the first time post salary cap that the teams with a lot of funds can take advantage of the smaller market teams.

  27. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Just bsing but if Nonis finds some balls he could have a lot of intriguing candidates to land a good pick by taking advantage of this one time offer for buyouts.

    Florida – Campbell, Jovonovski, Fleischmann and Upshall, taking two of these deals to buyout and adding our 1st and say Kulemin could be worth it.

    TB – Vinny, Malone, Ohlund, Brewer… deal has been discussed already but Tampa doesn’t have much cap room (2 million) and no results on the ice to justify bloated payroll.

    Edmonton – Horcroft

    Vancouver – another team in cap hell, they can afford to get themselves out but the Leafs could help in an attempt for maybe a 2nd round pick

    Philly – Just how much could be pryed to take Bryz off their hands

    • Steven_Leafs0 says:

      Depending on the return, I would gladly trade for a guy those teams would buy out if they had the money.

      NYI – Dipietro. Possible rewards: Strome, Reinhart, 15th overall pick

      TB – Lecavalier and/or Malone. Possible rewards: 3rd overall pick, Connolly

      PHI – Bryzgalov. Possible rewards: 11th overall pick, Couturier, Schenn(s)(would be funny as hell)

      I don’t really see other teams being an option either because they are near the floor already and will not pay such a large price to trade a buy-out or the team can afford to buyout their own guy.

      Anyway if we can get a gem for nothing like we did with Franson then we should do it.

  28. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Philly signed Steit to a four year deal.

    Again, Holgrem showing why he’s better at closing than 29 other GMs.

  29. Gambo says:

    Nonis finished 6th in the league in votes for GM of the year. Someone explain to me what he did? O’byrne? Yeah I’m glad he didn’t trade for Luongo and kept Reimer as the starter, but that’s something that seemed pretty obvious to do.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      He got rid of Koromov, Eakins, Steckel (who would have been a gem on faceoffs in the Boston series) and Brown. He almost took on a terrible contract in Kipper and offered an extension to try to entice him into agreeing to a trade. He apparently shopped Kessel. He extended Lupul three games into the season that luckily looks to be a win.

      He somehow found a way to get fatter and more awkward, you figured being in the public eye might inspire some minimum cardio or at least counting his macros.

      • nordiques100 says:

        He didn’t get rid of Komarov. Komarov left b/c he tripled his salary and he is wanting a chance to make the Finnish Olympic team. Better chance he feels at that playing in Europe under the watchful eye of the management staff.

        Eakins was going to leave, Nonis didn’t fire him. He left on his own accord because he got an NHL head coaching job, not an AHL one. You can’t blame Eakins for that.

        Steckel is useless in every other facet of the game save faceoffs. They had Bozak, they did not anticipate him getting hurt. A series hinging on a fringe 4th line guy is stretching it.

        Brown too. Brown took too many penalties for his own good. It was fine with Wilson because well he was the only tough guy he was willing to dress. Carlyle preferred MacLaren and Orr. Again another 4th liner who shouldnt be the difference maker in the series.

        The Kiprusoff pursuit was foolish, but he had the guts to cut Connolly and Komisarek also not interfere with Carlyle’s decision to bench Liles. Burke would have never done that here and it would have stopped Fraser from making the team, probably Franson’s development and probably Kadri would have been traded by now.

        Nonis doesn’t deserve a vote, but really its not his fault Komarov, Eakins are gone.

        He could have offered Komarov 3 mil to stay but really? He could be back, Komarov himself said he could be. He’s definitely a tough player to replace but again, if the season hinges on 4th line players, not on the performances of Grabo, Kulemin, Dion, Gunnarsson, Reimer who need to be better, Kessel, Lupul, JVR etc then I really don’t know. Its got to be these guys who carry the mail.

        • realistic_leafs_fan says:

          Agree pretty much with everything you wrote Nords except the Burke comments because Burke brought in the size and toughness and Wilson obviously wanted veterans with speed. Wilson didn’t care about size, grit and didn’t like playing young guys like Kadri or Franson(too slow for Wilson). Otherwise I agree with you.

          A D that is UFA and could be a good 5-6 guy and had cheap would be Rozival. He would bring good experience to the backend. I know a lot don’t like him, but he is a rh shot, can play a defensive role and on a two year deal for $2mil or under, he could be a good guy to play with Gunnar or Fraser as a 5-6 pairing.IMO

          • nordiques100 says:

            my BB comment was directed at benching Liles, and demoting Komi and Connolly which he would never have done. Nonis did, and deserves some credit for that.

            With those players in the lineup, Fraser is a Marlie for life, Franson, potentially traded for nothing, Kadri possibly gone too.

            Wilson may have preferred the Connollys and Liles but he would have never seen those guys sent to the Marlies. Burke would never let that happen. He’d be forcing those options on Wilson.

            • realistic_leafs_fan says:

              BB sent down Orr…The kind of guy he loves, and buried Finger in the minors, so I doubt sending down Connolly or Komi or whoever would bother him. Burke always took the stand that if you don’t perform, he will trade you or bury you in the minors if he has to. I still think it was Wilson’s decision to keep playing Komi, Liles and Connolly because thats what Wilson liked.
              Burke let Wilson do whatever he wanted, which was Burke’s biggest error as GM.

        • mojo19 says:

          Thank you Nords, I was about to write the same things.

          Wallace, your overall point if him getting 6th in votes is valid b/c he didn’t do much, but your negative spin on everything is a stretch, to say the least.

          • nordiques100 says:

            He does not like Nonis because since his promotion he’s done no big trades like how BB acquired Kessel immediately, then acquired Lupul and Dion in separate deals and had the guts to trade Schenn for JVR. Big big moves.

            the implication is that he doesnt have the same guts. I do somewhat share those concerns but its early. The criticism comes if he decides to acquire another McClement like player and that’s that. Then, the balls of hate should be thrown.

            And too, there wasn’t much point to make the big splash until this off-season. As we’ve seen, Pominville, Iginla didnt have much impact as deadline acquisitions, plus they weren’t centres. JBO maybe, but its a price he wasn’t willing to pay. I am fine with that. Its not criminal we didn’t acquire him.

            Plus, Gardiner didn’t go for a quick fix at the deadline. Like for a goalie, or a centre or another Dman. Plus he didn’t drop everything to get Lou at all costs. That restraint is good IMO. He easily could have sold Leaf Nation on Lou being the big splash, his stamp on the team etc etc and LN would have eaten it up wholeheartedly. He didn’t capitulate to Gillis and I am happy for it.

            But now, its different. Soon as the season ends, he’s got to now prove to have the stomach to make moves and improve the centre and defence positions.

            it would be stuff like the Oilers offering RNH for Gardiner and him turning it down that will make us throw criticism at him and it would be surely well deserved. Its those well the better the devil I know than the one I don’t choices that will be interesting to watch.

            I have a feeling he is kinda like that, but, June, July, Aug he has a chance to prove me wrong. There are strong options to fill out the Leafs holes, its whether he can stomach it is my real big question. But that has to happen first. I’m willing to give him a chance, albeit one chance. Wallace has already written him off. I dont beleive that is fair yet.

            • leafs_wallace93 says:

              First of all, I would kindly ask no to speak for me but rather to me.

              I haven’t been impressed with Nonis since his days in Vancouver where he was impotent on putting a talent team over. Gillis did more as a GM that Nonis to improve that team.

              Nonis doesn’t have to do ‘big trades’ I always criticized Burke for trying to build a team solely via trades. I’ll point out again that Nonis tried to make a splash in the trade market with Kipper, not endorsing that.

              I don’t think someone deserves a chance simply for the sake of giving him one, that’s not good enough. Talent is already walking on Nonis and Nonis has a history of being passive, Bozak is going to walk with Nonis putting up a fight, ok, fine but is Nonis man enough to inspire say Phaneuf or Kessel to reup?

              Nonis is a seat warmer that holds on to draft picks (and did he really have a great draft record in Vancouver?) and does little to add via trade or free agency to make an impact.

              Sure he made the Lou trade with Florida but other than that, why would anyone expect him to be the man in Toronto? Are we just suppose to take it on faith that he’s a good GM? He f’ing shopped Kessel this season because he buys into to all that paranoid LN bs when Kessel went of a five game goal drought.

        • leafs_wallace93 says:

          Bozak wasn’t anything special in the faceoff circle against Boston. One injury and Caryle had to turn to Colborne, Steckel had a purpose and we gave him away for nothing, Nonis deserves the criticism.

          Kipper was a god awful pursuit.

          He could have offer Eakins money and security (long term big money contract for a minor coach outweighs an audition for the bigs that the Oil are offered), he doesn’t count against the cap and was key in developing young talent.

          He’s just the shy fat assistant manager that gets the keys after Burke leaves a job. He’s an interim GM.

          • mojo19 says:

            I disagree about Kiprusoff. Don’t wanna get into a whole thing, but getting an experienced goalie wad the right idea at the time with Reimer having just come back from yet another injury and Kipper being a more short term fit than Luongo. Nothing wrong with insurance.

            Eakins would be foolish to stay in the minors. Money talks, sure, but this is a guy with ambition. I would take less money for an opportunity in the show as well.

            The Nonis bashing seems unwarranted. We finally have a GM who won’t blow his load on the first white he sees. Good.

            As for Steckel, we had to waive someone or trade someone with Lupul getting healthy. Might as well be the guy that the coach had been making a healthy scratch. Steckel was good for one month last year, hurt his wrist and became an average 4th liner. No big loss, can’t believe were actually discussing him.

            • mojo19 says:

              First whore he sees – autocorrect.

            • leafs_wallace93 says:

              Kipper, ok, I know your position, you know mine, agree to disagree.

              Ambition is about making money and having a good position, the Marlies could offer him both. Anyone put in a position where a the company you work for is offering you more money and security while somewhere else is offering you simply a job title I doubt you’d uproot your family to take it.

              So the standard of being a GM in Toronto is just that he doesn’t make retarded trades? He’s a great GM for not trading Gardiner, well Burke didn’t trade him either and I wasn’t the world’s biggest Burke supporter if memory serves me correctly. If that’s the standard than everyone on this board is over qualified to be GM of the Leafs.

              Steckel in game 7 filling in for Bozak getting key faceoffs in the dying minutes could have got us in to round two and maybe the cup finals, no big loss though.

              Nonis doesn’t deserve bashing? What has he done other than be a warm body in a chair?

              • mojo19 says:

                I don’t know that we can make an assessment like that, after one 48 game season, and no offseason.

                What did you expect, for Nonis to have pulled off 1 or 2 blockbuster trades already? Tone back the expectations. I don’t think you’re being fair at all here.

                I’ll join you after this summer if he misses out on all the bought out stars, and makes no real splash, but until then, I don’t see any reason to bash him yet.

                Also, Colborne played really well in games 6 and 7 and made more of an impact than Steckel could have. Steckel’s face-offs took a dive the latter half of last year.

                And yes, Eakins did the right thing, in the long run he had to take a job in the show eventually, he has an opportunity to make more of a name for himself now and begin to solidify a real legacy, and earn more money in the long run. Taking a couple extra bucks to stick in the minors, and miss his opportunity to take a big league job in the height of his hype could’ve been the biggest mistake of his career.

                • leafs_wallace93 says:

                  I was bashing Nonis on these boards when he was in Vancouver too, I’ve never been a fan and I don’t care to see him have an opportunity I don’t see him as having earn. Just my perspective.

          • nordiques100 says:

            he did offer him that. he signed Eakins for 3 years. with the 1 year restrict clause that was last year. He was paying Eakins NHL coaching money. Burke did that signing. Thats as best you can do but no one in their right mind would turn down an NHL job for an AHL one. especially at the head coaching position.

          • nordiques100 says:

            Bergeron has schooled both Toews and Crosby, arguably the next 2 best faceoff men in the NHL.

            I can’t see how Steckel would have made any difference.

            Kipper was bad, so was Lou. but at the end of the day he didn’t make the deals.

            I absolutely cannot see how being in the AHL is better than the NHL. Its a weak weak argument. If that were the case Justin Schultz should have never left OKC nor should Eberle just to dominate the AHL and forget being NHLers.

            Joel Quenneville should have never left Colorado as an assistant, Ray Shero and Chia should have never left a very very well run Ottawa team to be NHL GMs. Claude Julien should have stayed at owning a team in the Q rather than be in the NHL. Same went for the late Pat Burns. He too had ownership in a team in the Q as a junior coach. He should have never made the jump and win 3 Adams trophies.

            Again, eakins got 6 figures. He got a 3 year deal. MLSE could have extended him and sign him for 7 figures but how much better could he get at that level? How complacent and disinterested could he get with the big money and low aspirations.

            The leafs were very lucky to have him this past year. He could have easily not signed that contract, but he did Toronto a huge favor. And Toronto did a great job just to keep him an extra 12 months. He was easily the hottest candidate around. He had 5-6 jobs to choose from. He himself was probably ready to move on. How is that on Nonis?

            Eakins has ambition and drive. He wants to be challenged more and was seeking a new opportunity. He was leaving plain and simple. there was nothing Nonis could have done. And like all GMs, they wouldnt want to take opportunities away from people to move up in the ranks. Thats just how the NHL works.

            • realistic_leafs_fan says:

              I have to agree, I doubt Eakins would have stayed if we gave him more money. It would be like a rock band remaining an opening act when they are offered a headliner tour. For most, the goal is to get to the highest level.
              Speaking of coaches…notice how Ron Wilson’s name is not even mentioned for any open coaching positions.LOL

            • leafs_wallace93 says:

              More money and security, Nonis could have offered Eakin an extra 2 million a year over a longer term. Let’s say that’s 12 million dollar on a six year deal, that’s a real world reason to make him stay. Put yourself in that position for a moment, what might you do?

              We talk about about getting picks and taking other team’s 30 million dollar contracts to buy out but investing in Eakins is ‘impossible’? What?

              Steckel would have won key game 7 faceoffs but Colborne was better in that spot? Ok, I’m not allowed to make a point. Nonis is a gem. Come HTR, you’re better than this.

              • You’re basically asking them to pay him to stay away from coaching teams against the leafs. Eakins is going to get paid, this isn’t where you offer him a winning lottery ticket to think twice about staying. Trying to buy away his dream doesn’t really work out in a world where you have other offers paying you good money, perhaps less. Any job security will only last until somebody decides Eakins is no longer needed. I’m sorry, but ambition is not about having money and a good position as you called it. I’m not really sure where you came up with that definition, but that sounds more like settling to me.

                You’ve never heard of somebody taking less money for a dream job/experience?

                If I put myself in that position, I do the same thing. The new offer still allows him to live a very comfortable life. So unless I’m money hungry, I don’t see the reason to stay.

  30. Gambo says:

    So Voynov was was extended for 6 years, 4.16 per year. Is this what Franson will be looking for?

    23 years old, 25 points and a +5 in 48 regular season games, 13 points and a +9 in 18 playoff games. This year was his breakout year.

    Franson: 25 years old, 29 points and a +4 in 45 regular season games, 6 points and a +/-0 in 7 playoff games. This year was his breakout year.

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