Olympic Predictions!

Turin is only a couple weeks away, and I’ve got some predictions that many of you will believe is crazy, so I figure, I’ll do what I did in the playoffs and make my predictions, and prove you all wrong, while I didn’t play the HTR playoff game thing, if I remember correctly the only series I called wrong was Philly-Tampa, and I believed Philly would beat Tampa and win the cup. One series off, eh not bad…Any ways, I have my predictions here.

1. Russia – Gold Medal

-The Russian team bosts two very solid goalies in Evgeni Nabokov and Nikolai Khabibulen, and possibley the two best players in the world (and two of my favorites) Ilya Kovalchuck, and Alex Ovechkin. Expect them to win the gold, they have good goaltending, and amazing speed and skill needed for the big ice, not to mention Ovechkin and Malin can throw people around to give them a gritty advantage. I think they could use Zubov, Mogilny, and Fedorov though.

2. The Czech Republic -Silver Medal

-The Czech republic boasts several constant 30 goal scorers, Hedjuk, Jagr, Lang, Straka, Prospal, one of the best offensive defenseman in the NHL, Tomas Kaberle, and two of the NHLs top goalies Domonik Hasek and Tomas Vokoun, expect the last game to be tight, it could go either way, because Czech has better goaltending, and Russia has better scoring.

3. Sweden -Bronze Medal

-This team is offensively loaded, with Forsberg, Naslund, Alfredson, the Sedins, and captain Mats Sundin. Expect them to throw the pucks past other opponents easily. With a great starter in Henrik Lundqvist, and a very solid backup in Mikael Tellqvist, they certainly will not have any problem medalling.

4. Finland

This team has an amazing goalie (Miika Kiprusoff) and a team full of speedy guys good for the big ice surface. Led by Koivu, Lehtinen and Selanne, they play a great two way game, with some good youth and great experience. They proved alot of people wrong when they came in second at the world cup of hockey.

5. Canada

-Gagne’s really gotta prove he can score without Forsberg, he was a solid player before Forsberg, but it still puzzled me as to why he kept making the best on best teams untill then. Kris Draper, a minus player with three goals… WHAT IS HE DOING ON THE TEAM??? Shane Doan, Martin St Lous, Brad Richards, get them all away. Brodeur, Luongo and Turco have all been very inconsistant this year, and so have Iginla, Bertuzzi, and Blake. Not to mention their defense core is dropping like flies…. Staal and Spezza not making the team is embarassing…

6. Slovakia

They got good offense. Demitra, Gaborik, Hossa, Svatos, the only problem is that they’ll lose games 10-9, because they have nothing on the blue line aside from Chara, and their only NHL goalie is Peter Budaj

7. USA

This team is sad. Why no Miller, Roenick, Leetch, or Amonte? Why did some of these guys make it??? You don’t use a best on best to give players experience, that’s what the World Championships is for. Don’t be surprised to see them shock and finish ahead of Canada and Slovakia.

Nothing beyond this point is really worth discussing…