Oilers Signings

The Oilers signed RFA Jason Smith and FA Todd Harvey today.Jason Smith returns as the team captain, signing a four year deal with the team, Todd Harvey signed a two year plus club option deal.

Hooray. If we ever see NHL Hockey again the Oilers have a great second defenceman in Smith and ANOTHER third/fourth line winger in Harvey.

What happened to finding a centre? Why do the Oil need another ‘gritty’ forward? Will anyone even read this?

I still say the Oil are better off with Gomez and without Brewer, if you get my drift…

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  1. cyeryk says:

    Not too sure on what to say about the signing of Todd Harvey. I remember a few years ago there were some rumblings that the oilers wanted to pick him up (I guess they got there man…a little late though)

    As for The trading of Eric Brewer…. I don’t think so…not anymore at least. At the World Cup he along with Adam Foote were probablly the best two Defensemen Canada had on the Ice. They even replaced Regher (Over rated hitter) and Neidermyer as the go to guys when Canada’s checking line.

    Here is why I like Brewer… He takes some risks. He seems to look for an outlet pass rather than just dumping the puck out (like aformentioned Regher) He is a real good skater (jumps in to the rush, but can get back pretty quick for a guy his size) If he’d just shoot more on the PP ( like the rest of the oilers) ther e really isn’t a flaw in his game. Now I know most of you are going to disagree, because the stats don’t represent that and here is why.

    For the majorty of 2002/2003 he played with Alex Semenov (a rookie) He had to play like a stay at home defenseman. Later into the year and in the play offs he played with Jason Smith…then he got better and better. Into 2003/2004 he still seemed to tentative as a result of not playing his style of game…at about the mid point of last year he started to play his game

    How do I know this… Since more reasonable Oilers coverage came to be I have watched pretty much every Oiler game on Sportsnet, CBC, PPV and making the trek up to Edmonton from Calgary to see at least 3 games a year… Any game I don’t watch…I Listen to on the Radio….

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