Oilers will be sellers

The Edmonton Oilers are currently sitting 13th in the western confrence with a 25-27-5 win-loss record n there first 57 games with a point total of 55 points.
With an injury plaqued season allready (almost 220 man games lost to injury) you will once again see Oilers gm kevin lowe, throw in the copper and blue towel.

As a die hard oilers fan, it is hard to accept, but a young team like this has to build the ground work for an 80’s style dynasty like the Gretzky-Messier era.
They were pegged by many, to once again miss the playoffs and finish upwards to the bottum 5 at seasons start. To make matters worse they started without versitile forward fernando pisanni, things got worse with the losses of torres,souray and now horcoff.
I’ve listed off what i think are potental trades the oilers could pull off at the deadline.
Roloson to Carolina- Carolina finds themself in need of a playoff pivot in goal, roloson and at 3 million locked up for next season see no need to refuse to part with their first rounder in 08.. The Oilers Then call up Iether delauries, or duvanek to backstop behind Garon.
Jarret Stoll to the Flyers
Stoll has been a trade topics in blogs and newspaper sites like the Columbus Dispatch and Detroit News – just about anywhere not called Edmonton. He is essentially a third or fourth line pivot in Edmonton, but plays a great two-way game.
A restricted gree agent come july 1st, Stoll is gonna commend double his 2.2 million saery, and at 25 years of age is a good steal as far as the flyers, offering up claud geroux
and Ryan parent.
Joni Pitkanen to the habs
The habs part with their first and second round selections in 2008, as well as ryan mcdonagh and ben maxwell.
The Oilers continue to stock-pile draft selections and high end young tallent.

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  1. Oil-Life says:

    Not very well planned.  First of all, it's Dubnyk not Duvanek.  You're asking for way to much in return for most of the trades.  2 picks and 2 players for Joni?  Two of Philly's best prospects for a third line center?  And why would Carolina need Roli in the playoffs when Cam Ward backstopped them to a cup oh, I don't know, two years ago!  We do not need to sell anybody (maybe the exeptions of Roli, Staios and a few others) because this is our rebuilding team.  You dont declare rebuilding like we did last year, then sell your rebuilding team the following year.  These are the majority of the players that will be in Edmonton in 2 or 3 years becuase that's what a rebuilding process means.

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