Oilers unlikely to swap No. 1 pick, despite fans’ speculation

Maybe all you folks with those trade ideas to move the No. 1 overall pick in the June NHL entry draft should forward your proposals to Steve Tambellini. You could go right to the guy making the final call, never mind voicing your opinion on the talk shows and the blogs.

The Oilers general manager could look them over and run them by his scouting staff this week at their meetings before the draft in Pittsburgh on June 22. Maybe Nail Yakupov isn’t what the Oilers need — did you see where AK Bars Kazan might be making a play for Alex Burmistrov, the former No. 1 draft pick of the Atlanta Thrashers (before they relocated to Winnipeg) even though he has one year left on his entry level NHL contract?

Maybe the Oilers don’t want the hassle of taking fellow Russian Yakupov.

Before you say, “Yeah, but Yakupov has been playing the last two years in the Ontario Hockey League with the Sarnia, so he’s North Americanized,” remember that Burmistrov played one junior year in Barrie. It’s all about the money.

There certainly wasn’t this hysteria to trade the first pick in 2010 when Windsor Spitfires left-winger Taylor Hall was on the board. The prevailing opinion was the Oilers should have moved heaven and earth to get the No. 2 pick held by Boston so they could take Tyler Seguin too, so the Oilers would have a winger and a centre. It didn’t happen.

Last June, there was absolutely no discussion of moving the No. 1 pick, with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins high on everybody’s list — scouts and fans.

Now? The Oilers lucked into the No. 1 pick for a third straight year, winning the draft lottery when they had the 29th-best record over 82 games.


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  1. 93killer93 says:

    This is the year for the Oilers to make a move at the draft.  Keep the first pick to draft Yakuov, and trade up to grab Murray or Dumba.  They have some valuable assets they can move. 

  2. JoelLeafs says:

    Can Yakupov play in net?

  3. thisgamewelose says:

    Even if he can't, would it really change much?

    In 2 years, if Yakupov becomes a star for the Oilers, what does that do for Eberle? He's definitely first line talent. I guess there's no shame in rolling out 2 lines as your top line. 
  4. reinjosh says:

    Or if Eberle continues to excel and keep Yakupov from reaching his first line potential? 

  5. reinjosh says:

    Since this is a thread loosely based on drafting, I'll pose a question here.

    What if the worst case scenario for the Leafs occurs and the big 4 offensive players are all off the board with the first four picks in some order.
    That leaves us with Murray. This isn't exactly terrible. He's looking hugely solid and could be a Suter like player to us in the future. With Phaneuf that could be huge in the future. His playing in the World Championships has to be encouraging to teams too. But back on topic. 
    Say we grab him. Would you hypothetically trade Gardiner for that 1st line center if we grabbed Murray? Say to Philly for Couturier (although after the way the playoffs have gone, something says he's pretty untouchable). Philly gets a potential number 1 dman, the Leafs get a potential number 1 center both young, both with significant rookie seasons. 
  6. leafmeister says:

    I would be fine with Murray. As important as top flight forwards are to offence, having a solid, mobile blue line who can move the puck out of trouble is huge to team success. 

    I would however, avoid Dumba. We don't need another Phaneuf. Unless we could trade Dion for something significant, which I doubt. 
  7. JoelLeafs says:

    Maybe. Only problem I see is his value being heightened due to the playoffs. Not that I wouldn't love to have him, but he could end up not being as good as advertised. I'm actually suspicious of any offensive skaters playing for Philly lately. That team is just to dynamic and run-and-gun that numbers seem to get inflated.

  8. thisgamewelose says:

    Yeah, while I still think Oilers should take Yakupov, one of them will become expendable if Yakupov/Eberle continues to excel.  It might not be next year, or the year after, but I don't see them both staying. 

  9. Steven_Leafs says:

    nothing wrong with having one of Yakupov/Eberle on the 2nd line, they would still get the ice-time and would allow the team to make a change in the lineup when needed without reducing the skill level of the player.

    Hall – RNH – Eberle
    MPS – Gagner – Yakupov
    Smyth – Horcoff – Hemsky

    Quite possibly the best 3 lines in hockey, and if the Oilers want to flip someone to upgrade their Defense or Goaltending then they can send one of Hemsky+ or MPS+ for a very good body. I think it would be the wrong move (and a dumbass move IMO) to trade one of Eberle/Yakupov just because both of them have first line potential in the same position. It didn't hurt the Oilers when they had Gretzky/Messier, 2 first line centers on different lines, it wont hurt them now.

  10. LeafsFTW17 says:

    Which would have more value, the 5th overal pick or Gardiner? 

    Would you trade the 5th overal pick to Philly for either Couturier or Schenn? 

    Dumba just seems like the exact player Philly is looking for and one of those two centers will be getting less time than they deserve.

  11. TheOnlyIslesFan says:

    We had this discussion at work today about the fact that the Oilers should and likely will draft Nail and here's the best example anyone could come up with from my buddy Matt the Penguins fan.

    The 2006 NHL draft saw the Penguins sitting with the second pick with GLARING holes on the wings and defense, after selecting Malkin and Crosby in the past 2 drafts they picked Jordan Staal another Center and it kinda turned out ok for the Penguins after all.
    For example – if the Islanders had the first pick this year, and have some real depth up front and they didn't take Nail Yakupov – and we are in DIRE straights of needing some d-men I'd be floored.
  12. reinjosh says:

    Look at what's happening to MPS already though. The overflow of players is hurting him. Could it be possible that it hurts Eberle or Yakupov? IMO it is possible, maybe less so if you take pedigree into account but the possibility does exist. 

    So what happens if Yakupov gets hurt by it and becomes merely a good 2nd line player? That's sort of a waste of the first overall pick is it not? 
    Now I'm not advocating not taking Yakupov at number 1, I don't think there is another option. However the Oilers have options with that pick. Wing is not a need for the Oilers, especially a winger that doesn't have size. The amount the Oilers can get for that pick would be enormous. Even trading it back one spot to the Blue Jackets and grabbing their future number 1 blueliner in Murray could bring a lot. 
    The Oilers need to take a step forward, and I honestly don't think taking Yakupov helps them that much. 
  13. reinjosh says:

    I guess. I just question the idea that wing depth is the same as center depth. I'm not sure having wing depth is as helpful as having center depth. Than again maybe I'm over thinking things. 

  14. reinjosh says:

    I'd probably trade the 5th overall pick for Couturier/Schenn. I guess it would depend on the outlook the team has on Murray/Dumba compared to Gardiner. 

  15. Steven_Leafs says:

    Thing is, what is happening to MPS is not only because of not being on the first line. Great players like Hall or RNH wouldn't get 10 times worse if someone else came along and took their no.1 line job from them. Even a superstar player getting only 10 minutes of ice time is still a superstar for 10 minutes. (I'm thinking Ovie is a good example, no one would argue that by cutting his ice time he is only a 2nd line player now)

  16. blaze says:

    Hey Isles fan. First of all I agree with your statement on the first overall pick. I'm sure Tambo will ask around but I don't think he will move it unless he gets blown away. I'm not so sure I agree with the theory that his development will get stunted behind the other young stars. There is still plenty of ice time to go around in what could potentially turn into a 1A – 1B type of top 6.

    As for the Leafs while I would like to see Burke make a play for Nail I don't feel the cost of trading up from 5 is worth it. The difference in between a Nail and whoever the Leafs pick is likely not worth the package of players needed to give up.

    Columbus will very likely entertain many offers on the second overall but I wouldn't go this route. Grigorenko I'm not sold on, if he falls to 5 I'd take him but I wouldn't trade up for him.

    Montreal will keep their pick and will go with the best player available.

    As for your Isles in your opinion who do they draft? As an outsider looking in it would seem like Dumba or Murray would be the best pick going forward. Having said that you never know maybe Snow goes with BPA and takes one of the big 4 forwards. Regardless of what other Leaf fans might say drafting one of Murray or Dumba would be a disaster for TO this off-season, who absolutely need to grab one of those big 4 for a shot at an impact forward on an ELC.

    What are your thoughts on trading down to the 5th spot? It would still all but garuntee either Murray or Dumba plus extra assets and ensure the Leafs land one of the two I covet the most; Galchenyuk or Forsberg.

    Also what are you thoughts on taking on bad contracts from TO? The two contracts I had in mind seem like perfect fits on the island. Either Komisarek or Connelly. Ideally Connelly, as I'm expecting somewhat of a bounce back season from Komo. Considering how much cap the Isles have a guy like Connelly with only one year left would fill a veteran prescence on the third line handle PK minutes and would have more in the tank that an outgoing guy like Reasoner. The fact that there is only one year remaining gives the Isles flexibility as well. Rather than dipping into the FA market for a comparable and overpaying for years, they can over pay for 1 year and have the option to re-up at a lower rate if they like the fit or walk away.

    Of course I'm not saying Connelly has value but only NYI seems like a good fit for him. Would you entertain trading the 4th overall for the 5th overall, Connelly +. If so what would be the value on that? A second round pick? A decent prospect?

  17. blaze says:

    My ideal summer for the Leafs? Forget Nash, forget Yakupov. Make a considerable offer for Jordan Staal. He might still be untouchable, he might not. I think starting with a Kulemin,Franson,and Colborne would atleast get Pittsburgh listening, I'm curious to hear your thoughts hockey-lover. If you can grab Staal without giving up the 5th, or Kessel,Lupul, or Gardiner, do it.

    People might say he's overrated particularily defensively, which may be true. Either way I'm convinced he'd be a great fit on the top line. Staal is right on the cusp of putting up better numbers which will come with more PP time which he isn't getting. Even if he doesn't put up all-star numbers just helping out defensively on the Kessel line and adding some size and more scoring touch will be a big boost, his age fits in perfectly with the current core.

    Keep the 5th overall and snag one of the big 4 forwards. Ideally grab a Galchenyuk or Forsberg. Let them develop for one more year properly and they make the team next year. Having a potential game changing talent up front will go a long ways for the long term future of the club.

    Leave the D alone. They're a very young D core which should be allowed to grow and develop together. The Gardiner-Schenn pairing is something that in time could become a key piece going forward. Phaneuf as well takes much more flak then he deserves, his personality must rub people the wrong way.

    Sign Thomas Vokoun. Though I've supported the Luongo movement and still am not against it. If Vokoun will come in at a reasonable contract I feel comfortable with a Vokoun-Reimer tandem next season. Keeps the team financially flexible unlike Lou, let Gustavsson walk.

    Make a pitch to a veteran 3rd line FA with size and grit. This team needs a vet prescence up front. It's very young and fragile. A guy I'd love to see make a pitch for it Stoll in LA, however that seems unlikely as he'll like re-up with his new cup ring.

    Make a move for J.Staal, draft Galchenyuk or Forsberg, sign Vokoun and a veteren with size up front. Give that to Carlyle and the Leafs should be sitting in the 4-8 spot next season if they get the goaltending. No killer contracts and lots of flexibility going forward. Many young players still far from peaking or their prime, future looks good.

  18. reinjosh says:

    Yakupov isn't a superstar though, at least not yet. It's about development. When a player receives proper development, he can succeed. Some players can succeed at any level playing with any time given to them. Others can't. How many players taken in the top 3 that have failed, failed because they didn't receive proper development? Probably most of them. I'm not suggesting that Yakupov might be the next one, just saying that its possible, or saying that he might never reach his top end potential because he wont' receive the time he needs to succeed. 

    Maybe I'm overthinking it, maybe I'm just thinking up merely a hypothetical situation. I'm just saying that not everything works out with first overall picks and its something to consider.
  19. reinjosh says:

    Staal is actually a decent example of what I'm saying. Staal's a good player but how much has his development been curtailed playing behind Crosby and Malkin? Could he be a player much closer in terms to his brother than he is now if he had top line time? 

    I suppose having only one guy ahead of you is a little different and Eberle isn't exactly Crosby or Malkin.
  20. TheOnlyIslesFan says:

    It's a D this year no matter what for Garth Snow whether it be Ryan Murray or Matthew Dumba – the only forward I'd take over these guys if it were my decision is Yakupov to be honest.

    And as for Connolly – I've already had the pleasures of having Tim on my team and he provided a valuable asset when he played – we turned him and Pyatt into Mike Peca after all! But I'd have to say Thanks but No Thanks on this one.
    Komisarek has been "rebounding" for the past 3 seasons and it's obvious that it's time for that experiment with the Leafs to end – take the trade home Mike come back to West Islip and have fun playing for your hometown team, no pressure and you might just become a "monster" again.
    As for what it would take to move down to 5th..pretty sure that it'd only take an extra second rounder or Burke making a call to Snow and saying "Please don't take this kid we like" not like that B.S. we saw with Bryan Murray saying "yeah I like Kadri" and Burke saying "Yeah well watch this"…kinda turned around and bit him in the ass didn't it looks like Jared Cowan had the second to last laugh on the full season he played in the NHL.
    Sorry Brian Burke is a jerkoff.
  21. lafleur10 says:

    galchenyuk will be long gone before the 5th pick he will be the habs pick at 3 and if he goes before that we will take forsberg so the leafs won't land either 1 unless they trade down to get 1 and the price they'd have to pay isn't worth it unless burke is despearte for either guy and is willing to get raped and over pay big time

  22. blaze says:

    You're assuming they don't take Grigorenko, and even if they don't fine enough that means Grigorenko would fall to 5th which would be fine, his upside is enormous.

  23. blaze says:

    ha ya love him or hate him Burke is most definitely arrogant. Understandable on not wanting Tim to have a second go. I figuired NYI would be crazy not to take Murray at 4 if he's available, but you never know. In reality Murray at 4 is a steal and would be great for NYI. Just a move I could see Burke making even though he'd probably get his guy at 5 anyways moving up to 4th would put his fate into his own hands and make it seem like he is doing something.

    As for Komo I know you've heard it lots before but this off-season anyways unless the cap space is needed to make a run at Parise or Suter I'd rather just keep him. He's already started to turn it around under Carlyle but the perception Leafs fan have of him he can have a handful of quiet solid games at near 20 minutes a night and no one notices. The first penalty he takes he sucks again. He just couldn't adapt to how often he had to pinch with Wilson's style. He doesn't have the foot speed or decision making.

    Still he's the biggest Dman the Leafs have back there and the meanest. I love how if you can't kick Lucic's ass you're not tough anymore. Um have you people seen the list of guys Looch ran through? Atleast Komo is the only guy on the team with the balls and heart to fight him again even though he knows he's going to get beat.

    Who knows maybe Tambo shocks the hockey community and takes Murray at 1? That would be great. Would NYI settle for Dumba?

  24. TheOnlyIslesFan says:

    I'm actually liking Griffin Reinhart as a pick for the Isles – if not Murray then I'd actually lean this way over Dumba…

  25. TheOnlyIslesFan says:

    Here is a crazy thought…

    To the Oilers – Second Pick and Fedor Tyutin
    To the Jackets – First pick.
  26. thisgamewelose says:

    Yup. It's a crazy pick.  They tried to get me to swap picks and I said no, no, no. 

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