Oilers to go Shopping??

The Edmonton Journal is reporting that the Oilers will aggressively seek to sign free agent talent come July the first.

For the first time in years the Oilers have the financial means to go after top free agent players however money is not the only thing that is preventing players from choosing the Oilers as a free agent destination.

HTR believes that the Oilers and their fast ice surface would be a wise choice for a free agent player on a one year basis. We can only imagine Briere or Gomez playing an entire season on their ice with top player ice time.

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  1. oil_ers says:

    it will be tough for the oil to land a big name because of the pronger thing and its locatoin and so on…
    however the oilers will probably land a big name because of all the money they have to offer…and then go after a couple players via trade

    why not go after souray???
    he's from edmonotn

  2. loco42 says:

    It’s a possibility, but trust me, if there is a d-man you want edmonton to go after, it’s Ralfaski. Souray, yeah, booming shot, but Rafalski does not get “undressed”. If Souray would sign for 3.5-4 mil, then go for it. His shot is still an asset.

  3. beefjerky says:

    The Oil will have to get creative to lure some big names…might I suggest a gift certificate to the west edmonton mall.

  4. FlamesBlow says:

    And thats whast its gona be, Us "Oiler fans" left  to imagine a big name here playing on that oh so wonderful ice.

    Heres to the Oilers picking 1st overall next year, with 2 first rounders and 2 second rounders lets wait and see Kevin lowe *****c that one up too……

    But really who does this guy think he can lure here, Rafalski..? Surray..? Gomez…? or even Breire….?    Ya *****cing right . Iam sorry to say there are some desperate teams out there and there gona throw some big money at them.. Where would you go to a division where you leave your time zone 5 times a year or to Edmonton where your on a plane more than a high price hooker with international clientel…

    Well i dont know what hes gona do but i can only imagine… Mabye we get lucky and get Arron miller and convince todd marchant and big Gerorge  come back..If any one i heard they love it here

  5. papichulo71 says:

    I bet the Oilers fail to land anyone and then we'll hear the whole "CBA's out of hand" for the next couple years. 

  6. max_fisher says:

    Forget about Briere, Drury and Gomez.  2 of the 3 weren't even point a game players last year.  Offer Kariya a bundle to come to alberta, trade for a defenceman or two, save the extra cash and go for a bonafide star next year like Hossa or Thornton.

  7. REALeafan says:

    Going to be tough for the oil, hard to get people to play there as is now the fact that they probably won't make the playoffs again next year could be a cold shoulder towards Lowe on july 1 unless they try a few recclamation projects.

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