OLN and Cablevision = Anti-Consumer

For those of you who may or may not know, OLN has decided to blackout all of their NHL games to Cablevision customers unless Cablevision agrees to put OLN in their basic cable package. Not only is this ridiculous considering what fans have suffered through over the past 18 months, but it doesn’t look like a resolution is anywhere near happening.

Myself as well as many Cablevision customers recently ordered OLN through the Cablevision iO sports pak for 4.95 extra per month. Aside from hockey OLN carries nothing but Survivor re-runs and shows about hog-tying, cattle sex and redneck hunting (No offense, but the point is that the channel really offers nothing profitable other than hockey). Now since the NHL made this wonderful deal with this no-name channel OLN, myself and many other Cablevision customers (who by the way don’t really have a choice which provider because Cablevision is undoubtedly a monopoly) will be cancelling OLN and therefore will not get any national hockey games that the NHL so brilliantly made exclusive for OLN.

So, for example now even though I pay for the MSG network so I could watch what I thought would be ALL the Rangers games, I’ll be missing out on all the Rangers games that OLN now owns the rights to. (Which I think is wrong in the first place that the NHL has the authority to sell the EXCLUSIVE rights to a game in MADISON SQUARE GARDEN and can prevent Cablevision who own Madison Square Garden and The Rangers from airing the game on their own network) My best friend is a huge Penguins fan and he recently ordered OLN as well as NHL Center Ice in hopes of getting almost all Penguins games this season. However, thanks to the NHL, OLN, and Cablevision’s corporate ego war, he won’t be seeing Sid Crosby in action tonight.

Furthermore, it’s ridiculous that the NHL’s official website doesn’t even have a place for it’s “beloved fans” whom the NHL and the players are “so grateful for” to email or send in comments, concerns, problems. Absolutely nothing in that realm on www.nhl.com

The NHL wants its fans back. Well themselves and their corporate partners better get their acts together or they’re going to lose a very large, very active, and very important fan-base in the tri-state area.

Not looking for any flames here. If you have something constructive to say, feel free to say it. I don’t need to hear “Cablevision sucks, you should just order Comcast you idiot” because Comcast isn’t available everywhere. Thank you for taking the time to read this. God bless.

OLN is owned by Comcast which is Cablevision’s biggest competitor and the fact that the NHL is allowing OLN to use the exclusive games as leverage to get the OLN channel onto basic cable packages.

This forum link below is also informative. Thanks again, guys. Keep up the great work with the site.