Older, slower Jagr could still complement Hemsky

Q: What is your opinion of signing Jaromir Jagr? I think it would be good on several levels. The man can still play and he would be the face of the franchise, taking the pressure off Tyler Seguin if they draft him. He might also be the catalyst to get Ales Hemsky over the 80-point mark.


A: I would say the organization is torn right now because they are in a rebuild. Do they really want to spend $4 million on a 38-year-old player who certainly isn’t the offensive threat he used to be? That said, Jagr l ooked fine in the Olympics, but for getting clobbered in the open ice and knocked for a loop by Alexander Ovechkin. I did notice his cycling along the boards is a little shorter than it used to be. He runs out of gas a little quicker now, but what player his age doesn’t? I do believe Jagr would be very good for Hemsky , who says he used to be a left-winger, so could move over if Jagr came on board. What Jagr r eportedly wants however, is a package deal. He also wants the Oilers to sign Czech Olympian forward Roman Cervenka, who is an emerging star in the Czech League but on the smallish side and looked like he was over his head at the Olympics. Jagr pushed for Cervenka to be on the Olympic squad. Jagr, as we’ve said over and over, has two big boosters in former New York Rangers coach Tom Renney and Jagr’s former Omsk coach, Wayne Fleming. I’d say the odds are 60-40 that they sign Jagr. Cervenka? I’m not so sure.

Q: Lately, you’ve been promoting Tyler Seguin over Taylor Hall because you say the Oilers are lacking in depth at the centre position. But with Sam Gagner and Shawn Horcoff in the long-range plans at centre, don’t they need a winger more? Hemsky and Penner will be unrestricted free agents in two years.

(Andrew McNally)

A: You bring up some good points, but the most successful NHL teams tend to draft their own first-line centres: Pittsburgh Penguins (Sidney Crosby), Dallas Stars (Mike Modano), Tampa Bay Lightning (Vincent Lecavalier, Steven Stamkos). Evgeni Malkin would be a first-liner on 29 other teams, too, but he takes a back seat to Crosby in Pittsburgh. NHL teams don’t trade first-line centres unless they’re bad apples. This is why I think the Oilers will take Seguin. Even fellow centre Shawn Horcoff says you build with a high-end centre. The Oilers like Hall’s competitive level in the battle areas, for sure. And it is true that Hemsky and Penner can walk for nothing in two years, and one or both might just do that, which would leave holes on the wing — but wingers are only as good as the centre. I believe the Oilers see Gagner and Horcoff as strong second-line centres.

Q: I hope the Oilers dont have a fire sale for Sheldon Souray as they did for Chris Pronger. They have to hold off for a while and make sure they get full value for him. Maybe if Washington bombs, they might want Sheldon (and Khabibulin )?


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  1. number15 says:

    From what I saw in the Olympics and heard from the KHL, Jagr still has some game in him. He would be perfect for a strong developed team where he dosent have to he the number one option….. Pitsburgh for example, or many other teams

    unless Edmonton is trying to sell some extra jersys, i dont see the point of a last place team signing a 38 year old player with diminishing skills. He will not carry the Oilers to the playoffs…. plus only way jagr signs with them is if they pay him the big dollars.

    Jagr, sign with a contender and finish your career on a high note!

  2. reinjosh says:

    Kramer! Some conspiracies in the NHL finally got media attention. The Mafia's and Bettman's secret police could not stop the posting of the thoeries.

    here they are.
    and there written by Bourne

  3. cam7777 says:

    Where the player was drafted has nothing to do with success.  Thornton being drafted in Boston didn't seem to effect the Sharks.  It's just difficult to acquire 1st line centers without drafting them.  It's not impossible though.  Edmonton needs to jump all over the availibility of a 1st line center.  If Carter is available, I would throw a lot at him, as he would really be the ideal, sniping center for Hemsky.

    As for Jagr, a Russian media source reported last week that now Jagr is in talks to return to his KHL team after all.  He is currently on an 8 million dollar per year deal, and is willing to take half of that on an extension if they will give him 2 years.  He's mulling it over right now apparently.  If you want the link, go to eliteprospects.com and search Jagr's name.  At the bottom of his page is the link.

  4. leafy says:

    I doubt he can score goals like this anymore. Both of these are from the '92 playoffs.


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jT3P8aTLkW4 (scroll to 1:37)

  5. hockey_lover says:

    I think bbruins died cause Im surprised he isnt here salivating all over his keyboard praising the virtues of how amazing the bruins are doing in the 1st round.

  6. number15 says:

    makes sence…. he likely wont get the same deal in the NHL at this stage and he is a top player in the KHL, probably not in NHL

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