Since training camp started I have been wondering which means more, winning the Gold Medal for your country, or the Stanley Cup for your team?   I wonder where an NHL Player’s priorities lay when posed this question?  How do you guys feel about it?

How would you feel, if several stars from your favorite NHL team went to play for their countries and were injured during the tournament, thus jeopardizing their team’s chances to contend for the Stanley Cup? How would the players on that team feel about it?

Personally I am torn. I would love nothing more than to see Team USA take the gold this year, but I really want the Rangers to do well and make the playoffs. When I ask myself this question, I say Stanley Cup, and for many reasons….

It is by far the most difficult of Championship Trophies to win, requiring 16 hard fought, bloody battles till you become the victor. Given the infusion of more European and Russian players, the NHL has essentially become the best the world has to offer, and could be considered a year long Olympic tournament annually. Much like the Olympics, nations are represented and on display for the world. The History of the Stanley Cup is nearly as rich as those of the Olympic Games (modern olympics), and the quest to win the Stanley Cup has been around just as long ( 1892-93 Montreal A.A.A. Stanley Cup Champs). The Olympics are, and I quote ” Beginning in 1896 in Athens (again, modern olympics), the story of the modern Olympic Games is the story of the human mind, body and spirit breaking barriers, transcending limits and reaching new levels of excellence, achievement and possiblity.” Does this not describe the Stanley Cup Playoffs as well?

Thanks for listening to my thoughts. I would love to hear everyone’s opinions on this, because I don’t really think there is a clear answer and I sometimes find myself arguing both sides. Really what matters to you and why?

Please do not question my love, loyalty, or devotion to my country. I will be supporting the USA before, during, and after the Olympics, forever.


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