Olczyk needs shuffle lines, or he has got to go

If I were Eddie Olczyk (which I wish I was….having all that talent)

My Top 3 Lines would be as follows:

Line 1 : Lemieux, Crosby, Palffy

Line 2 : Recchi, Malone, Leclair

Line 3 : Fata, Talbot, Koltsov

I know what everyone has been saying about Lemieux and Crosby playing together, “You have to split up your talent.” Well after 7 games without getting a win I believe its time to jump start something. As for my 1st line:

– You have to get Lemieux back on the wing, where he was when he came back in 2000.

– Crosby and Lemieux on the same line is a goaltenders nightmare, NO PASS IS UNMAKEABLE

-Although The Crosby, Recchi, Palffy line was the most productive so far, it seems that they try to make an extra pass that causes a turnover and get caught deep and alot of odd man rushes happen the other way.

Line 2:

– Malone is a young kid I believe he can take over a center position and center this line.

– Leclair and Recchi have something in common, they go to the net. The Penguins need a line that will crash the net and pick up some garbage goals. I have watched all the games so far this year and I can’t think of any garbage goals scored by the Pens (other than Crosby’s first).

Line 3:

-All I can think of when I think of this line is speed. I believe it probably is the fastest line in hockey.

-I think Olczyk needs a line like this to get things going in a game. This wouldn’t be a bad line to open a game up with. These guys are young and they would get an up tempo in the game for the Pens. Something the Pens haven’t done so well they have only scored the first goal in 1 game (out of 7) and that is also the only game that they led.

Those would be the lines I would have. I don’t think its anything to panic about its only 7 games into the season, but Olczyk said he is concerned and really wants to win, but when I watch the games he stands on the bench dumbfounded without any emotion.

The Pens have a chance to get their fans back into the Arena and try to keep the Pens in Pittsburgh but I am afriad if Olczyk doesn’t do something soon he will be gone and so will the Pens be gone from Pittsburgh.

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  1. PSU_Penguin says:

    The defense sucks but what’s worse is the passing. I’ve seen better passing in high school hockey. Problem #1 is chemisty, formerly known as NYR syndrom. #2 is the craptastic defense. Though I suppose #2 contributes to #1, I haven’t seen a good breakout pass yet.

  2. PSU_Penguin says:

    The little guy can still get smacked, just now he can’t be picked up by his jersey and carried away. A good, quick defenseman can still lay Marty St.Louis out.

  3. WestcoastbiasJason says:

    The way the kings are playng right now, I don’t think that they would take Palffy back. All their offensive lines are clicking and Roenick is playing injured/crappy.

  4. FlyersFanForever says:

    As of today these are T-bo’s numbers:

    GP 4 W 0 L 3 OT 1 SA 147 GA 21 GAA 5.56 SVS 126 SV% .857

    He is also ranked 38 which is last in the league w/Caron not too far back at 31. So explain to me how T-bo is better than half the starters. Let me know if I’m wrong.


  5. PSU_Penguin says:

    Thibault really isn’t my favorite person on the team right now. I was iffy when they brought him in, and I wasn’t happy when they got Leclair and Gonchar. So far I’m all for Caron, he’s been playing much better, and he makes it look pretty. Though I went to the tampa game a week or so back and saw Gonchar block a shot, so everything I ever belived has kinda been thrown into question.

  6. Kraftster says:

    I clearly sited career numbers. You are weighing 4 games, granted terrible ones against his entire career? I’m well aware of the numbers, but I am also aware of his career numbers, which you apparently are not.

  7. FlyersFanForever says:

    Ummm…..no you didn’t “clearly” site his career numbers ok numb nuts. This is what you wrote “3. Last I checked Jocelyn Thibault has better numbers than at least half the starters in the league. I have no clue where you get that they have no goalie.” You mentioned NOTHING about career numbers at all anywhere in your post. I’ll check it again but, really, you didn’t. Be more careful about what you say next time jackass. I’ll say this also, if I’m wrong I’ll apologize but really don’t think I am.

  8. FlyersFanForever says:

    I just checked again and guess what………you’re a jackass.

  9. Aetherial says:

    What I want to know is, where are the trash talking Pens fans on this site a couple months ago.

    I want to know where the people are who were talking smack about bow BRILLIANT the Pens organization was for being oh so prepared.

    They tanked for the last 3 years ON PURPOSE to get great draft picks. and they won a ball lottery. There is nothing brilliant about that.

    So now we get to see them suck again, probably end up getting kessel and then Malkin will come back.

    I hate systems that reward incompetence. Maybe when Pittsburgh has about 10 superstars in their lineup someone will wake up and think of a better way.

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