Oilers taking calls from teams interested in No. 1 draft pick

The Edmonton Oilers general manager has had discussions with some of his counterparts around the league and remains willing to discuss a trade leading up to the June 24 draft in Minnesota. It’s the second straight year Edmonton has held the top pick.

“I’ve had a few calls (from) people kicking the tires of how they can help me make the Oilers a better team,” Tambellini said Wednesday after the NHL’s GMs meeting. “For me to move the No. 1 pick it would have to be obviously something exceptional. Because this is a huge building block again for us.

“These couple years here are exactly the time that we have to put pieces in place that are going to be part of the Oilers success for a long time. It would have to be something quite sweet.”

The Oilers management team has yet to reach a consensus on who the best prospect is. A year ago, they essentially chose Taylor Hall over Tyler Seguin, but are considering a bigger pool of players this time around.

Red Deer centre Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is the top-ranked North American skater ahead of Kitchener’s Gabriel Landeskog, Saint John’s Jonathan Huberdeau and Niagara’s Dougie Hamilton. Swedish defenceman Adam Larsson could also be in the mix.


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  1. reinjosh says:

    Tambellini is all talk. He's just doing his due diligence as a GM. He won't move the pick. Didn't he say this exact same thing last year? "I'm taking calls and letting people kick tires but I would need something exceptional blah blah"/

    Other news, Konopka is expected to hit FA July 1st. I'd love to pick him up to center the 4th line. Him and Orr would be tanks together and he is incredible at faceoffs (something we desperately need). 
  2. FlamingHomer says:

    Except for the Konopka news, I was going to write the same thing. I've never seen a team make such an effort to announce nothing so frequently.

  3. 93killer93 says:
    Just for fun.


    Lashoff, 3rd(86th)
    1st(15th), 2nd(2012), Drury, Redden
    Komisarek, 1st(25th), Granberg, Mikus
    DiPietro, 1st(5th), Kessel
    1st(5th), 2nd(2012Bos), 3rd(2012)
    1st(3rd), 1st(25th), 1st(2012/2013), Bozak, Gunnarsson, Gustavsson
    1st(2nd), Stastny
    1st(2nd), 2nd(NyR), Frattin, 2nd(2012), Holzer 
    1st(1st), 2nd(31st)
    1st-Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
    15th-Jamieson Oleksiak
    31st-Davis Musil
  4. TheOnlyIslesFan says:

    Why must you make me cry everytime you post something? Why?

  5. Jets_Back says:

    They're keeping the pick and taking Larsson. He is exactly what they need. Yah sure they need a centre to play with Hall-Eberle, but really they need defense help.

    The draft top 10 I think is going to go down like this:

    Larsson Edm
    Landeskog Col
    Hopkins Flo
    Couturier NJ
    Hamilton Isles
    Huberdeau Sens
    Zibanejad Jets
    Murphy Colub
    Beaulieu Bos
    Strome Wild

  6. albertateams says:

    Why wouldn't he though? There is always a possibility somebody makes an insane offer. RNH is going to be a very good player maybe not a superstar but something similar to Adam Oats, a player that sees the ice at an elite level and plays a solid two way game. I do agree Edmonton will keep it when the draft arrives having RNH centering Hall and Eberle long term is just too much potential to pass up, their 2 1st rounder is where they will target a D man.

  7. albertateams says:

    I think its all but setteled in the Oilers camp that they are takinh RNH (unless some team gives them an insane offer that they can't pass up), which is the right choice the kid is special when it comes to seeing the ice. They will get their D-man with pick 19, at least one of Brodin, Oleksiak, Morrow, Siemens, Klefbom or Musil will be available. Probably they will draft another Dman with the 31st pick as well.

    Adding 2 D Prospects to Marincin, Teubert, Plante and Petry gives the Oilers very good prospect depth at D.

  8. MystifoLeafs says:

    Why are you looking for a faceoff man on FA? We have a young faceoff machine in Ziggy who is just sitting down in the Marlies waiting to be called up

  9. Boston_Bruins says:

    So apparently Hamilton came in at 6'7??? Last I heard he was 6'4. This guy is rocketing up my draft board right now, even though he was already high to begin with. I'm grouping him in with Larsson/RNH/Landeskog now.

  10. reinjosh says:

    I was taking a shot at the morons who call Burke full of himself. He does the same thing and people say he's an egotistical ass. I have no problem with Tambellin saying that and I even think its smart (and would love to see other GM's do stuff like this) but I wanted to point out the ironic aspect of it. 

  11. reinjosh says:

    I don't think its as solid as everyone thinks. There are a ton of rumors that the Oilers are no longer as sure as before. I still think they take a center but I think it might come down to a choice between Huberdeau and RNH. 

    I also like the idea of the Oilers drafting a dman with the 19th and a goalie like one of the Gibson's with the 31st. 
  12. reinjosh says:

    Holy shit really? Where did you see that. If that's true that kid is going to be huge. 

  13. Boston_Bruins says:

    While I think Larsson is the clear #1, I'd be shocked if EDM passed on RNH. Gretzky #2 coming back to Edmonton? C'mon…

    If I had to take a stab at the top 10 right now, I'd say:

    EDM – RNH
    COL – Larsson (tempted to take Landeskog, but Larssson is too much to pass up)
    FLA – Landeskog (character guy, that seems to be what they're going for)
    NJD – Hamilton (really need a puck-mover)
    NYI – Couturier (ideally would want Hamilton, but they take what appears to be the BPA)
    OTT – Huberdeau (BPA; I'm not that big on him but it seems alot of people are)
    WPG – Strome (again, BPA, and it fills a need)
    CBJ – Murphy (same as above; get a puck-mover Columbus)
    BOS – Beaulieu (would love one of the top 8 to fall, but I wouldn't complain if this happened)
    MIN – Oleksiak (the measurables might be too much to pass up)

  14. Boston_Bruins says:


    6'6.5 and 193 pounds. Oleksiak is 6'6.5 and 241 pounds. I know Hamilton was 6'4 going into this sdeason so that's a crazy growth spurt. Who knows if he's done growing either?

  15. reinjosh says:

    I'm going to say Couturier drops alla Fowler last year (which I said should happen, although didn't actually call it lol, saying he wasn't as good as everyone said, looks like i was wrong on that aspect, except for his defensive game being so abysmal).

    I like that though. I still think RNH goes first despite the rumors, and I think Landeskog goes 2nd (although I think thats a mistake).
    EDM – RNH
    COL – Landeskog
    FLA – Huberdeau
    NJD – Larsson (they need to take a dman badly and it will be either Hamilton or Larsson)
    NYI – Hamilton
    OTT – Zibanejad (The surprise pick. He will become a Alfredsson replacement, and ultimately one thats better than Landeskog would have been)
    WPG – Strome (I know, BPA logic says Couturier but they want a high offense center, not a two way center)
    CBJ – Morrow (I know, Murphy right? But CBJ hasn't exactly picked normally over the years and this draft is just primed for a shocker top 10. Morrow has been a fast riser and is underrated in my opinion. I'm tossed up between him and Oleksiak if they feel Moore is their future PMD)
    BOS – Murphy (Gladly picks up the perfect cure to their PMD question. I wanted to pick Siemens but Murphy is far to talented to pass up. He won`t drop like Fowler did)
    MIN – Baertschi (They need a scoring top 6 potential prospect and Sven provides that).
    COL – Siemens (gets the d they need. He`s bigger than Beaulieu and provides some more grit on the backend.)
    CAR – Beaulieu (They need dman badly. Beaulieu is a perfect pick and they are happy he drops)
    CGY – Couturier (He finally gets picked after dropping eerily similar to Gormely last year. They need a center, they take one).
    DAL – McNeill (They really need everything in the system, McNeill could be a nice top 6 center for them).
    NYR – Namestnikov (With a pretty deep system, they take a RW to fix their weakest prospect position)
  16. reinjosh says:

    Wow, yeah he definitely had a nice little spurt. I would say its likely he is done. With a growth spurt like that, its kind of the last push. Maybe he grows half an inch but I would bet he`s done. He has definitely pushed himself hire through dumb luck haha. Get him to 220 and he could be one if not the best players in the draft, if he puts in the time to keep his skating where it is now. 

  17. Boston_Bruins says:

    Haha I've been picking a puck-mover for Columbus for years and years now. Never seems to happen.

    The Devils and Isles would be ecstatic with this mock I think.

    The worrisome thing about Couturier is the lack of growth he showed this year. I still think he's a surefire top 5-8 pick though.

  18. Boston_Bruins says:

    Yeah very thin right now, but once he fills out… wow. Kind of like a Tyler Myers with more (alot more IMO) defensive upside.

  19. reinjosh says:

    I didalways like Hamilton and now this, he could be a huge piece to a team. However its very possible that when he puts on weight, he loses a ton of foot speed and sets his development back (maybe even to a point where he can`t make it back). Still a lot to like but the height and potential for filling out does increase the risk (its still small) of him losing a step in his skating. 

  20. reinjosh says:

    Yeah, he didn`t take a step at all really. Now granted he did play 10 less games and had mono for some of the season and he still posted almost identical numbers. He really didn`t have anyone to pass too also so who knows. I`m making the bold and out there prediction he falls identically to Gormley. WTH right lol

    Haha yeah it seems every year some thinks they will and then they don`t. I don`t see why this year would be any different haha. 
  21. albertateams says:

    I think it is, go to the Oilers team web site and see how many pictures of RNH there are unless they trade down which I really doubt I think its adone deal. Huberdeau is good but most of the hype is due to the memprial cup, I  would be shocked if they took him before RNH or Larsson.

    I think two d with the 19th pick is better for the long term. They have Dubnyk and Roy in net. It would be really be nice to see what Dubynk could do with an actual NHL level defense in front of him his stats on a last place team were very good last year. Get him some help and he could be a really good goalie if not veteran goalies are pretty easy to obtain on the open market.

    D men are so tricky to project how they will do in the NHl so haveing 4-6 good prospects hedges your risk more than having one or two blue chippers. For forwards in general I would say the opposite.

  22. 93killer93 says:

    I try not to. But i figured you would be happy to get rid of Dipietro. 

  23. LeafsFTW17 says:

    just cause everyones doing it…
    Top 10:

    EDM – RNH…OBVS pick for EDM
    COL – Landeskog…Play on MD's Wing
    FLA – Larsson…Need D
    NJD – Couturier…Depth center
    NYI – Hamilton…Top 4 Dman, what NYI needs
    OTT- Hubredeau…Gonna be a steal, great player
    WPG – Zibanejad…Fans are gonna love him
    CBJ – Murphy…great OFD
    BOS – Olesiak…With Chara getting older, this guy could take his place
    MIN – Strome…Getting better and better everytime he plays, but small

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