Oilers Trade Grier

The Edmonton Oilers have traded Mike Grier to the Washington Capitals for a second and third round draft pick. The power forward has spent his whole six season career with the Oilers and collected 183 points in 448 games.


I think this is a good move for the Oilers. Everyone knew this move was coming…just not to Washington for Draft picks. He became expendable with the youth in the Oilers organization finally stepping up. Next on the list…..Marchant.

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  1. mikster says:

    This is the worst trade after the Pavel Bure one.

    Sending a solid, still young, 3rd line player who is capable of scoring 20 goals a season. Strong fore-checker… worth 2 picks from Wasington? Horrible…horrible trade. Lowe simple lost this deal because he was looking for a defenseman and he didn’t find one.

  2. Treva says:

    This looks like a salary dump, but wow what a deal for washington who just gets a really decent defensive forward.

    Lowe got taken out behind the shed on this one.

  3. Tradedude says:

    what the hell? whats with the caps GM (whoever the dude is) in trading draft pick, nice job on the oates deal 😉 😉 nudge nudge, u traded a future #1 goalie, and 1st, 2nd, 3rd round pick for oates, which only played a month after the trade deadline,(not even, and 5 games in the playoffs) im just saying if ur going to through away future stars (not oates, ofcourse, lol) like boucher and pack of picks, for a load of crap, then trade him away few months later (just predicting what caps GM will do) ur just throwing a bunch of future superstars off your team, just saying, not great idea, DAMMIT, i make no sense,

    good trade anyway, it’d be hard to imagine grier in a washington uniform though.

    caps top line:

    bondra / lang / jagr

    another idea,: johansson, and cote for mclaren

  4. McCabe_24 says:

    I agree that the Oilers lost this deal. Lowe could have had a fairly decent (better then edmonton’s 4th, 5th, 6th) defencemen if he was patient and waited for the right deal to come along. I think he coulda got one of Florida, Islanders, Boston or Chicago’s young defencemen. Chicago would have been my bet cause they have 9 pretty solid D-men right now.

  5. Amazingoilers says:

    Actually this isn’t a bad deal at all. This guy has been injury prone the past couple years and has never been consistent as far as goal scoring. He got 8 goals last year! He hasn’t been the same since he first injured his shoulder and doesn’t play the body the way he used to. But the reason this deal was done is because the Oilers have simply to many younger better players that are ready for the NHL now. Tommorrow you have to have your 23 man roster and Grier is behind Hemsky, Carter,Cleary and Laraque on the RW. It’s sad to see Grier go as he’s been bleeding Oil for 6 seasons but it’s not suprising as the Oil have to clear roster space. A 2nd round pick is valuable and so is a 3rd rounder. (Comrie was after all a 3rd rounder.) What GM would give you more for an oft injured 10-20 goal scorer?

  6. MossRocks says:

    That was a poor evaluation of this trade and it does not even compare to the Bure trade. If you want to take a dig at Lowe, I will advise you to wait until he makes a mistake. In the meantime he is putting Sather to shame by consistently outperforming him ever since Sather left. After all Lowe’s team has less than half the budget and finished 12 points up on the Rangers last year and 21 points higher the year before in a vastly more difficult conference. Lowe is doing a better job with Edmonton than Sather did in the last 5 years when he was here. Jealousy will get you nowhere.

    The Oilers are still looking for a defenseman and will get one by moving some of their other assets. They made this deal because they didn’t want a player in return because they don’t have room for another player. You can’t possibly think that the Oilers were going to package up all four of their veteran forwards to get one defenseman in return, can you? They had four guys that they needed to move for salary purposes and to make room for youngsters. It was inevitable that they would be moving one of those veterans for draft picks. If this draft is as good as some people think, a 2nd and 3rd for Grier isn’t too bad. This also gives them another $1million to pay a defenseman when they get one.

    It’s funny that when you and I talk about deals involving Grier and the Rangers. He is an 8 goal scoring bum with injury problems and now that you have a chance to rip Lowe he is “a solid, still young, 3rd line player who is capable of scoring 20 goals a season. Strong fore-checker…” Give me a break, Mick. You should be embarrassed.

  7. MossRocks says:

    Of course it was a salary dump, what do you expect? Lowe had to move Grier, Marchant, Reasoner and possibly Moreau for salary reasons and to make room for young players like Hemsky, Swanson, Chimera and Horcoff who OUTPERFORMED them in camp. Lowe really has only one roster spot open on his team and that is for a defenseman.

    Did any of you believe that he was going to package together four veteran forwards making a total of $5 million for one defenseman? Get real. Next year’s draft is supposed to be good and Lowe got the draft picks that he could for Grier. This deal will be fine as long as the d-man shows up. I don’t think you can judge this deal until the other shoe drops. That other shoe is the package that lands the Oilers a solid, 3 or 4 stay at home defenseman.

  8. mikster says:

    a 6th defenseman.

  9. mikster says:

    I am not emabrassed at all since you just making judgments about me, which is completely wrong.

    Grier still scored two 20 goal seasons, and just because he was injured doesn’t mean he will never score that many goals again. Maybe with Washington he will score 20 goals per season. Also, Grier was at top shape in pre-season.

    Also, you came up with the biggest bullshit story with Sather and Lowe and then the Rangers and Oilers and jealous. What for?

    I simply said, this must be the worst trade after the Bure one. Name a trade since the Bure one that was bad. Then, why on earth would i want to throw in negative comments on Lowe? He was an awesome d-man for the Rangers, he won a silver stick with them, and a Cup. I am a HUGE fan of Lowe. I just think, MY OPINION, that trading a proven, and maybe inconsistent, 20 goal scorer who is 27 years old with size and who plays a solid all-round game, is not worth a mid to late round draft pick of the 2nd and 3rd round.

    I simply think that Lowe could have gotten something with MORE value than just a 2nd and 3rd rounder.

    It was simply a salary dump, that’s all it was. Like the Bure deal, it was a salary dump, like any other deal that are meant as salary dumps, this was another.

    You attacked my opinion and misinterpreted it. I am not embarrassed about anything, and i was actually shocked when reading your comment. You just turned nothing into something for no apparent reason.

    You shouldn’t be embarrassed or even sorry about replying in such way. You were just defending your team and disagreeing with my opinion. However, before you rant…try to interpret my comments the right way. In your opinion, it was a poor evaluation, in my opinion…i just gave whatever i was thinking about the trade.

  10. Bluesrock7 says:

    what the hell are you talking about? it sounds like you think the caps GM traded Boucher, and all the picks FOR oates, when actually he fleeced PHILADELPHIA in that trade. Oates went from washington, to philadelphia, to anaheim.

  11. MossRocks says:

    You do this all of the time. When someone is talking deals with you, you slam the other team’s player and then you warp the story later on just for argument’s sake. This deal isn’t remotely like the Bure deal, that was a BS comment and you should be embarrassed. You made an inflammatory remark because your team gets ripped by Oiler fans all of the time. Deny it all you want and I’m sure you will.

    What was bullshit about the Lowe – Sather story? It was absolutely true. Lowe is doing a better job than Sather did here in the last five years of his tenure. His club also outperforms Sather’s current team at less than half the budget. That is all true. I’m sure you wish NYR had a GM like Lowe, so maybe envy is a better word?

    What is Grier worth then? What do you think Lowe could have gotten? I think he did fine with a 2nd and 3rd next year. Could he have gotten more? Maybe, but all they need is a d-man. Any forward they get for Grier is not going to be better than players the Oilers already have. He had to get a d-man, which wasn’t available and he had to move a player before the roster deadline. It’s not the best deal and yes it is a salary dump, but it is nothing like the Bure deal. (Of course now that deal is a total salary dump, but it has nothing to do with buying a team right?)

    Remember this d-man has to be good enough to make the lineup on a pretty good defensive core. You wouldn’t even deal Kloucek for him and your team has nobody that can play anything like Grier. (Big, tough RW who can skate, you don’t have one.) What do you think the rest of the league is thinking?

    The deal was sufficient for the purpose and shouldn’t be judged until the d-man trade is completed; they go hand in hand. Teams like Edmonton have to make trades like this.

  12. MossRocks says:

    Wrong. I’m sure they are looking for 5th or better. This would make Ferguson 6th and preferably make Staios 5th.

  13. TC_4 says:

    I’m back, and “Treva”???, who the hell do you think you are??? Tell me how Lowe got taken in this trade. You tell me how Washington can use Mike Grier. Oh that’s right, they’re gonna trade the 12 other f’n forwards that play just like him!!! It’s a slary dump and a good one at that for Lowe. You tell me what Grier was worth jackass!!! You go tell Kevin what he could have got for Grier, since you should be a GM. Must be a Caps fan, and if that’s the case, you have serious issues! War Edmonton Oilers, Rome, I’m out!

  14. TC_4 says:

    Hey mikster, I believe that Calgary getting Turek for Brathwaite, Daniel Tzachuck, and Sergei Varlamov was a worse trade than this. Or what about the Jagr trade??? Or what about the Hasek trade??? Or what about both of the Gretzky trades??? Or what about Slava Kozlov going to Atlanta for nothing??? Oh that’s right, who really cares about Kozlov, and who really cares about Grier??? That’s just awful that you compared the Grier trade to the Bure trade. Heck, Florida dealing with Columbus at the draft, which by the way was so f’n pointless, was a worse trade than this one. Know your facts, war Edmonton Oilers, war Oakland A’s, war Edmonton Eskimos, and war Toronto Raptors, Romey I’m out!

  15. TC_4 says:

    I can’t believe nobody has brought this up yet. Was it not Chris Simon who called Mike Grier a quote:”Monkey” a few years back??? That’s an excellent deal for Washington. Yes, I’m sure the chemistry will be great in that room next season.

    Chris Simon: “Hey monkey, go fill my water bottle for me”.

    Mike Grier: “No problem, you f’n chief”.

    Chris Simon: “Hey monkey, don’t go thinking that your any better then that European fag Jagr, or that white yankee Halpern, or that mormon Konawalchuck.

    Mike Grier: “Chris, I think your head dress is on too tight”.

    Coach enters the room

    Coach: “Hey you too, save it for the ice, we’re playing St.Louis, you can use those lines all night long”.

    What a mess this team will be! By the way, I did not mean to offend anyone when I wrote this stuff, I have friends that are of both races and I’m in no way racist, I’m just giving you all a picture of what that room could be like this year. War Edmonton Oilers, war Oakland A’s, war Edmonton Eskimos, war Philadelphia Eagles, war Toronto Raptors and Vince Carter being the MVP. Rome, I’m ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut!

  16. sabotage says:

    I’ll admit it – I was shocked seeing Griersy’s name when I heard the Oilers made a trade. I’ve known fully well that the line of Moreau-Marchant-Grier was going to be split up in trades eventually, but I seriously thought Marchant or Moreau would be the first to go.

    Looking at this deal, Lowe has pulled a great move here. Grier was on a one year deal, and I guarantee you he would be looking for a substantial raise next year. Granted, he looked good in camp, I dont think he’ll be missed. Lowe has invested into developing players, so he has to give those players a chance now. The combo of Chimera-Swanson-Cleary is likely the 3rd line in his and MacT’s mind. So, grier was a salary dump obviously. I don’t think he wanted anyone in return if it wasn’t a legitimate NHL D-man, and the next best thing is draft picks. We already have forwards (Rita and Stoll) who could have made the team this year – bringing in another body could have adverse effects on them.

    I guarantee you he’ll pull something similar with Moreau and Reasoner as well. I think Lowe will hold onto Marchant for a while knowing his value will increase as the season progresses. At this point, every team thinks they have their starters. About 20 games in, they’ll realize they don’t have enough NHL capable players. This is when Toddy’s stock starts to rise. And this is likely when Lowe pulls the trigger to get a 5th dman. Plus, he’s gonna wait and see with Alex Henry. No sense trading for a dman right away when Henry looked pretty good in preseason playing 18 minutes a night. Keeping in mind we have solid enough defensive corps to keep Henry playing maybe 8 minutes a night, we may not even need another defenseman.

    Also, for the fans who think losing Grier will kill our PK – think again. True Marchant and Grier had amazing chemistry on the PK, but this isn’t like 3 years ago when losing one of the two would’ve been drastic. We now have guys like Comrie, Carter, Smyth, Chimera, York, etc. etc. who are also excellent defensive players. If you compare this lineup to last year, losing Grier isn’t a big deal. I think Chimera will more than compensate.

  17. RooksOilers says:

    This is a good deal for the OIL. Watch now cause Kevin Lowe is going to trade Todd and Ethan and maybe one of those draft picks for what they need “A soild stay at home d-man”

    Out of all the names being brought up for trade WINDS, I as a diehard Oiler fan really do hate the fact they are going to trade TODD MARCHANT!

    The Oilers four lines:

    Smyth Comrie Hemsky

    York Dopita Carter

    Chimera Swanson Cleary

    (These guys had good chemistry in Hamilton)

    Green Reasoner THE BIG MAN GEORGES

    Kevin get that veteran D-man and the Oilers are set.

  18. big_booty says:

    You are such a tool.

  19. mikster says:

    I don’t care what you think about my comment, whether you like it or not…deal with it. You’re the only one complaining.

    You call it a salary dump, and it was. The Bure trade WAS A SALARY DUMP. The Panthers had to DUMP his salary. That is the ONLY thing that both those deals share. I just think it was a bad deal…if you don’t like my opinion on it, ok…i don’t mind at all.

    What do i have to envy? I always cheered for the Oilers and Lowe, why would i envy the Oilers? I actually support them 98% of the times. I supported them on the York trade, i support McTavish, and i am not sure if they still are, but they were the youngest team during a season, maybe last season, and i made a big fuss about the Oilers.

    Does my team get ripped by Oilers fans? I don’t know, i actually haven’t seen many Oilers fans do that. In fact, i am on a Rangers forum called Hockeybird and there are two good Oilers fans in there. So, i wouldn’t know that they do….and if so, i guess i learned something new today. If i knew they bashed the Rangers, then i wouldn’t be as supportive.

    The bullshit about the Lowe and Sather story is not about what you wrote in it, it’s about the whole story itself. What the hell for? You just turned one simple topic into something BIG and complex.

    I just think Grier could have been of better use than just a 2nd and 3rd round pick. He could have been packaged with Moreau and a pick for a 5th d-man, or something like that.

    I never said i wouldn’t deal Kloucek for Grier. What i DID say was that Grier wasn’t worth Kloucek actually.

    Look, sorry that i ticked you off for something that was meant as a simple and quick thought. You turned nothing into something….

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